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    My deepest sympaties on the loss of your Father. Ad
  2. Dear Shelly, You will be gone from the board, but not forgotten. Thinking of you, Ada
  3. Dear Joanie, I am feeling so sad after reading your news. What a shock. I am so sorry that you have to experience this. I am praying for all of you. Sincerely, Ada
  4. AdaW

    8/30- Katie's Dad

    Dear Katie, Thinking of you and praying for you and your Dad. Love, Ada
  5. Dear Judy, Have you seen this website? http://www.mesotheliomaweb.org/ Ada
  6. AdaW

    Scans all clean

    This is truly wonderful news, Cindy. I am so happy for you. Love, Ada
  7. Dear S, What an incredible story. You definitely qualify as a cancer survivor. Thanks for never giving up and thanks for sharing your story with us. Ada
  8. Dear Donna, Thanks so much for posting about Connie. I wish I lived closer so that I could visit her. She is a great person, and so are you. Thinking of all of you, Ada
  9. Dear Sue, I always love to see your happy smile in your picture when you post. I know your news is depressing you, but it sounds like you've been given a good avenue to investigate with the RFA. Also, about IRESSA. Is there any way that your tumor sample could be tested to see it would respond to IRESSA? Please ask the onc about that. It sounds like you still have some good options. I am thinking of you Sue. Love, Ada
  10. Thank God Peg for this great news. Ada
  11. AdaW

    CT Scan

    Dear Cheryl, I am praying for good CT scan results for you and hope that you will be able to have surgery. Thinking of you, Ada
  12. Dear Peg, Dr. Burris, Director of Drug Develpoment at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville, is my new oncologist. Here is his information: http://www.tnoncology.com/burris.html Centennial Medical Center does many, many clinical trials. More than any private hospital in the US. I was able to get in to see him very quickly and my radiation was started very quickly. I don't know what route you want to take, but Dr. Burris struck me as an excellent problem-solver and scientist. It is at his suggestion that my tumor slide is being analyzed to see which chemo would work for me (or at least
  13. Dear Peg and Bill, My heart feels like it is breaking for you. I am so sorry that this clinical trial didn't work. I am anxiously waiting to hear what your local oncologist says next week. Love, Ada
  14. AdaW

    My God...

    Dear Fay, I always enjoy reading your posts because I find them so insightful. I am having my challenges right now and I really needed to read what you wrote. Thank you Fay, Ada
  15. Dear Donna, I was hoping for different news today. My deepest admiration for our pioneer survivor. We are all with you in spirit, Connie. Thank you Donna for keeping us informed. Love, Ada
  16. Dear Connie, I am thinking of you with love, respect and concern. My prayers are with you dear Connie. Love, Ada
  17. Dear Carleen and Keith, I feel so happy for both of you. This is such great news! It brightens my day to know that all is well for Carleen and Keith. Love, Ada
  18. AdaW

    My Dad Is In Heaven

    Dear Cathy, I am so very sad for you, your Mom and your family. My sympathies are with you and I will be praying for you and your Dad. Love, Ada
  19. thank you, Donna, for the update on Connie. I have been thinking of her non-stop since I heard her latest news. I am praying for her. I have a good feeling that she is going to weather this storm quite well. She is something!! Love, Ada
  20. Dear Cathy, I am thinking of you and praying for your dear Father. Ada
  21. Dear Peg, I will be saying special prayers for Bill, you and your family today. I hope this clinical trial is working for him. Thinking of you with great admiration and respect, Ada
  22. AdaW

    As Good As It Gets

    Dear Jenny, This is just wonderful news. You've worked so hard for this. I am very, very happy for you. Love, Ada
  23. Dear Ginny, I have found that there is no such thing as "bouncing back" from all of these treatments. They take their toll, but things will improve---slowly. Thinking of you and Earl, Love, Ada
  24. Dear Luluc, The port still needs to be flushed every 28 days. This can be done at the oncologist's office. My doctors also prescribe a very low dose (1 mg per day) of Warfarin, a blood thinner. Ada
  25. Dear Shelly, I am very, very sad tonight as I am reading your post. I know this has shaken you to the core. I am so sorry about your Mother. For months Shelly you have asked God for a miracle for your Mother. Each time you wrote that, I wanted to tell you that I was always able to see God's miracle for your Mother and his miracle for her was you, dear Shelly. Love, Ada
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