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  1. I wanted to thank everyone on the board who has been so supportive through this battle that my stepdad and family had to endure. Steve lost his battle to Lung Cancer on March 31st and both my mother and I were there with him as he took his last breath and traveled to heaven. I have been heartbroken, as has my family. Although his battle was short (only 7 months since diagnosis) it was long enough. We are certain that god took him sooner than later so that he never really had to suffer through as his disease progressed. He was a wonderful man who we will never be the same without. I will
  2. I haven't written for awhile, although I still pop on and read for inspiration! My step dad has been hanging in there for a couple months...in fact, I have become his main caretaker besides my mom, and have been loving every minute of it! He is at home under the care of hospice and has been very stable. He still cannot walk, because the mets to his spine and hip, and although they were radiated and relieved the pain, he has no muscle in his legs because it has been so long since he has stood on them ( 2 months at least). He seems to think that radiation is did something, because the pain w
  3. Well, my stepdad is still in the hospital and waiting to go home. There is really nothing else that can be done but pray for a miracle. He has the cancer mets in his hips and even though it is isolate there, its still bad. He got radiation (10 rounds) there to help with pain, but the only way he can regain his strength would be for the radiation to releive pain and for him to get so much strength that he could go on more chemo. He is very weak, and only eating about 750 calories a day. He is on pain meds to manage the pain and he is comfy. He is totally lucid and reading his book and stu
  4. Thank you everyone for your kind word and prayers! We are still praying...I will be going there to visit him tomorrow and every night I just pray that the morning will bring any improvement.... This website has been so wonderful for me. I have kept my optimism by reading all the wonderful stories and advice... Jenn
  5. My stepdad Steve is still in the hospital and has been for almost 2 weeks. He went in for leg pain still after having both tumors shrink from chemo treatments. He was eating and totally coherent when he went in, and now he is out of it. He is on lots of pain meds to keep him comfortable, but he is not eating and its been 5 days. He was on tarceva and it gave him such bad mouth sores and diarrehea that they took him off of it 3 days ago and now he is just on his pain meds and getting his 10 days of radiation to the hip area where the pain was coming from. (another mass there...) Anyway, my
  6. Im in as well...I want to do this for my stepdad who is currently fighting hard and is in the hospital as we speak....
  7. Steve, my stepdad is still in the hospital...he got 4 rediation treatiments to the new area on his spine where they saw another mass..(really...its isolated throughout his hips). He was fine when he went in except for pain, but now he is not eating, and very very weak. THey also see some inflammation in his lungs and said maybe the very beginning of pneumonia, but got him on antibiotics right away. His vitals are good, he got a transfusion for his low platelets and he is drinking well. I have been very optimistic until last night when I went to see him and he looked really bad. Very skin
  8. Thank you all for your kind words and support! I know Im not very good about coming on and updating... 2 weeks ago we got GREAT news that my stepdads tumors (the main on on the lung and then the one on the hip) had "substantial shrinkage" as the Dr put it. We were so excited, because the chemo has been hell and it's nice to know that its been worth the hell!! And of course, excited that the tumors had shrunk. The lung tumor shrunk from golf ball size to a marble size!! Anyway, when he got the news, he had already been having some leg pain, but thought it was maybe the end results from th
  9. Hi, I posted on this site back in Oct and have still been keeping up with reading, but not posting. I thought I would give an update on how my stepdad is doing...last I posted, he had been put back into the hospital with a fever after his chemo. He was able to go home shortly after being admitted, and once they got his fever under control. It seemed to be an infection with his mediport. He has since gotten his 2nd and 3rd round of chemo and is so very weak. After the 2nd round, he was weak for 2 weeks straight and barely able to walk around because of his legs being so weak...then, in his
  10. I wanted to ask if anyone on the board has had any experience with a doctor at either John Hopkins Hospital or Georgetown Hospital? My mom is planning a 2nd opinion for my step dads situation and I thought I would ask if anyone has been there of known someone who has and what kind of experience you had. Thanks, Jenn
  11. I am new to posting on the board, but have been reading the inspiring stories and advice for the past month now. My 55 year old stepdad, who my kids, husband and I are extremely close with, was diagnosed with stage IV NSC Lung Cancer on Sept 6th. His started out with bad back pain and he limped around for at least a month thinking it was a pulled muscle. The docs had given him steroids and more also thinking he had pulled a muscle since he is such an active guy. When the pain in his back and leg wasnt going away, they decided to do an MRI and discovered a tumor on his lung. Apparently the
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