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  1. Good afternoon - sorry about my disappearance - just not feeling very 'funny' these days. Had a meeting at Social Services for the nephew's in-patient care (scheduled release date in February!!!) - we were absolutely blindsided. The little .... brat .... got another patient to cheek his lithium and another to cheek his abilify and then him and another boy combined them and took them. Boy is this treatment working. He is not working on anything - won't even do simple writing to get to phase 2 so he can get out of there a couple of hours. (Of course, I stopped going with my mom to visit him when he told me I was being petty because I was making him and mom change dentists. Well the "other woman" works for this dentist - I think it's safer this way, my mom might bite her if she comes near her. LOL - well I think it would be funny. And yes, the reason I am carrying a shovel around in my car is just in case I run into her!) Sorry about that - just slipped out. So so so sorry to read about Randy's dad. I hope he knows he can call me anytime he needs to talk! Traveling Judy - what a trip up the keys it is - good thing the reward will be to see Wendy and Dominick. Judy (MI) - It is overwhelming to think that any doctor would just give up when a patient is so ready to fight. Talk about lack of professional ethics - you would think the doctor would try anything at this point. Where is Eric? I have missed a few days I confess - but sure could use a post by him. (I don't know about you - but I can always here the accent when I read his posts!) Anyway - back to this horrible pile of work. Annette
  2. Afternoon - it is a nasty day out - thunderstorms and too much rain. Hope it stops before I leave, of course my umbrella is right where it should be, behind the driver's seat in the car. Yesterday was the 8th anniversary of my sister's passing (not cancer it was drug related). She was only 42 years old - and now her youngest son is in an in-patient rehab facility. My mom told me yesterday that he informed her that the bike in his room is "not his" - will it never end - how am I supposed to deal with that. I have been a busy bee at work (even taking it home) and now I understand I will get two more projects on top of the 3 that I am already behind on - guess the economy for some cities / counties is picking up. Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello, Annette
  3. Evening all, I have been a facebook and work junky all day - with the race and now football on. (I will have to stay up late since tomorrow is the game I am really interested in - being a Texas baby and all) I have been researching every community in North Carolina - trying to find contact information - you would think I would be about sick of the computer by now - and I would be if I didn't have such a headache. (Please don't put these together - let me stay in my fog.) Randy - I worked in a nursing home when I was 18. It was awful - no matter how hard a few people work to really helping there are a few that just should not be there. I still have very fond memories from conversations - the things I learned were amazing - such history and knowledge it was hard when the school job ended. Judy - (KW) - sorry you are feeling ruff...I think you and Randy both need a hug! (And it wouldn't hurt me either). I don't know where the day has gone - and tomorrow is that bad word Monday. I still have several hours of work I wanted to get through tonight but I guess I better eat something today. Hope everyone has a great evening. Annette
  4. Hi Tonya, I am sorry to hear about your father - but you have come to the right place. There are many survivors here that can help you find answers to your questions - trust me we have had them and more - I can't even remember all the questions I first had. Let us know what your dad's oncologist says and someone is bound to be able to help you ask the right questions. If you need anything just ask. Annette
  5. Afternoon all, I tried to watch Charlies Angels too - I like Drew Barrymore and I thought she wouldn't put her name on anything horrible. I wasn't really impressed - I mainly just had it on before Grey's - which I fell asleep on. Woke up early and went to work since I have so much to do and I am for the most part still sitting here in a fog. But I guess I have spurts of productivity. I actually brought a container of yogurt in to work and had it for breakfast. Not bad for me and I may make an omelet for dinner - something fast and easy then I think I may just relax and write in a journal I have started. I agree Judy (MI) - where is Sarah and Karen - starting to worry about them. Hope they are just busy and relaxing (not like Eric and Bud relax though)! Here I stand next to my bed and life two little barbells for a couple of minutes and I think I am accomplishing something - but it's more than nothing I guess and I want to take advantage of all the weight of have lost over the last couple of weeks and keep it off (about 16 pounds - believe it or not). Anyway - just wanted to drop in and say hi - what is everyone doing this weekend? It is absolutely pouring out but I don't know what the weekend weather is like. Annette
  6. Meg, I'll chime in too - I remember when I first stumbled across this site - how I felt like you and your family - totally lost and no one understood. There are so many great people that pass through here from time to time you will be in everyone's prayers including mine. Keep us posted on your mom and you - take care of yourself - sometimes that's hard to do. We'll be here ready to offer a virtual hug and shoulder when you need one. Annette
