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  1. Has anyone had a pancreatic stent placed? I have developed an obstruction, tumor or gallstone, and am having this procedure Friday morning. My dr did say that while they were not sure what the obstruction was, it definitely is not pancreatic cancer. Wheww!! Any information would be appreciated. I also get a platelet transfusion tomorrow.

    This developed within less than a week. Is this common?

    How fast do you feel better? Can't wait to get this completed, I am jaundiced and nauseous. Only in some pain if I try to eat something high in fat (the krispy kreme donuts did not set well this morning, but I think the pain was worth eating them!)



  2. Andrea,

    You are doing the right thing. Research your options, make a plan, then execute. I totally understand the stress of a "six figure" career. Change your life while the decision is yours to make. Lung cancer forced the change for me. Who knows, if I had been less stressed and worked fewer 70 hour weeks, my body might have been able to fight it off.

    I understand having to take something like prozac to deal with your Mom's illness, but being in a job that causes the need is bullsh*t! You have your JD/MBA, find something that fulfills you where you can use your education. As everyone here knows, life is too short.

    Take care


  3. MO, horned toads, I almost forgot about them! We used to catch them in vacant lots and bring them home. Mom LOVED it. (yea right)

    Becky, we get full grown frogs in our pool. My 100lb white German Shepard is obsessed with them. He wants outside at least 10 times a day to circle the pool and look for them. Thank goodness he has never caught one. I think he just likes the chase :)


  4. Just returned from the appt with the new onc. HUGE difference. I think he is a keeper. Actually discussed treatment options with me! What a novel concept! The man actually chuckled at one of my stupid jokes. Could this be a new medical life form? A human being? And the medical staff... they were actually friendly and smiling! I feel as if I have just emerged from cancer treatment purgatory.

    Needless to say, I will not be going back to the old onc. Will call in the morning and cancel all appts. Peggy the old onc is double ugly, she looks alot like the princess ogre in SHREK.

    Shelly, if you want to kick some a**, be my guest, I'll be happy to give you directions to my old onc's office.

    Elaine, perhaps the new onc will describe me as "exceptionally beautiful 45 yo female who looks awesome bald"

    Looks like I will complete my last 3 radiation treatments and wait 3-4 weeks to rescan, then start taxotere. Wow! I have 3 weeks to recover and get some energy back!

    Thanks Cheryl for the recommendation, I look forward to trying the hashbrowns!

    Thanks to everyone for the support. I am FORTUNATE to receive such good advice from such a caring group of people!


  5. Don and Ry, thanks for the reply.

    My old onc is history even if the new onc is an ogre (which I doubt since I got the recommendation from Cheryl and she seems to like him alot)

    Also, the new onc is at Baylor where they are doing the GVAX trials.


  6. Hi everyone,

    On Monday, I am going to a new onc for a 2nd opinion(my thanks to Cheryl for the recommendation). At first I felt a lttle silly changing drs after 4 months of treatment until I started reading copies of the reports that I am sending to the new onc. All of her reports start out as "unfortunate 44 yo female..." Sorry, but that really hit me the wrong way! Unfortunate is breaking a fingernail, not lung cancer.

    I also found out from the path report that no testing was ordered to determine if this is a primary or secondary tumor. (does this mean that it could be a met from some other kind of cancer?)

    I got more information from the path and CT scan reports than I ever received from the onc. My onc never seemd to answer any of my questions directly. I guess in her mind, I am "NSCLC Stage IV" not a person named Jerrye. Come to think of it, I do not recall her ever calling me by name. Also, a cash cow, since she wants me to continue to receive the chemo that is not working since it is the textbook chemo for LSCLC.

    I had a good cry about this and have almost recovered from an afternoon of the "blues".

    It is tough enough fighting this disease with emotional support. The last thing I need is an onc that treats "by the textbook".

    Thanks for hearing me out. I was having a down day and needed someone to listen. My husband is very supportive, but after he read the "unfortunate female" he lost it and was madder that I have ever seen him.

    Thanks for listening.


  7. Famous Sexy Quotes ...

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  8. I had a bone scan which would show activity in any bone after I had a PET scan. Bone mets can feel like a pulled muscle - it did in my sternum. Get you onc to order a bone scan to be safe. If you husband has not had a PET scan that would be a good idea too.


  9. Elaine,

    I have never broke a bone, but I do have bone mets. The "bad" bone met in my right thigh didn't cause any pain. But, the met in my sternum, felt like I had pulled a muscle from coughing or laughing too hard. If you feel like you have a pulled muscle or any discomfort, even minor, get it looked at.

    Better safe than sorry. I do have acute pain in my shoulder that is nothing (at least cancer related, I rolled my car when I was 22 and all stress lands there)

    Good luck at you appt. hope everything goes well.


  10. Tbone,

    The same thing happened to me when my pelvic bone was radiated. The radiation onc said that the good tissue was swelling and causing the pain. He prescribed dexamethasone. It helped tremendously, but only time completely took the pain away.

    Good luck


  11. Okay, hear goes... I did not finish the explanation....

    The remaindar is 1899. Circle the 8 add 1 + 9 + 9 = 19; (y)

    The sum of all of the numbers is always, 9, 18 or 27 ( a number divisiable by 9)

    if y < 9 then

    x = 9 - y;

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    x = 18 - y;


    x = 27 - y;


  12. Andrea, go on a cruise, they are the best most relaxing vacations that I take. For relaxation, GO in MAY, before the kids are out of school, for at least 7 days. (You can probably get a mini-suite/balcony on Princess to the Virgin Islands for about 950.00 each, plus airfare.)

    If I did not feel so cr*ppy now, my husband and I would be right there with you!

    Also, the ships do have ship-to-shore phones in the room and internet cafes (not real cheap). But the last time I was in USVI, I was able to call home on my cell.

    Take care and go on your honeymoon. Don't wait for a convenient time or you will never go!

    FYI, I am a size 2 and have never worn a bridemaid's dress that looked good on anyone... Sleeveless? My arms are too skinny. I think it is a conspiracy to make sure that the bride is the star...


  13. I friend of mine with breast cancer and bone mets is on Aredia. She had severe side effects with zometa. I am on Zometa and so far no side effects.

    Hope the change to Aredia works for you.


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