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  1. Hi Everyone! My surgeon said that for carcinoid tumours, the only way to treat them is to cut them out of you. The typical carcinoids grow slowly and rarely spread, and once they're out, they don't usually bother you again. But the A-typical kind will spread quickly and is really hard to fight. The only way to find out which kind it is, is surgery. And since it hasn't spread to any lymphnodes etc. then she says it's the typical kind, and shouldn't bother me for another 60 years. I got very lucky! I asked about chemo, and she said it's not necessary for this cancer type. I also read that this cancer type doesn't really respond to chemo anyways. Thanks for your advice! Sincerely, Melanie
  2. Hello everyone!!! I got home from surgery 2 weeks ago. I've been off of all pain meds for a week now, and I have pretty much all of the mobility in my arm and side again! I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon. She said they removed 10 lymphnodes, all of them came back cancer free! She said the margins around the lobectomy came back cancer free as well! She said she's confident they got it all, and that I won't need chemo either!!! She said I need to go back to see her for a follow up and xray every 6 months, but other than that, it sounds like I'm all better now!!!!!!! Thanks be to God!!! Thank you all for your support and prayers!! Love, Melanie
  3. Melanie86


    That's awesome!!!!!! Happy Birthday to her!!!! What a trooper!!! Sincerely, Melanie
  4. Hi Everyone!!! Thanks for all of your support and prayers!! I'm getting back to normal very quickly!!!! Everything went well! A few tiny bumps in the road along the way, but I was very well looked after. Had to be detained in the operating room for a little bit longer after surgery due to low blood pressure so I'm told, and later on a fever a couple of times, immobility in my right hand, then in reduced mobility in my left and drooping left eye and problem with the pupil, (was said it was from the epidural) but all in all I was very well looked after and will never forget all of your support which has helped me get through this. Haven't been having much trouble with constipation thank goodness, as I hear that can really be a big problem! Lots of support and visitors here to keep me company. The numbness and tenderness and sore muscles aren't intollerable. Tougher time trying to sleep since I don't usually sleep on my back, so it's getting pretty tender now. Anyways, things here keep looking up as you all said it would! Thanks for everything!!! Forever appreciative, Melanie
  5. God Bless us, everyone. Thank you all so much for your support. You will never truely know how much you all have helped me cope since I was diagnosed. Tomorrow I will be thinking of you all. Thank you for all of your prayers, support, and information i could have never gotten off of the internet elsewhere. You guys are the best. Thanks for everything. Tomorrow's my day, I'm scared, but I'll just remember, Feb. 8th is the day I was cured!!!!!!! Sincerely, Melanie
  6. Thanks so much everyone. Thanks Becky. That was very insightful. Sincerely, Melanie
  7. Fantastic news!!!! Congrats!!!!! Love, Melanie
  8. Hi Everyone, Just got back from my pre-op assessment. A lot more waiting than I thought there'd be! lol. Took blood, gave me the white tights, lungs sound good, ECG looked good, met with physio, talked with anesthesiologist about fears of epidural, had chest xray, and breathing test. Surgery will be Monday, show up for 6am, surgery starts at 8am, 4 hours long. Getting sort of excited. Pretty scared still. That's the update! 4 days away! Sincerely, Melanie
  9. Hi Everyone, I just came back from my pre-op assessment. I spoke with my anesthesiologist about my fears regarding the epidural. She said when I go in just ask for LOTS of freezing haha... and then it'll just be pressure like you said, Sue! That's not AS scary I guess. Sincerely, Melanie
  10. Hi Everyone, thanks for your words of encouragement. I'm really starting to freak out a little bit as the idea of all these needle pokes and the pain for post op is becoming more of an impending doom rather than a distant obstacle to "one day" go through. Sorry, I don't mean to sound negative. I didn't get much sleep last night and am rather tired. Very stressed out. Ts, my pre-op evaluation is tomorrow morning, so I think that's when they'll tell me what sort of diet i'm supposed to be on and things like that to prepare me. So, right now I'm just living regularly, day to day, feeling pretty much like a sitting duck now hahaha. You all said it's doable, and the pain's tollerable with the meds... I'm sure I'll be fine... I'm just feeling a little bit like a baby right now hahaha. Anyways, thanks again for all of your support and words of confidence and encouragement. I really really appreciate it. Love, Melanie
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm having surgery on Monday, and I've been told I'm getting an epidural. It looks painful, and it sounds painful. Is it a big deal? Would you say it's about as bad as getting an IV in your hand or in your arm? Those don't bother me. Sincerely, Melanie
  12. You all are the best!! Let me see here... Everyday look forward to one less truck, pillow for cough/sneeze/car rides, pain meds before pain gets bad, breathing exercises, and sports bra! Hahaha, you guys are a hoot, but thank you sooo much for all of your helpful tips at how to get through this smoothly!! I look forward to using all of these tips, and thinking of all of your support!! Love, Melanie
  13. Hello everyone, My surgeon just called me this morning. I finally have the date for my surgery. Pre-op assessment will be this Thursday, Feb.4th and my surgery is booked for this Monday, Feb. the 8th. I'm so excited. A little anxious, but feel very blessed to have it this soon. Please keep me in your prayers. I will not be having VATS so I should be in there for about a week. Sincerely, Melanie
  14. Hi Everyone!!! I spent the morning in the hospital today, had a bronchoscopy at 7:30am... wow,... tooooo early for me!! ahaha.. Everything went amazingly well. It's 32 degrees here in Ontario. Pretty cloudy still, but not too chilly! Great day! Hope yours will be too! Love, Melanie
  15. I'm having a carcinoid tumour removed in a few weeks. Middle lobe Right lung. I'm sorry you're not doing well. Please come back to let us know the updates. Sincerely, Melanie
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