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  1. Your right Ned, Distance makes no difference. This is such a terrible ride, it doesn't make much difference which side of the world your on. She had two treatments of that terrible combo. It just about killed her. Even though it's been 3 months since she had that one, she has just started eating the past 2 weeks. Even the dr thought she was going to starve todeath. It seems if she is on the steriods, she eats, if not she can't eat anything. The dr says there is no reason for her not to be eating. She has two different nausea meds. But they make no difference. The onc has had a test done called KRES> Have you heard of this one? From what I've read online, it hasn't been used on lung cancer very long. He has her scheduled for cemo. in two more weeks, but he did not tell us which one. He is suppose to have the results back by now so don't know if the cemo will be based on the results of that test or what. She says she don't think she will go trough the cemo again, that she would rather feel better for how ever long she has than to be in bed sick. So guess we will see what he comes up with. With her markers climbing again I hate for them to wait to long. Anyway sorry to write a book. Must hate the waiting and not knowing how this is all going to go. Prayers to you, and everyone on here Thank You Monell
  2. Hi, itS been nearly 10 months since this terrible ride started with my daughter. I don't post much because I don't know a lot about this terrible thing called cancer. I lot my father to lung cancer in 1980 a sister in law, a brother in law, but nothing prepared me to loose a daughter. Just isn't the way it is suppose to happen. At this point she is doing pretty good. Cancer markers have started to rise again. Is there anyone one here that is close to this area that would like to just talk ? Even though I have other grown children, and a wonderful husband, it still feels like I have to fight this alone. Thanks Terrismom Monell
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