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  1. It was so good that you got to spend the last week with your mom. It just seems like God blesses us us some strange ways, but now that she is gone, don't you feel at peace? When I lost my husband, I was so sad, but so happy for him that he was in heaven now with Jesus and NO MORE PAIN! Its just so hard to let go, but in the end it is a relief. I had to accept God's will and know that He knows what he is doing and most of all, trust God's words, they they whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. God Bless you, you are in my prayers.


  2. Curtis,

    I am glad you are moving on in your young life. I have been a widow for one month now, (I am 51) and I am not ready to even take off my wedding rings yet. I was only married for 3 years, (second marriage but the BEST) and we were together for six altogether. I know that someday I will take them off and move on, in fact I am looking forward to that. I hate being alone and lonely. I am so happy for you that you are going on with your life. I just feel that mine is at a standstill, but I know I must go on. You give me hope and make me remember that life does goes on. God Bless you and I hope that gal realizes what a great guy you really are. :D


  3. When it rains it really pours. I am so sad about your family situations. Dear God give her the strength to make it thru this! God is going to make you a stronger person because of these events, and it will bring you closer to him. Its really the only hope we humans have. If there were no afterlife, what would there be? Nothing! So keep faith in God and he will get you thru this! Prayers going up for you... :cry: God bless


  4. Hi,

    I just have to share this with you because I think Rob came to me the other night.

    Well, the other night, I remember Rob came to me and laid down next to me in bed and put his head on my chest, over my heart. It woke me with a start! It was so real............and I also noticed I had my arms crossed over my chest, like I was hugging him. I was lying on my back and when I woke up, I felt that he came to me to tell me he misses me too and that he would always be with me and be in my heart. It was about 5:00am and all I could do was tell him, "I love you too honey" and of course I started to cry. I just believe it was such a special gift to me! I just wish I wouldn't have woke up so suddenly. I would've loved to talk to him but I might not have remember it at all if I hadn't awoke! It was so special to me, I just am so thankful I experienced this, and I will never ever forget it.


  5. Cancer in my life has made me appreciate my good health, and try to maintain it. It has made me a stronger person, more than I ever dreamed I could be. I didn't know that I loved my husband so much and now that he is gone, I realize just what a gift he was to me from God. WE both always felt that God brought us together and he also said many times how much he loved me and appreciated me. So in the final days of his life I just tried to be the most caring, giving and loving person I could be for him.

    Cancer has also made me more aware of how unfair life can be for us here on earth and that happiness is not guaranteed to anyone. So I am a more spiritual person who loves deeper,and appreciates anyone and everyone in my life, and I am much closer to God and my Lord Jesus! Jesus is the treasure within us. Our limitations make us more aware of his love, our poverty of his riches, our weaknesses, of his strength, and our needs of his supply! :)


  6. WowRich,

    Everyone here has said some really powerful things. Just remember, Its up to you. Look what brought you here in the first place. You are stronger than those darn cigarettes! My husband quit ironically on the same day he was confirmed cancer. It was a coincidence? I knew he smoked 2-3 packs a day before I married him. That was a chance I took. God had already told me to quit, I did 3 months before he was diagnosed. I don't know, I assume God was telling me, one of us was going to get lung cancer. It was Rob, and believe me he had the addiction bad. When I first met him, he was single (sounds so much like your story) and had been all of his life. No one to tell him not to smoke, so he smoked. His ashtrays were running over, literally, all over the house. He had no one to tell him to stop! BUT, on that day he was diagnosed he quit, he was on Zyban for two weeks and had to quit taking it, because it kept him awake. His mom remembers Rob asking her to count out the "camel dollars" for him so he could get a free movie camera. She has never smoked a day in her life. she remembers counting out 2000 of them! And I'll never forget looking in his desk drawer, it was full of camel dollars, and all I could think of was, " look how many packs of cigarettes he's smoked!" Man, I never smoked like that but I still had a hard time quitting for good. Cutting down and being aware of the amount seemed to work for me.

    If Rob could've changed something in his life, he would've stopped smoking a long time ago. He realized, that if you put your mind to it, you can do ANYTHING. He did, but it was too late. :cry:

    The greatest web site on the planet is www.whyquit.com and it has helped so many people. Its a lot like this site, many people there to encourage you to keep your quit. All you have to do is commit to 3 days smoke free and "Never take another puff" and you will be amazed at the grace of God how with the help of others, YOU CAN QUIT. God Bless and please go there and READ,READ,READ! It worked for me, all I did was tell Rob everything that I learned from reading at Whyquit, and it helped him too. Why let the Devil win in the end? (Not to mention the stinking tobacco companies) :roll:

    Let Go and Let GOD!


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