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  1. Hi Bruce I put my email address in your profile, however I dont see any problem in repeating it here? [email protected] my mobile is 07925885931 I did make a mistake in searching out COPD chat sites,one in the UK and one in the USA,some positive contributions from individuals,however some I would have preferred not to have read,so I have deleted them all.Reading your success with COPD has certainly lifted me.as I have been anxious about my future following my recent dx in March.I have been doing everything by the book,drinking loads of water,gym 3 to 4 times a week,cuttin
  2. HI Bruce,I would very much appreciate it if we could exchange posts either by mobile phone or email.My email address is [email protected]

    I know we are not regular contributers now in LCSC,but I do visit regularly to to check current posts.I would love to provide more support to those who post here,but  I feel  its over ten years ago since i have had any contact with LC current treatments,I really dont have much to contribute now.

    I have much admiration for a special contributor here,Tom Gally whose advice to postees here is just excellent and so up to date with developements in LC treatments,take a bow Tom

    Eric Byrne.


    1. eric byrne

      eric byrne

      Sorry Tom, Galli,ooops


  3. Hi Bruce,Its brilliant to hear from you again,we both are still in the land of the living.Sorry to hear we both share COPD.Reading up on COPD left me feeling so down,however to react positively I am attending a gym 3 to 4 times a week,drinking a couple of litres of water daily,stopped drinking alcohol,well apart from the odd beer or glass of wine with a meal.My weight was 15 stone a few weeks ago,I have now lost 10lbs,my target is 13 stone.I am religious in taking my inhalers,the two puffs in the morning for the all day one,the other I carry about with me,the disc shaped one you can use in pub
  4. Ooops Folks,I dont know why this appears in Just for Fun? seems i have forgotten how to post appropriately as COPD is definately not fun.
  5. Good Morning Everyone from Scotland, Well 10 and a half years of surviving Lung Cancer and enjoying good health throughout,over the last few months I noticed I was getting a wee bit more breathless than usual,i did consider my lack of fitness and a bit overweight,so i have taken out a gym membership and going at it full steam ahead.However during a routine check up at my Docs he noticed my lips were a bit of a blue colour,so I was referred for a sprirometry test.Result a new dx of COPD,drat,I did smoke small cigars prior to my LC dx but have not smoked since.Tuesday I started taking inha
  6. Hi Lou, Its a pleasure to meet you,I am happy to chat with you anytime it suits you.I did travel around the USA on Amtrak in 2011 for 7 weeks,with the encouragement Of our dear friend Katie here, I kept a daily diary of my adventures,you can still find my diary on my website Travelling Eric.I have also a couple of films in You Tube, one of my LUNGevity charity walk around Lincoln Park Seattle,where at the end of it a microphone was pushed into my hand and asked to give a little talk about myself, it comes under the heading Eric Byrne Lung Cancer Survivor. Another film was Eric Byrne Stop
  7. Thanks for the reply Lou,I would like share with you a experience I had post surgery.Following my surgery in Jan 2009,like you I was still feeling uneasy about my future,will my cancer come back?if so how long would I have left,type of anxieties.One day I picked up a popular Glasgow newspaper called the Evening Times,glancing through it I came across a a feature about a guy called Robert Lowe,he is a lung cancer survivor who was setting up a lung cancer support group with a lung cancer nurse called Penny Downer.I smiled at the irony,imagine two people called Lowe and Downer starting up a lung
  8. Hi Lou,welcome to LCSC,I live in Scotland and had a upper right lobectomy in January 2009,your descriptions of your surgery experience does bring back memories to me.I had a drain port placed in my back post surgery which was removed prior to leaving hospital.I didnt have the benefit of key hole surgery ,which incidentally was pioneered by a surgical team in Scotland.I did have some aches with my scar for some weeks post surgery,pain is too strong a word,this ache disapeared imperceptively over the weeks.In Scotland we dont do post surgery CT scans,just a X-ray and check up every six months fo
  9. Hi JCM,I cannot match Donnas remarkable survivor record.However I certainly want to follow in her footsteps.I am now into my 11th year of survivorship.I live in Scotland and our treatment procedures are slightly different from the USA.For example,my oncologist never mentioned Staging,just concentrated on discussing my multi-disciplinary decided treatment plan.I had neo-adjuvant chemo which consisted of 4 cycles of cisplatin and vinorelbine,this was designed to shrink the tumour in the airway leading to my right upper lung,if successful,I would be a good subject for surgery,well after just two
  10. Thought that might cause to problems Lexicat LOL.
  11. I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and 2019.Lang may yer lums reek.
  12. Wishing all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day,with family and friends.
  13. Have a brilliant time,post some pics if you can,I am always interested in seeing countries through others eyes.
  14. One from my childhood, What lies at the bottom of the Ocean and shivers? A nervous wreck.
  15. An elephant and a kangaroo went into the bank to rob it.The elephant told the teller behind the screen, this is a stick up ,put all your cash on the counter.The teller terrified put all the cash on the counter and the elephant pushed his trunk through the gap in the screen and sucked up the money up.He then blew all the money into the kangaroos pouch,they then made their escape.Later the police interviewed the bank teller to ask her to describe what happened.Well she said, an elephant just came into the bank took all the money and escaped with thousands of dollars.The policeman then asked ,wou
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