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  1. Good Evening Everyone, Thanks Bruce and Dianne for opening todays air.Yes our weather too has got a bit colder.Monday morning,beautiful sunny day,not a cloud in the sky,however,frosty,had to scrape the frost off my car,mind you, just the side windows,my car has heated front and back screens,love the front screen heater,its amazing its only recently that manufacturers here started to fit them at the front?and yet the rear screen has always been heated?. Sorry I have been a bit remiss recently about posting,so busy,Sally moved into her new home a week las
  2. Hi Everyone, Today I attended the launch of the Scottish Detect Lung Cancer Early Campaign in Edinburgh.The Scottish Minister for Health Alex Neil delivered an interesting and thought provoking speech on the Scottish Governments support for patients diagnosed with Cancer,particularly Lung Cancer.My story is being used in the campaign to urge people to get to their doctors timeously if they suspect theres something not quite right with their health. I was also interviewed along with other lung cancer survivors present, about our respective lung cancer journeys.These int
  3. Good Evening Everyone, Just for the record Bruce,I was awake early this morning,first signs of dawn 6.30am by 7.00am fully daylight (dark by 5.00pm). Spent my first night at home alone last night,It went OK,TV progs are good on Sundays,then online for a while,quiet read in bed before falling asleep.Phone rang about 7.00am,Sally desperate for me to visit and fix the TV,its not working,she sat all last night without it,did'nt want to bother me.She had somehow used the source bottom to move offline,fixed in 2mins,she did'nt know about the source button.I mi
  4. Good Evening Everyone, Good on you Donna opening the Air.Bruce,our clocks went back one hour this morning at 2am,it was dark here just after 5pm,my brain cannot figure out what time is sunup will be tomorrow,think it will be lighter than Saturday,possibly 7am?.I will keep you posted.Temps here still unusually mild ,ave 16C,still frost free mornings,it cannot last. Sally was due to move to her new home yesterday,I had signed up to steward the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Spooky Welly Walk,I had guessed it starting about 10am,2 mile walk around Glasgo
  5. Good Afternoon Everyone, Thank you Katie for opening the Air today,I have been following the news on GinnyD in facebook.I am really sorry to hear of her condition,I do hope and pray she will recover from this stroke,which seems to be a particularly nasty one.I really miss her contributions to LCSC here,may she once more be a contributor again. The weather here is a bit blustery and changable but glad to say really mild,I dont suppose that will last much longer.Our clocks will go back one hour a week on Saturday,so back to those long dark winter nights
  6. Hi Michelle, Sorry for the late reply,seems I had overlooked your post.I can understand your friends reaction to you,regarding Don,it does take a lot of confidence for the listener to make an adequate and considered reply in supporting you without risking saying the wrong thing. Crass things like "you'll get over it" or "look to the future not the past".All of us have had the experience of loss,parents, or perhaps as I have, the loss of my youngest sister Linda,I think its just that bit more difficult to lose your spouse,having shared so many years together. I dont hav
  7. eric byrne

    Good news!