  7. Afternoon everyone - Yes - it was absolutely great to talk to Judy (MI) - took my troubles away for a little while. My administrative assistant tried to interest me in bringing in dishes for lunch tomorrow and I almost bought it - but I've been eating so little I am a little worried about having the same problem as Judy at work. I actually meant to bring a piece of fruit in but was running late - can't get away from home in the morning until I check my FB games. Judy (KW) - When I take work home with me I now bring a luggage cart to put things on - so much easier and even the light laptops can get heavy walking any distance. I even used it the other night to carry in groceries. I just saved a box and put it on the bottom and stacked things up - one trip instead of several. My mom caught me just as I got home yesterday and I had to use it for her groceries too...hmm...maybe a good Christmas present idea - not that I'm of a mind to celebrate this year. My mind is gel of late so I can't even remember who posted today and I just read it. I know I forgot to say something about the expecting couple - that is just so fantastic - being rewarded for working with foster care. At least there is some good things happening! I have been doing research on the internet all day and my eyes are mush too. And to think I will race home after work - set up my laptop and play games all evening. (Well I am going to watch the show I DVR'd last night - Revenge - really looking forward to watching that!) Anyway - hope everyone is doing well today - I better get myself back to work for now, Annette
  8. Good afternoon everyone - where's Eric and Judy(kw)? Judy(MI) - we can give each other hugs if that's okay. My daughter is sending me "inspirational" texts about positive attitudes and such. Thank goodness she is trying. I have much to do at work - and even though the clock is not turning very fast I'm not really accomplishing much. It's a pretty gloomy day outside - rainy and gray. I went to the grocery store yesterday after work - looking for something to try and stay on a low calorie input - I can't believe how many calories are in good stuff. And I couldn't find the label on the bananas so I think I can count those as zero...right? Of course - you would understand my philosophy on that if you knew that I always said that the second word on the ingredients of soda is "water" and that's good enough for me. This is what we get for falling of the "Exercise Vicariously Through Bud" band wagon - I better get back to work before my sense of humor really hits its stride. Take care, Annette
  9. Annette


    Congratulations - I agree with Ry - a toast to you for many more!!! Annette
  10. Sarah - I'm glad you found this place - believe me it helps. As I read your story I understand how hard it can be with work and other pressures when your mom is facing this fight. Be happy to work with her through the house - just be doing that you are helping her, especially if it turns into fun - she can see that in your eyes. I had another thought about her being the one to drive. I am not sure where you are or what cancer treatment facility that she is going to but check out volunteers. I know the have them here in Richmond and an ex-boss volunteers in Chesapeake but they drive patients to and from therapy. It is a little hard to believe that people are willing to do that - but most just want to give back after having been a caregiver or survivor in many cases themselves. I hope therapy treats your mom (and you and your dad) well. There are many good stories among the people here - and I'm sure someone with more knowledge that I will be here to help you with any questions you may have. Take care, Annette
  11. I just had to pipe in on the belly fat issue - although I have a way to go - I have unhealthly lost 13 pounds in the last 2 weeks - no it is not cancer related just pure depression - nothing tastes good but I am forcing myself to eat once a day. Decided that I would take advantage of it and so I started trying to exercise (don't kick me off for saying that bad word). Lifting to little weights - someone told me once that you needed to make sure if you lost weight to work on the arm flab. At work I pace - a lot - and then I try and do just some little exercises to work on my back at home in the evening - even though I'd rather curl up in bed. I'm trying to pull myself up by the bootstraps - there is the problem I'm not wearing boots!!! Hope everyone has a great Monday - I will try and be more myself and check in more often. Annette
  12. Okay - I guess I'll pipe in for a short one. I can't wait until Castle comes back on. I agree with the line-up on Dancing With The Stars - but they surprised me last year with how well they did. And they announced the new Bachelor last night. I'm sure there are others I've left out - I haven't been watching much television lately. Hope everyone is doing well - I'm still not my happy self - but I'm surviving one day at a time. Take care, Annette
  13. Thank you Xanax! - Very low low dosage but - like a placebo it helps. I went for 5 months and now I'm 8 days out from a scan and had to take one today when I glanced at my calendar. Yikes! I will say that over the last two years I think that I have dealt with the anxiety better. Even sharing the upcoming test date is a tension reliever - goes out the fingertips and everyone here knows what you are going through. Scans are tough - waiting for results tougher! Annette
