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  1. The HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to you, Lucie, dear!!! I will clink my water bottle in your honor!!
  2. Frank - Welcome home! Glad to see your post this a.m. I didn't realize before that you are from Valencia - we're not that far away! I'm from Beaver County! Hope your treatments go well - I will keep you in my prayers!
  3. Don't have any information on this, just prayers and best wishes for you both!
  4. Terrie

    Prayers for Fred

    Oh my, Rosemary - Sending up prayers right now for you and Fred! God bless you both. We're all here for you, but I am sure you know that!
  5. I also live in the Pittsburgh area and had wonderful doctors from Allegheny General. I couldn't have asked for more. I had friends willing to send me to NY and help with the kids, but I needed to be closer to my support system, including my family. In the end, I was happy I stayed here, however, Pgh. is only about a 30 mile trip for me. I wouldn't have gone to the local hospital even if they could have performed the surgery -just wanted someone who specialized in lung cancer surgery. Good luck with your decision and God Bless!
  6. Don't have any input, just wanted to send you a (((HUG))).
  7. Add my prayers to the bunch - for your Dad and that upcoming surgery!
  8. Terrie


  9. Therapy was never offered or suggested to me from any of my doctors - I just assumed it was an "insurance thing" and I wasn't eligible. Although I am NED and thankful to be there, I still have issues and wish I had someone to talk to from time to time. All I was offered was an antidepressant which I still take, but I think talking to someone about my experiences might make a difference.
  10. Cheryl and Jack - Add my prayers to the bunch. I'll be right there, also, holding your hand. Terrie
  11. Amy - What GREAT news - I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers! Terrie
  12. Larry - So glad to hear your wife is feeling so well!!! Happy anniversary to you both - I agree with Don, I think a BIG celebration is in order! Terrie
  13. Terrie

    My husband Tom

    Will surely say my prayers for you and Tom - Terrie
  14. Add my wishes to the bunch!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNA!!! Terrie
  15. Terrie

    Surgery Update

    The news sounds great and the doctors sound confident - that's GREAT news! Will continue to keep you in my prayers - Terrie
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