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  1. my dad passed away last week...after fighting so hard to live..,and i mean fight.. in 3 months her went from 260lbs to 150 lbs..my dads a warrior. he had so many radiation treatments that it burned a whole in his back...radiation everyday and chemo once a week...i never truly knew how deeply i loved and respected my dad. see, i live with my parents..they put a feeding tube in his stomach. dad is retired military...has been married to mom for 56 years and raised 5 kids...mom is quiet..,she bottles her pain and i am worried about her...i don't want to lose her to.. could someone give me some advice about helping mom..my heart breaks as i know my mom is lost without dad. they were best friends and did everything together..she was holding his hand when he died... i am mad as hell! i didn't want him to leave me,our rock,our everything but that is the selfish part of me.. rest in peace my beautiful and loving dad...you will be truly missed by many... thanks meeko
  2. Dads diagnosis is NSCLCA. Looking through his paperwork I have found these medicines they are giving him. Paraplatin,Taxotere,and Carbo. Now I am not sure if these are all of them. I know that he takes chemo and radiation. He came home yesterday after chemo and ate better than he has in weeks. 2 big hamburgers (we made) chips and pickles. He has been in the recliner since, napping and very fatiqued. I realize after reading more on this, that he will be doing alot of napping. They also have him on an nausea medication and pain medication. I don't know why I asked last night about percentage because I am the first to argue against it. I am just so tired and so worried. I do believe that each individuals fight is different and I believe in miracles. Love and support is what dad needs and believe me he gets it. I will keep you posted.,and thank you Meeko
  3. Let me begin with after reading your story..,it gives me hope for dad. I am so happy for you-not that you have cancer-and not that you have struggled.,but happy that you have been fighting and winning against this mean disease. Your story is so similar to my dads. He is retired Air Force, had quit smoking (1983) and had a persistant cough. His cough started 7 years ago though after his bypass surgery,and his doctor has been treating him for bronchitis. 3 weeks ago he started coughing more than ususal and went to an allergy specialist,no allergies.,went to his doctor-they did tests-his doctor said "well you have a tumor or mass on your lung so if you have fluid,we can't tell so come back in 6 weeks!" Dad,trusting his doctor was going to wait until he started coughing up pink stuff and he got scared. (dad has had his lung drained after his heart surgery 7 years ago twice) You answered my post and I am so thankful that you did. It eases my fears tremendously and reading your story does even more so. I love your positive attitude and want you to know that you most definitely will be in my thoughts and prayers. I am on my way to go in the living room and let my dad read your story... Thank you for taking the time to take part in Lungevity... Take care and continue to fight fight fight Meeko [/b]
  4. Hi my name is meeko and i am here because i have no one else to talk to about dad. i am supposed to be the strong one..my smile is decieving because i am falling apart inside. my dad is 76 was in good health we thought. we found out last week that he has lung cancer,isolated to that lung. the pulmonolist (spelling) said that his biopsy has shown that it is also in his lymph nodes. after he saw him he went to a surgeon for a second opinion and he says it hasn't spread.,and that if he has cancer it is the best kind to have because its slow growing and it stays localized.,this was before his bone and brain scan was done. today he was told that they see something in his pelvis. he began chemo today,4hours long,which will be done every monday. tuesday through thursday he will have radiation treatments. i need some feedback on how this will effect his body. dad has always been a stong and on the go man. he is weakening everyday,no appetite,sleeps all the time and this was last week before the treatments began. i know i am rambling but i want to mention this. my mom and dad have been married 57 years and i can see the toll it has taken on her. i live with them and take care of them cand i can see the devataion in ttheir eyes. please tell me the percentages of those who live and die with lung caner.will my dad be horribly sick? dad has a positive outlook on everything. i just need some feedback please because i am so afraid..,so so afraid. i hope this makes sense to all because it makes no sense to me. I hate ancer! Thank you , Meekok[/b]
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