  14. Hi everyone - gosh I miss this place. I am just going through some really tough personal issues right now and i am trying to take the high road and not talk badly about anyone in a public forum. I think about you daily and hope everyone is doing well. Annette
  15. Thought I would check in really quick since I have been so busy at work (and taking work home). Oh - and my administrative assistant's mom is in West Virginia and she felt it too. Thanks to RandyW for calling and checking on me. There were a few freak out minutes here since it was pretty bad (or so it seemed). My phone was out and I was worried about my mom - finally got through and work her up - she thought it was the cat knocking at her bedroom door...(LOL) Then I got a text from my daughter - they felt it to. They had to give my four year old grandson a little person geology lesson since he thought he caused it by jumping on the couch. (LOL) I am anxious to get home and see if my cat and assorted breakables are still breakable or broken. Even though my mom lives right across from me I refuse to give her a key because I never wanted my nephew to have access to my stuff without me home. Now I wish she could go check on the cat. Judy - Drivers - When I lived in El Cajon, California I found a job in San Diego. The first morning I drove into the City I had to sit in my car for a good long while calming down. I swear it was the first time I had experienced bumper to bumper rush hour traffic at 75 + mph. Shiver the memories... Anyway - I better hit the road to beat those strange drivers. You know how everyone drives worse when snow is in the forecast - it will be interesting to see how they drive when "aftershocks" are in the forecast. (LOL). If anyone has magical powers could you blink and get everything I need done by Friday done - Is it Friday yet? Annette
  16. Good afternoon all, Feeling a little better today - actually managed to take the garbage out. Now I'm trying to work up the energy to go to the store. At least I don't feel like I have a fever today. Did I mention I wasn't feeling well - can't even remember. Working like a demon and not sleeping good - plus I haven't been to the grocery store in several weeks so I'm not eating right. I am gonna try and work up the energy to run out. I need to go to WalMart and that's a long haul when your back is saying - sit yourself back down and I mean now. I didn't want to go too long without checking in. So many deadlines at work - no me time right now. Annette
  17. Good afternoon - A quick post just to let you know that I am still alive. I am absolutely swamped (drowning) at work - even took it home last night and worked until 10:30 p.m. Now I have other projects to work on this weekend - hate it when every project comes due at the same time. I'm off to the kids lawyer - we have court again on Monday - so this should be interesting since the kid and my mom can't come because there is a family counseling session. (Not that I want him or her to talk anyway...LOL). Looking forward to working this weekend...not... Annette
  18. Good evening everyone - sorry for not posting in sooner. Very busy at work and just not feeling very well. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning - don't know if it's a bladder or kidney infection or stone or pulled muscle. I get the smoothie like second week in September - already worried because I am hurting all over and waking up in the morning just not able to breathe. Probably just work stress - but you know how our brains work now. Sorry I missed your call Judy (KW) - I left my phone at home today and it died. I know you are with family so when you hit the road give me a call. I hope you are taking it easy to enjoy the family time. Judy (MI) - Just ... hugs. I don't know if I mentioned it but I finally got word from the kid's school - they are not "expelling" him yet. If he does this in-patient rehab thing we will meet and they are willing to give him a chance if he is successful. Next Monday is his court date for all outstanding charges and the only one I really care about is the alcohol one at school - I put literally 100s of hours in researching why that is an illegal charge so I am meeting his lawyer Friday to give her the details of what she darn well needs to say to have it thrown out. My little heart will break if she is not successful. But I gotta say the stress level has dropped significantly since he is "in-patient" and not at home getting in trouble. Sigh. I guess I better get a move on I am gonna go climb in bed and watch the season finale of Master Chef. Sorry for skipping out on everyone - it's all I can do to sit up at work all day so I finally broke down and made a doctor's appointment for 7 a.m. hopefully he can figure it out. Have a good night all, Annette