    Thank you for your good news story Carol,congratulations.
  8. Hi Bruce, Thanks for your reply,I try to justify my lunches with my gym buddies,which by the way always include a good pint of Scottish larger,the calories lost by our vigorous exercises do more than compensate for the calorific intake of our lunch LOL. I would have loved to own one of these old juke boxes,by the way what was the Proclaimers record you found?.
  9. Good Afternoon Everyone, Is'nt it just great to have old friends posting again,Bruce,DonnaG and Lillian,welcome home we missed you.Just relaxing after a really busy but fun week,Tuesday I brought my sister Dot and her husband Jim out to Airdrie to view Sally's new flat,also visited our local Indian restaurant for lunch.Wednesday Jennifer and Chris visited,we also went to the same Indian restaurant for dinner just prior to going to the Showcase Cinema Complex to see a new Scottish film called Sunshine in Leith,kinda like Scotlands answer to Mamma Mia,the mus
  10. Good Evening Everyone, I am enjoying a really dry and mild bout of weather here,Octobers are usually wet and windy and quite cold.Taking about cold,I have just developed one since yesterday,been dosing myself with hot Lemsips,my nose is running like a burn,hope this dos'nt develope into that serious illness called Manflu,LOL. Friday, another day spent at Sally's new flat,the sofas arrived around noon,the delivery window was between 10am to 6pm,so I sat on the new sofa,and waited until 6pm for the bed and kitchen table and chairs,I waited in vain.Irrit
  11. Hi Dianne, Well done on checking out First Foot,a couple of additional points,the first foot in Scotland was preferred to be male,tall dark and handsome at that,should bring with him a lump of coal,and a wee bottle o' the amber nectar.I remember in my youth,just after the bells at midnight,sitting down at a large table with family and friends,tucking into a full steak pie dinner,an old Scottish tradition.This was followed by a party,always someone there to play the piano and everyone sang along to traditional Scottish songs.Every guest was expected to "Do a turn" that is,enterta
  12. Hi Bruce, I have just rechecked the times of our posts, seems you had posted during the time I was still writing mine so I did think I was opening todays air.
  13. Ooops Sorry Bruce I forgot you had opened under Thurdays Air already,this senile dymensia can be really inconvienient at times.
  14. Good Afternoon Everyone, Beautiful sunny Autumn day here in Scotland,hope the weather is fine where you are. I tried several times to post last night all I got was a message "the connection is timed out",so here I am instead.I had lunch today with my gym buddies at the Admiral in Glasgow,lovely pub,friendly and atmospheric,food is super,particularly the piri-piri chicken.Took Sally out shopping this afternoon,getting some new clothes incl a new top for Saturdays party,glad to say this did'nt take the usual hours it normally does.Indoor bowling to-n
  15. P.S. I have just discovered a web site of a Scottish Dictionary called First Foot.com its got some stoatirs of words there,ye might like to look up,fur a wee laugh.
  16. Good Morning Bruce and Dianne,Its absolutely brill to see friends posting here again and what a great topic to discuss too. "Mauzy",an old English word?,well I am sure it is,however I just happen to be a dyed in the wool Scot and we have our own vocabulary,our word by comparision is "Driech" which like so many old Scottish words have a wonderful character and are much more expressive than their English counterparts.Other words like Scunnered,Clipe,Nyaff and Eejit spring to my mind,there are thousands of others too.My sister gave me a present a couple of years ago of a Scottish dictionary,whic
  17. Good Afternoon Everyone, Well Autumn has certainly arrived here in Scotland,the forests are looking so beautiful with their variety of colours,times like these I so appreciate living in such a beautiful country.Weather has also got a lot milder,I am now back to wearing my polo shirts outdoors,this cannot last,so enjoy the moment. So good to have visits here from old friends,Dianne,Mike and Bruce at my last post.Bruce how about a wee update on your life on the farm,I have missed your farm tales so much. Sally is still here with me at Sutherland D
  18. Hi Kenneth, My apologies for my rather late response to your post,I have been distracted of late,so many things going on in my life. I so appreciated reading your post,so well written,so understandable to me with your descriptive emotional rollercoaster ride since your diagnosis. I was diagnosed in 2008 with NSCLC,it was such a shock to me,it was so strange really to be feeling so well physically and yet to have my life threatened by this disease.Like you,emotionally, I found this to be the greatest challenge,from the outset,I did'nt cope very well,although I
  19. Good Evening Everyone, Its good to be back,hope you are all well,the weather here in Scotland has certainly changed since my last post,more autumnal,cooler,shorter daylight hours,now back to wearing a pullover on top of my polo shirts,next it will be wearing jackets too. Sally should have been moving into her new home tomorrow,however,we got a phone call from the furniture store a couple of days ago, to tell us they cannot deliver her major furniture pieces until the 25th of September,not their fault of course,its the manufacturers.This is the second delivery they have let us down with,take
  20. Good Afternoon Everyone, Just found a bit of time in my day that I can relax,and enjoy sharing a post with you.First I would like to say a special hello and best wishes to our dear LCSC friend,Janet,I do miss your posts here of late,hoping you are feeling stronger and better. I have been busy of late,preparing for Sallys move to her new home,she will move in on the 12th of September.I have been setting up accounts for the paying of her utility bills,central heating and appliances maintenance,I have also applied for a council tax discount for her,
  21. Good Afternoon Everyone, Just a wee update on my homefront,I was still waiting for one of my ISAs to arrive in my account to contribute towards paying for Sally's new flat yesterday,Wednesday was the final day the company said the money would be in my account,no joy,now beginning to get a bit concerned,however the monies did arrive on Thursday,yeah,transferred all monies required to my solicitor,house became mine,Sally got to see it at last on Friday,she loves it.So we went on a spending spree for new furniture,two,three seater sofas,kitchen table and cha
  22. Good Morning Earl. Welcome to LCSC,so pleased to make your aquaintance.I arrived here some time ago,looking for new friends who shared my lung cancer dx,what a blessing that turned out to be.I had arrived at a time when I was struggling with coping with my cancer,not physically more mentally,how can I shake off this feeling that I had no future? this cancer is going to kill me and in the not too distant future.My posting here regularly, getting to know so many new friends helped me to realise that I can be a survivor and once again began to return to being the p
  23. Good Afternoon Everyone, Hope you are all well enjoying the summer weather,we are having one of the best summers weather for quite a few years,so I am sporting a super tan,I just love this time of the year. I am just home from the hospital following my six monthly check up,we dont do CT scans as a follow up in the UK,just an x-ray,well the good news is I am still NED,my next check up in February, will be my last,since I have passed the 5 years survivor limit. I have an entry date for Sally's new home on the 16th August,I had to cas
  24. Congratulations on the successful outcome of your treatments.Thank you for sharing a good news story,we just cannot get too many of these.
  25. eric byrne

    10 years

    Congratulations on your tenth anniversary,I so want to follow your example.Heres to many,many more anniversaries.
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