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  1. TBone

    TBone update

    Hi everybody, My pain had been getting worse and worse all last week.I am taking 80 mg of oxycontin 3 times a day and it finally stopped working.On Friday I was in the most severe pain I have ever felt.My back,shoulders and it seemed like every muscle in my body was hurting.Real bad.I went to the ER and the doctor gave me some fluids and morphine to ease the pain.Well,that didn't work either.He then gave me demerol and it eased the pain a bit.He wrote a prescription for the duragesic patch (the largest dose they make) .I got it filled and came home and put one on.Within an hour I was pain
  2. Hi, I understand how violated you feel at the house invasion and burglary.In 1973 I was living in Hawaii while in the Navy.We had just returned from a 6 month deployment to the Orient.I wasn't on a ship.I flew so I went to a lot more places than ships do.When we returned to Hawaii,there were 5 or us sharing a house,we all went out to dinner.Gone maybe 2 hours.While we were out we were robbed.Of everything in the house.Including everything I had bought in the Orient,my cameras, and even all my photos and slides.It still makes me sick to think about it.I live in the country now but I have a G
  3. I am praying for strength for you Ginny in this ordeal and for some peace and comfort for Earl.TBone
  4. Hi, I posted in the NSCLC forum just now.Thanks for the concern.TBone
  5. TBone

    TBone update

    Hi everybody, We had a big 4th celebration but I was unable to participate for the most part of it.I went for a while early afternoon and after a nap went back for a great fireworks show.I had,and still do,serious joint pain and body aches.I have scheduled an appointment with a pain management center but cannot get in until the 22nd.I usually feel fine in the early morning and by lunch my back,hips and shoulders are really hurting.I can get somewhat comfortable in a recliner with oxycontin but only for a couple of hours at a time.I am hoping that they will put me on duragesic patches.I have
  6. I have coughed up blood twice in the past 2 months and went to ER both times.Both times was early in the morning and a bright red blood that only lasted for a few coughs.Both times turned out to be bronchitis which was treated with antibiotics and the bleeding stopped within a day or two.My onccologist insists that any bleeding while on chemo should be either seen by him or by ER in the case he is not available.Many things can cause it.Praying for us all.TBone
  7. TBone

    New Photo

    The peril for me when I was traveling was that I had to bring t shirts home.I lliked the wings too.(Good excuse anyway) TBone
  8. TBone

    New Photo

    HI everybody, I was just checking out my new photo.Kinda got tired of the old one.Y'all take care.Praying for us all. TBone
  9. I just read an email from Vivi about having salads and veggies and nothing h ot and now I get on here and we are having a fish fry.Somebody needs to organize.I hope I am feeling well enough to attend.Love you all.TBone
  10. TBone


    I am so sorry for your loss.May God grant you the strentgh to endure this period of grief.Praying for us all.TBone
  11. That's great Snowflake.Congrats.TBone
  12. TBone


    Hi everybody, I went for my chemo yesterday and saw my oncologist.He agreed with the ER diagnosis of bronchitis causing me to cough up blood over the weekend.The blood is gone now,,thank God.He did put me on two weeks vacation from chemo so I could regroup and try to gain some weight.I started feeling a lot better when he told me that.Last week on chemo was hell.I think mainly because of the congestion and bronchitis though.Praying for us all.TBone
  13. TBone


    Hi, I have had 3 different emergency room doctors "not see" my cancer on xray.The more you read on this board the more cases you will see of xrays not showing anything.I think you need to find some way to rid yourself of all the anger.It is a normal response but nothing about this b*stard disease is normal.You will need all your strength and emotions to deal with this disease and anger will do you no good.I can understand the frustration and anger but you need to find a way to move on and leave it by the wayside.Praying for us all.TBone
  14. Hi, I have had the loss of apetite and metal tastes since I had radiation and my stomach gets to feeling yucky when I smell food cooking.I have found that I can eat BLT's and enjoy them.I have a bunch of home grown tomatoes and I have eaten more since they have ripened. Also I find that cool food is easier to handle.Hot meals do not do it for me.Praying for us all.TBone TIP If anyone else has the problem with the smell of food cooking bothering them my wife found a household hint that works.When she cooks a big meal she puts a couple of spoons of vinegar in a pan of water and lets it stea
  15. HI, I completed 15 rounds of WBR on 2/4/04 and still have not overcome the fatique and loss of apetite.I am on chemo now and that probably contributes to all this as well.But the WBR really did me in.I lost 54 lbs since January.The inside of my ears still peel and look like they were burned.I did start walking a mile a day a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to help the fatique.I have gotten behind because of bad weather (If I walk it's gonna be outside).The only other thing I have found that works is to force myself to get up and walk around for a while.Sometimes the sleepiness leaves whe
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