  19. "Good" Afternoon everyone - it has turned into a very trying day. I am swamped at work and spent all day on the phone doing reference checks for a job we are working on - only to find out another job I am working on is due well not far enough in the future to finish. Doesn't matter I'm sliding out of here early to go out to dinner at Plaza Azteca - a darn good Mexican restaurant where they may offer me a alcoholic beverage and I just might accept. I am so glad that you (Judy MI) had a great birthday surprise - I used to love to go to the San Antonio Zoo when I was younger. I would love to go back and say "Lions and tigers and bears oh my..." I love saying that - weird I know. Judy KW - hope your travels are easy and I'm glad you are feeling better that's all that matters - good is good right! Bud - you overshot your house - guess you will have to travel all the way around again. I remember the horrors in New Braunfels (down by San Antonio) when the river was "down" - the industry was mainly tourist oriented and when you couldn't float a tube with a ice chest of beer down the river - why go. No matter how hot it is I miss Texas. When I was in the Navy I wore an awesome shirt that said "It's hard to be humble when you are from Texas". Judy and Janet - I have several books that I have purchased full of Sudoka puzzles - I do them and then go off on a jigsaw puzzle. One of the girls in St. Paul works the one in the paper up there and it has 9 numbers and some letters in it - I get stumped on the 9 number ones sometimes. Not sure who I missed but I'm off to dinner. Annette
  20. Wow - Thanks Katie and Paulette. I am spending the day relaxing and watching DVDs - it is too hot out there to do anything. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Didn't see a post from Eric so he probably is still having trouble posting in. I'll check back in later Annette
  21. Good afternoon everyone, Just as we were leaving to go and visit the nephew ERIC called - I could tell it was him by the accent. He wanted me to let everyone know that the "wifi" service in his hotel is not really working so he may not be able to post in until Wednesday or Thursday. I'll let everyone know if he calls again. I suggested he try and take the little computer down to the lobby might get better reception. He wanted to go out and check on bus tours since he's in Montana and the great outdoors thing would be better attempted on a bus. Good visit with the kid. Although some of his attitude showed through. Anyway, now I'm off to work a bit (or play) whichever comes first. Let's see. www.facebook you get the idea right - work - Saturday... hard to make myself do it. Annette
  22. I have totally lost track - how many of us have birthdays this month - seems like a lot of great people (not that I am against the other ll signs - just you know Leos are generally awesome!) Lillian - I believe that you can have some of this weather back next year okay - glad to share but I really think that we should share some of our cold weather with you this winter to make it equal. Stephanie - I am a cat person!! Our cat is so spoiled we had a moth fly in and the cat was going crazy trying to get him so Keith went over, picked him up and held up by the ceiling so he could get it. I had a laser light but somehow it has disappeared - I keep forgetting to pick another up. Keith has some reading glasses that cast off a light when held just right and Kashew chases it now. He has a bunch of toys that he stores in food bowl - we move them he carts them back. (plays fetch too). We named him Kashew because my mom has a cat named Peanut - I think he needs a brother and/or sister named Walnut, Almond, Pistachio, hmm where is that PetSmart...
  23. I believe that Eric just admitted to having an accent - I would have sworn he told me I had one not him. I know it's a long train ride - hopefully that was the only stop that will have not so good people. I have been amazed that you have stumbled on such good folks along the way - I was worried about that. Not much but work going on around here. I can't even say it's Friday since I will be taking work home this weekend. The kid was transferred to an in-patient substance abuse facility yesterday. Since I had an all day conference call at work I didn't get to go. But the social worker actually met my mom and drove them both over so my mom wouldn't get lost - cause one turn can really get her turned around (hmmm, maybe I should bring a game of pin the tail on the donkey home for her). I will get to see him Saturday and get the scoop on what is going on. Here's hoping he gets knocked in the head by the light. ... Wait - I mean sees the light. Another morning of conference calls - my head is going to explode. I really would rather take a drink and book out by the apartment pool. Hmm - let's see it's 9:00 - how many hours til that can come true...feels like a million! Judy (KW) - when exactly are you heading north? Maybe you could time the return so we could do a light lunch / brunch on your way back down. Judy (MI) - when is your birthday? Mine is Sunday - A fellow Leo - we are great people!! I will be celebrating the 22nd anniversary of my 29th birthday. Just think in five years my daughter will be my twin. LOL Hope all the new folks I've been seeing are reading the air - it would be fun to have some new "characters" I'll check back later - Annette
  24. Dee, Welcome - you have stumbled on a great great ... support site. Like you I was staged 1A (twice!) and had surgery with no follow up therapy. I still worry constantly - but you will notice that many of the people here have managed to get past that psychological aspect. I understand where you are coming from - so do most people here. The shoulders here are broad - share, join the fun and know that our thoughts are with you. Annette
  25. Annette


    I cannot imagine what you are going through - I've never had that level of horrible in my life. I could say that by being here and sharing your thoughts you know that you are not totally alone, everyone is here to offer support when needed but most importantly, aside from everything else you said the one that that touched my heart - is that you know you are not "alone" - he will always be in your heart. Gentle hugs and offered shoulder, Annette
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