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  1. My 58 year old mom has stage 4 lung cancer. She was diagnosed in April 2008. At the time she was given 2 month to live. She had 5 radiation treatments that shrank the 5 cm tumour in her left lung. Then she was put on chemo carbo- gem which worked until Nov 08. Her doc said she should take a break from chemo. Cancer got worse= found out it spread to bones, stomach and worse in the lungs. Put on Tarceva for 2 weeks and that made things worse. Now the doc wants to put her on Alimta but I have a bad feeling about it. He says the side effects and tolerance is better than taxotere. My mom is very weak Hemo is 100 Platelet is 25 and White blood cells are 3.5. Please give me some advice if u know anything about taxotere or Alimta [email protected]
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