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  1. If it were my mom, (who died over a year ago, with lung cancer) considering her age and the stage of cancer, I would enjoy the time she has NOW to do things that are fun and with loved ones, while she is able. Why go thru the suffering that the treatment brings, when she could be doing things and enjoying life? It seems to me that the quality of life rather than the quantity of life is most important NOW! Go and do something fun with her that you will have to remember, and you will probably be so glad you did. I wish that I could've done that with my mom, but is was too late when we found out
  2. May God bless you and give you strength to get through the next few days, weeks and months.
  3. Carleen, I felt your pain so much after reading your post. I know its so hard to understand God's plan for Keith and for you. I lost my husband almost two years ago, and I still miss him so much. Sometimes, I wonder how I go on, but I do. I also lost my sister (breast cancer) two years before I lost my husband, then last year, I lost my mom to lung cancer too. I took care of all three of them in my house with the help of hospice. If someone told me I would be caretaker to these sick and dying people, I would not have believed them! I never in my life thought I could do this, but when it comes
  4. tess

    leg swelling

    Did they check him for deep vein thrombosis? (blood clot??)
  5. Sue, This is so sad, I wish I could give you a hug right now. Tess
  6. I have found that plain old exercise works for me. The more I exercised, the less the hot flashes came. I also used the black cohosh a little, but you need to keep using continously for up to 2 months, but I kept forgetting to take it.
  7. sue, I'm thinking of you both (((hugs))) Tess
  8. Sue, I am praying for Mike and for you. May you both have peace, and strength for Mike to get through all this today! I am thinking of you always, Tess
  9. Dear Sue, I was so sad to hear this news. I know how you feel, I have been there, you know. Just be glad that he can be at home, where he wants to be. Just love him and make him comfortable as possible. He knows you love him and its seems that this is the most comforting thing you can do for him. It will also give you comfort knowing he is where he wants to be. Just be brave and know that God will take him by the hand when its time. In the meantime, God has given you the strength to hold his hand until that time. I wish I could hold your hand too! Hospice helps you thru this much easier, pl
  10. Fay, "There's no place like home!" So glad you get to go home. God Bless. Tess
  11. Yes, get him the Fen. Patch, it will help. My husband had mets to the bone, and they are BAD. Bone mets are the worst pain there is! I feel for your dad, but please call the DR and get that patch. It will help, they will start him on a 25mg or 50mg patch, and as the pain progresses, they can up the dosage. Believe him when he says it hurts! I feel for you and your dad. Praying for him!
  12. Dear Sue, Yes, we know what you are going through and we know how hard it is. I'm still praying for you both too! Praying that Mike can get comfort and stop all that coughing!
  13. Hi Sue, I am so sad that Mike is feeling so bad.I know its so hard for you too watching him go through this. My prayers are with you both! Take care, and keep the faith that God will take care of him. Take care of yourself too Sue. Tess
  14. Sue, You and Mike are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you both. Tess
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