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  1. Hello Debbie!  I am so sorry about your diagnosis but am glad you found all of us here.  I am not familiar with small cell lung cancer.  My husband had non-small cell.  However I am very familiar with the insurance companies and the work it takes to get them to help pay for needed tests and medications.  I too had Blue Cross of California and every time I turned around they were denying us.  My husband was prescribed Tarceva and we had to pay for it ourselves.  It was over $3,000 a month.  It's just not right!


    It seems you are a very strong young woman and I am happy you have your husband and daughter near you.  


    Please keep us updated and also read our other forums.  There are many survivors out there!  If you have questions......please ask away  ((hugs))

  2. I am so glad Donna was able to post for you!  There are many survivors here.  Please browse our other forums for a wealth of information and support.  Also, if you have questions or concerns please ask!  


    I say....Celebrate her Birthday :)


    Keep us posted ((hugs))

  3. I too am very glad that you found us but sorry for the circumstances. I myself am not familiar with the type of cancer your partner has been diagnosed with but I'm sure others will follow me who are.  Please browse through our other forums and I'm sure you'll learn a great deal.  ((hugs))

  4. I agree with Randy.  I was also a caretaker and I felt like there wasn't enough time to worry about myself.  I didn't have any help and survived on approx 3 hrs of sleep a day. It WILL take it's toll on you.  I hope you can reach out and get some help somewhere.  Love is a powerful tool when we are caring for a loved one and we tend to push ourselves to the limit, but eventually it will catch up with you.


    Please let us know how things are going for both of you ((hugs))

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