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  1. Welcome Bryan. I have hard of stage 4 lung cancer adrenalectomies. The mediastinum would have to be clear though I think. Maybe your dad could have surgery after systemic control is established with chemo. Ask Dr. West about it. He works at Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle. They might consider such a surgery there. http://www.onctalk.com/ Don M
  2. Aaron: I hope the treatment is effective and that you can soon feel better. don m
  3. Your dad is probably on decadron to help ease the nausea from chemo. It also is an appetite stimulator. if he were to go on ambien, he should get enough sleep. I use ambien to offset my insomnia from the prednisone I am on and it allowws me enough sleep to get by. don m
  4. Good luck Kelly and I hope this is your ticket off the roller coaster. Don M
  5. Welcome Cynthia: I hope your mom finds a treatment that gets her on track to stability at least. Living by the Oregon border sounds kind of nice if it is eastern Oregon. You could invite your mom out for a visit. She might like to see the grandkids. I recently visited my 2nd son and his family in Arizona and had a good time. I spent 3 days with my first son and his family. If you just start out with a visit, maybe things could evolve to a more permanent situation. If I had to, I could feel comfortable at either son' s house, but I intend to stay at my place as long as I possibly can. I
  6. Welcome Bridget. hopefully your husband will get significant shrinkage by the end of his 4th treatment. he may be able to have radiation then. Good luck to you and your husband. Don M
  7. Welcome Corinne. with that small a tumor, you may be headed for a cure. don m
  8. Yah, thanks Rich. I hope you and all of us have many more years. Don m
  9. I may have made small changes. I think I appreciate life more now than I would otherwise. I am closer to my family. One of my pleasures is to go to family events and take video. I use high definition video and I bult a computer to handle it. Don M
  10. Pnemonectomy written 7-18-05 I had an upper left lobectomy in Jan 2004. In Feb 2005, I had the rest of my left lung removed..a pneumonectomy. Recovery from the lobectomy was not too bad, so I thought I knew what to expect when I had the pneumonectomy. But, I was surprised at how easily I got out of breath after the pneumonectomy. When I sat up on the edge of the bed for the first time the day after surgery, I was out of breath. I never had this happen after my lobectomy. I was on oxygen for 3 weeks after the day of my pneumonectomy. I had an epidural for pain. The anesthesiologist urged me
  11. I have read that brain mets can be easily managed with cyberknife if there are not too many and they are not too big. Yours should be easily treatable. There is a cyberknife facility in Seattle at Swedish Cancer Institute. Check it out. it is a good place to go for a second opinion anyway and a recurrence is a good time to get a second opinion. the U of W does not have cyberknife technology. In my opinion, they are bigger but not better than Swedish Cancer Institute. I live near Humptulips Wa and was born in Bremerton. http://www.seattlecyberknife.com/info_menu.html
  12. You could eventually tell her what the typical prognosis is for people with her type of cancer, but do it in general terms while emphasizing that no one know how any one individual will do with their cancer. be sure to point out success stories. Don M Welcome
  13. WWelcome Jaminkw. I don't know much about your disease. I would be interested to hear what Dr. West has to say. I hope the chemo makes it stay away and that you don't have to have any more fluid drained. Don M
  14. Welcome Michelle. I don't know if anyone can fully get their arms around this disease. I know it still seems like a bad dream to me. People speak of a new normal or a new way at looking at your life. I guess that does come with time as you settle into a routine of treatment and scans. Just be encouraged that treatment is more effective these days, that people are living longer and that some people with advanced cancer have been in remission for many years. Don M
  15. Angular differences should only account for a few mm at most in difference. I don't buy what your dad's doc says... I would if Dr. West said it was possible to have that much discrepancy... I like the idea of a spontaneous (miraculous) remission better. Anyway, your dad's treatment will make sure it goes away I guess. Don M
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