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  1. I'd like to make this a "sticky" and have the members of the group list what they're using in the way of supplements, etc. Here's what I'm doing: -ImmumoPower supplement 1 time per day -Celebrex 200 mg twice a day -Baby aspirin once a day -Try to eat at least daily: 2 servings of fruit 5 servings of vegetables 8-16 oz of vegetable juice -Exercise most days of the week -Try to meditate and pray most days of the week -Go to a tanning bed once a week (for Vitamin D from the UVB rays) -See a counselor to help in dealing with issues in a healthy manner I'm interested to hear what other people are doing
  2. A new lung cancer group is being started in the Mid-Missouri area. The Mid-Missouri Lung Cancer Support Group is sponsored by Ellis Fischel Cancer Center and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The support group is designed for patients and their families and friends who are living through the experience of lung cancer. The group meets the first Thursday of each month from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in the Donrey Room of the Reynolds Alumni Center on the University of Missouri campus in Columbia, Missouri. The group is led by Director Rajiv Dhand, MD, advanced practice nurse Christine Chang, and social worker Deborah Filer. Planned topics include: -making sense of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment -better breathing methods and exercise -navigating through insurance and other financial concerns -coping skills and emotional support -staying healthy with good nutrition -pain management Call 573-882-2587 for more information *This support group is not endorsed or sponsored by LCSC in anyway
  3. Bill, Has anyone mentioned using Hyperbaric Oxygen to treat your wife's condition? I know it can be very helpful in late post-radiation treatment side-effects. JaneC
  4. Jamie, I have been on Tarceva since the last week in May. I have had some mild nausea, abdominal discomfort and diarrhea off and on (mostly off). I take imodium for the diarrhea which works pretty well. Overall, I feel so much better since I've been on Tarceva that it's definitely worth it to deal with the side effects. Jane
  5. JaneC


    Beth, I was on Avastin for 1 year before I had progression. I really didn't have any side effects from it at all and it did seem to help keep things stable. Jane
  6. Diabetes Not Tied to Increased Lung Cancer Risk on Tuesday, April 12 @ 13:30:23 EDT While epidemiological studies have shown that the incidence of some cancers is increased in patients with diabetes, the risk of lung cancer apparently is not. Dr. Gillian C. Hall of Grimsdyke House, Barnet, and colleagues investigated the hypothesis that the rate of lung cancer is elevated in patients with diabetes. In his comments, Dr. Hall noted that "as the mechanisms involved are not fully understood, and given that diabetes and lung cancer share some risk factors, it is possible that the rate of lung cancer is different in those with diabetes than in the general population." Furthermore, "as an inhaled formulation of insulin is under development it is important to understand the background risk of lung cancer in diabetic groups." To investigate further, Dr. Hall and colleagues used a UK general practice database to identify more than 66,000 diabetic patients. In this group, the incidence of lung cancer was 1.63 per 1000 patient-years overall, and 2.05 per 1000 patient-years in those who had been followed from diagnosis of diabetes. In comparison with controls, this amounted to a hazard ratio of 0.88 overall and 1.12 in those followed from diagnosis. Nevertheless, adjustment for a lower life expectancy compared to controls, led to a hazard ratio of 0.98 in the general diabetic cohort. Thus the researchers conclude that there is no increased risk of lung cancer and "the lower incidence may be partly due to shorter life expectancy." Diabetes Care 2005;28:590-594.
  7. David, I'm sooo sorry to hear the latest news. You are an amazing fighter - I know you're tougher than this cancer (it just hasn't realized it yet). I'm sending tons of prayers your way.
  8. 1. Wonderful, wonderful friends 2. Caring husband 3. Able to take a walk this beautiful weekend 4. Starting to feel better after chemo 5. MU basketball beating KU (Mizzoo-rah!) and of course, good CT results from last week!
  9. Bo, I am a nurse specializing in diabetes. I don't think the anticipation of a long hike should have been enough to spike your sugar that much. How long had it been since you'd eaten before you checked your sugar? I'm not sure what your sugar is fasting but there is some thought (based on new research) that really it should be under 100 although the current guidelines are set at 110. Sometimes mild exercise in the evening, or eating a few nuts before bed can help with the fasting blood sugar and sometimes a little red wine can help, too (but check with you doc first about the wine).
  10. The supplement I'm taking has ellagic acid it in. I know there's been some good research about the benefits of eating raspberries but I don't know about research specifically about ellagic acid. My opinion - it won't hurt and might help but I would take it as part of an overall supplement plan.
  11. I was in a clinical trial with Avastin, carboplatin, and taxol. As you can see from my signature, I stayed on the Avastin for several months with no progression after finishing the carbo/taxol. I know one other person who was getting Avastin in the clinical trial I was in and had progression in about the same amount of time that I did. The trial was comparing carbo/taxol alone or with Avastin. The results are in yet as far as whether there was a difference between the two groups. I really didn't notice any side effects with the Avastin except after the first dose when I had a rash. Jane
  12. Beth, Wow - that totally s*cks. I really understand about needing to let down in a safe place so you can gear up for your kids. This should be that safe place and I think all of us moms with cancer here know that.
  13. Little Mo, I agree 100% with what you said. I'd like to see the costs related to finding and treating early stage NSCLC versus late stage. I know the amount of money that's been spent on my treatment would have gone a long way in paying for lots of screening. Also, I wonder has similar studies been done on breast cancer screening?
  14. JaneC

    Recipe update

    Andrea, I'm going to collect some of the recipes from people that having been bringing food to my family and me when I've been getting chemo. I thought this might be a way to acknowledge the great support I've gotten. (also,bumping this up ) Jane
  15. JaneC

    Metallic taste

    I have found that hard candy (especially lemon drops or Lifesaver Sorbets) helped. Also plain water did not taste good at all and putting some lemon or lime in it or Gatorade Propel Fitness water also tastes better than plain water and helped me drink enough to keep hydrated. As far as food goes, it really varies from day-to-day and you just have to be willing to go with the flow.
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