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  1. Ginny, You are so brave to go to places which hold so many memories of you and Earl. I just don't think I could bare to go the restaurant that Dave and I frequented, It would just be too sad. I understand just how you feel. I am keeping myself very busy too and trying to smile more but that ache , never goes away. Hope you had a happy evening . God Bless, Paddy
  2. Dear Pattie, I have just seen your post and I would like to offer yo and your family my deepest sympathy. Frank was a wonderful presence on this board. So encouraging and up-beat, even while struggling with his own battle. I will always remember his often "naughty" jokes, especially the cute one with the Scots soldiers and their kilts!! God Bless him, he will be missed. Paddy
  3. Dear Grace, I have just seen your post and it has touched me beyond words. My heart goes out to you. You must be physically and emotionally drained and distraught with grief. My husband was "stubborn" too, I think they have to be as it is the only "control" they have left at this stage. You didn't ask for any advice, but, from one who has "been there", I just wanted to encourage you to gather all your courage, strength and patience and try be as "close" to him as possible. Try to say all the things that are in your heart and just love him. You will not regret it, believe me. God Bless you both and your lovely little girls, I will be thinking of you. Paddy
  4. I understand how you feel Lily. I have written daily journals for some years and I often wonder if I should keep them and risk my private thoughts being read after I depart this world. I have mostly written "about" my husband but sometimes I would suddenly start writing "to" him and those were very private "conversations." I think you should just follow your heart. Love Paddy
  5. paddy


    I understand just what you are saying Katie. I can be strong for so long and then some memory, good or bad, will send me off into my "pit" for days. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Paddy
  6. paddy

    Nancy B

    You have been having a hard time Nancy!I hope you will soon be feeling much better. Paddy
  7. Hello Friends, I wondered if any one else here experiences what I call the "Weekend wipe-out?" During the week I keep the blahs away by keeping very busy. I volunteer at the local senior centre, go out with friends, get into my art or sewing, read or keep up with my friends and relations be email. Sometimes I see my daughter and her family, however, like most modern families, they seem to have a busy life with kids activities and work etc. I am not too keen on driving and my sense of direction is poor,( to say the least,) however, I am starting to find my way around in my relatively new surroundings. Anyway, from Monday to Thursday, I manage to keep myself from "thinking" of my loss and all the terrible things that happened. I even try to keep the happy memories away as they are bitter-sweet too. However as soon as Friday comes a wave of sadness wells up and up inside me and by the time Saturday morning comes I feel completely "wiped out". I really wish I could sleep the weekend away and wake up on Monday morning ready to go again. I don't "want" to paint, sew, bake read or drive anywhere. I just want to have my husband here with me! I force myself to go to Church on Sunday, not that I don't love to go to church, (especially as I see my grand-kids there,) but it's the coming home alone that I can't bear. After 40 years of living with dearest friend and husband, I feel as if I am only half-a-person. He was so sweet and funny and we used to talk and laugh a lot together. There is very little laughter in this house anymore, although my little dog does his best to amuse me and if he could talk he would! I wonder how many widows out there are feeling this way right now? I wish I knew some in this neigbourhood. We could perhaps start a sort of friendship club to keep each other company.Perhaps that would be an idea to persue. Anway, excuse me for "bleating" but I really felt the need to express my feeling to "someone" and what better "someone's" than my LC friends! Love to you all, Paddy
  8. Dear Pat, I hear you! You could have "taken your words from my mouth!" Life is just not the same is it and even the happy memories are bitter-sweet. I will be sending prayers for you and hope that somehow your pain will be eased. Paddy
  9. Glad to hear your good news Kelly. Keep it up Mom! Paddy
  10. Welcome Rod, I vote for a second opinion too. The information they have given you seems so conflicting. My husband was happy with his oncologist at first too, but after a while he realized, as I had done in the beginning, that this man was not giving him any hope. You need to have hope to survive this disease. The very best to you and your Dad and family, Paddy
  11. Dear Tami, I am so very ,very sorry about the passing of your husband. I know what you are going through and my heart goes out to you. Throughout this so called "grieving process" you will go "one step forward and two steps back" for a long while. Eventually however,you will get stronger. My advice is to keep constantly busy. Plan your weekends ahead so that you are not alone all the time. I hate weekends now, especially Friday nights when we used to go out together, or, stay in and watch a video.Oh how I miss him then and on Sunday mornings too. It is deadly for me not to plan something for that time or I will get into a terrible state thinking of him and being so lonely, or should I say "alone". God Bless you and I will keep you in my prayers. Paddy
  12. Wonderful story Heather. It is so important to get the facts out there! So many people cannot accept the fact that that people who don't smoke can lung cancer too. Good Luck to you for a healthy future. Paddy
  13. So sorry Jen. How wonderful that your Dad has told you all how he much he loves you and you him. So often these things are sadly left unsaid. You are truly blessed. He sounds such a sweet, brave and wonderful man. Prayers for Your Dad and for you and your family, Paddy.
  14. So glad to hear that you are on your way to recovery Tina. All the Best!. Paddy
  15. Carleen, I agree with the others, I wouldn't rush into buying anything at this stage. It would be better to rent an apartment for a while until you can think clearly and unemotionally, again. Strength and peace to you, Paddy
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