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  1. 34) and chocolate donuts
  2. 20) chartreuse with purple
  3. 10) beer, petit fours and
  4. I karate chopped my mobile phone because the voices told me to.
  5. I'm an avid DWTS addict, too. But I wasn't watching Priscilla's lips....it was the fact that her face doesn't move! Methinks she may have gone a little too far with the Botox vial. F
  6. Such good news, Snowflake. That year will just fly by and we'll be singing these congratulations again.
  7. Good Morning, Voters; I sincerely do appreciate all the support in the quest for the MRI. Have been searching diligently all day yesterday and this morning, trying to find some answers as to why our 100,000 plus votes over the next hospital kept us from winning outright. Just curious, really. If you'll notice, Lockport actually came in third on the votes shown on the website prior to the announcement. But HOORAY for them as well as us. One thing we've been told is that the rules indicated that the MRI had to be permanently in place within a certain time frame and our hospital will not be ready unti 2010. I just hope that there weren't any shenanigans with votes. If I find out anything on the vote issue, I'll pass the info on. 'Til then, again thank you, and contratulations to Lockport. Two needy hospitals won and a huge thank you to Siemens. Now I've got to go figure out if Blueeye and I know each other since she's (?) from "just down the road" from Americus. Thanks again, Fran
  8. Hey, Y'all; We do sooooo appreciate everybody's support through the contest. Barring some weird stuff with the votes, I can't help but believe that we won! I've been waiting with abated breath for Jan. 18 which is when the website said they would announce the winner, then when I log on first thing that morning, it now tells us to join them on Jan 25 for the award ceremony webcast @ 8:00. I'll be at work and our computer security system gives me the big red site when I log on to www.winanmri.com. I bet it is the word "win" that is causing the block. Anyway, I'm going to try get around that so that I can watch it. I've heard nothing from the folks at home on the outcome and see nothing in the Americus, GA paper so I guess they're keeping it real quiet. But you can rest assured that I'll update y'all as soon as I know something. Again, thanks everybody for your support. Fran (born in Sumter Regional Hospital in 1957)
  9. Ooops, missed me. Said I was from Philadelphia or somewhere close. Nope, Georgia. The "on", "dawn", "don" question didn't have an acceptable choice for me. "On" doesn't sound like either of the choices. It is "ohn".
  10. Unless something is really wacky with the numbers WE WON by approximately 98,000 votes! The official announcement will be posted on the winanmri.com website on Jan. 18. Thanks for everybody voting for Sumter Regional Hospital to get this much needed MRI. Special thanks to Randy W for keeping this post bumped and for being such a great cheerleader. Happy New Year, Y'all. Fran
  11. Wonderful news to hear. Thanks for the update.
  12. Has anybody heard anything from Connie's family today?
  13. Connie, Warm and gentle thoughts coming your way today and all during your recovery. Take care, Fran
  14. Bumping it back up the list. Please vote for Sumter Regional Hospital in Americus, GA.
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