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  1. I am so very sorry all this is happening to you!  I myself have no experience with brain radiation, however, I am sure someone will be here soon to help answer any questions you have.  My thoughts are with you and I hope to see some good news coming soon!  ((hugs))

  2. Hi DB!  I'm sorry about all you are dealing with right now and hope you have found some answers.  I too lived in Victorville Ca before moving to Illinois.  My husband's oncologist in Victorville was Dr. Nandish.  Do you have the same one?  He was not very helpful to us as far as explaining any options that my husband had.  I hope you don't have the same one :(  


    Please let us know how you are doing ((hugs))

  3. I can imagine how scared you must have felt when you heard that but I agree with Randy......don't panic!  I recently had pneumonia followed by a CT scan where a couple nodules were found.  I was told that we ALL develop nodules as we age, it doesn't always mean lung cancer.  My doctor plans to keep and eye on them and follow up with another scan in three months just to be safe.  Please let us know how you're doing ((hugs))

  4. I'm so sorry about the loss of your Mother and the pain you are dealing with.  Anger is a natural feeling following the death of a loved one.  We all understand your feelings as we too have "been there".  Your Mom was addicted to smoking it seems.  Many people start in their teens because they think it looks "cool".  Then, before you know it you're hooked on the habit.  It's very difficult to quit and many don't succeed.  Not all lung cancers are caused from smoking either.  Anyone who has lungs can get lung cancer.  


    Please let us know how you're doing and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive your Mom.  ((hugs))

  5. I myself recently had a CT Scan and nodules were found.  I was terrified since my husband passed from lung cancer 6 yrs ago.  My specialist informed me that not all nodules are cancer.  We ALL develop them as we age.  Plus I recently had pneumonia which is where they might have come from.  Anyway, we are going to re scan in another 3 months just to be safe.  Please let us know how things go.  ((hugs))

  6. Hello Joe!  I'm so sorry that you have so much to deal with.  The only advice I can offer you is to do as much research and you can before you make any major decisions on which type of treatment you decide to use.  There are many options besides the traditional chemo/radiation ones.  Good luck to you and please let us know how you're doing.  ((hugs))

  7. I'm so sorry to read this post.  It saddens me when I hear about doctors who just blurt out such things!  There are many many people who have outlived the timeline given by their doctors.  My first thought when I hear these things is that the patient will simply "give up" and that is NOT an option.  I'm glad to know you have such a loving and supportive family.  That means a great deal when someone is dealing with this.  Please keep us updated on you and your dad ((hugs))

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