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  1. Hi Bruce I put my email address in your profile, however I dont see any problem in repeating it here? [email protected] my mobile is 07925885931 I did make a mistake in searching out COPD chat sites,one in the UK and one in the USA,some positive contributions from individuals,however some I would have preferred not to have read,so I have deleted them all.Reading your success with COPD has certainly lifted me.as I have been anxious about my future following my recent dx in March.I have been doing everything by the book,drinking loads of water,gym 3 to 4 times a week,cutting down on food and virtually no alcohol.My aim is to lose some further pounds down to 13 stones,perhaps then even a bit more.Thank you for taking the time to reply to me,it has helped me no end. Eric.
  2. HI Bruce,I would very much appreciate it if we could exchange posts either by mobile phone or email.My email address is [email protected]

    I know we are not regular contributers now in LCSC,but I do visit regularly to to check current posts.I would love to provide more support to those who post here,but  I feel  its over ten years ago since i have had any contact with LC current treatments,I really dont have much to contribute now.

    I have much admiration for a special contributor here,Tom Gally whose advice to postees here is just excellent and so up to date with developements in LC treatments,take a bow Tom

    Eric Byrne.


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  3. Hi Bruce,Its brilliant to hear from you again,we both are still in the land of the living.Sorry to hear we both share COPD.Reading up on COPD left me feeling so down,however to react positively I am attending a gym 3 to 4 times a week,drinking a couple of litres of water daily,stopped drinking alcohol,well apart from the odd beer or glass of wine with a meal.My weight was 15 stone a few weeks ago,I have now lost 10lbs,my target is 13 stone.I am religious in taking my inhalers,the two puffs in the morning for the all day one,the other I carry about with me,the disc shaped one you can use in public without the use of a spacer.How long is it since your COPD dx? Best Wishes old friend,love to hear from you again,perhaps we can exchange phone number or email addresses? Eric Byrne.
  4. Ooops Folks,I dont know why this appears in Just for Fun? seems i have forgotten how to post appropriately as COPD is definately not fun.
  5. Good Morning Everyone from Scotland, Well 10 and a half years of surviving Lung Cancer and enjoying good health throughout,over the last few months I noticed I was getting a wee bit more breathless than usual,i did consider my lack of fitness and a bit overweight,so i have taken out a gym membership and going at it full steam ahead.However during a routine check up at my Docs he noticed my lips were a bit of a blue colour,so I was referred for a sprirometry test.Result a new dx of COPD,drat,I did smoke small cigars prior to my LC dx but have not smoked since.Tuesday I started taking inhalers and this has made quite a difference already.So if any of my friends here can share any advice or insights into COPD it would be much appreciated.Enjoy the Easter break everyone.
  6. Hi Lou, Its a pleasure to meet you,I am happy to chat with you anytime it suits you.I did travel around the USA on Amtrak in 2011 for 7 weeks,with the encouragement Of our dear friend Katie here, I kept a daily diary of my adventures,you can still find my diary on my website Travelling Eric.I have also a couple of films in You Tube, one of my LUNGevity charity walk around Lincoln Park Seattle,where at the end of it a microphone was pushed into my hand and asked to give a little talk about myself, it comes under the heading Eric Byrne Lung Cancer Survivor. Another film was Eric Byrne Stop Smoking where some students in the college I taught in were filming something called Healthy Working Lives,they asked me if I would agree to be filmed for the series,well we must support our students,so i guessed it would take the form of a Q&A interview but no,they just set up their camera and a microphone and said,Eric,tell us about your cancer journey.Well,its unprepared,unscripted but I did my best to encourage the viewers who do not smoke not to start and those who do smoke to stop.Its really been my mission as well as speak up where ever I can in appeal for better LC research funding. Best Wishes, Eric
  7. Thanks for the reply Lou,I would like share with you a experience I had post surgery.Following my surgery in Jan 2009,like you I was still feeling uneasy about my future,will my cancer come back?if so how long would I have left,type of anxieties.One day I picked up a popular Glasgow newspaper called the Evening Times,glancing through it I came across a a feature about a guy called Robert Lowe,he is a lung cancer survivor who was setting up a lung cancer support group with a lung cancer nurse called Penny Downer.I smiled at the irony,imagine two people called Lowe and Downer starting up a lung cancer support group,however I read on.Robert was dxd with SCLC in 1993,which you may appreciate is a particularly nasty type to get.His doctors told Robert that they considered he had only months left to live.Robert pleaded with the doctors to give him a fighting chance,that he would consider any type of treatment that could extend his life.The doctors considered his request and put to him a chemo regime what would be extremely severe on his body and he would have to remain in hospital for the duration of the cycles.Robert agreed,however he was having such a hard time with the treatment,one day the doctors invited his family to visit him as they thought he would not see tomorrow,but Robert recovered much to the amazement of his doctors.Robert made a full recovery and took up a normal life.Then in 2006,he was then dxd with NSCLC,had treatment and made a full recovery.Well you can imagine my amazement in reading this in Feb 2009,I just have to meet this guy,so I joined his lung cancer support group in Glasgows Stobhill Hospital.I was amazed further when I met Robert and exchanged our life stories,he was 10 years my senior,we were both brought up in the same district of Glasgow called Springburn,which at one time was the worlds biggest manufacturers of stream trains exporting them all over the world,sorry I digress,Robert and I went to the same schools,we even shared many of the same teachers.Each time we met up it was all fun and laughter,we shared so many anecdotes of our lives.Through Roberts encouragement I became like him a advocate for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and we were very active in supporting fund raising adventures.I enjoyed a certain amount of fame if you like,I was invited to share my story on BBC radio,other radio stations followed.I was invited by Scotlands first minister to share opening a new health centre in my hometown Springburn,gosh it was amazing,all the press were there,i felt like a movie star,nxt day my story and pics were in the newspapers,think I bought a copy of every newspaper in Scotland.Later I was invited to the Scottish Assembly Buildings with Dr Jesme Fox who was presenting a paper about the regional variations of Lung Cancer survivability within Scotland.I was there to appeal to the politicans (MSPs) to focus on giving Lung Cancer Research more funding. Robert and I shared in many adventures,too many to decribe here,however,one day I forget the year, 2012? Robert shared with me that he has now been dxd with stomach and throat cancer.He had already discussed treatment with his docs,he was given a lung function test which was not good,his doctors said to operate on him would entail temporarily deflating his good lung to provide access to the tumour.Well Robert suggested to them going to the Gym,improving his diet,losing some weight,they agreed but were not really convinced.Amazingly Robert retook the lung function test,and the results were 30% improvement,sufficient for the doctors to agree to carry out the surgery,one team would concern themselves with the stomach whilst the other worked on his throat.The surgeries were successful,in fact,Doctors from around different hospital in Glasgow just had to come and visit Robert who by now was christened Lazarus.One day whilst Robert was still in hospital recovering,his son phoned me.He told me he had entered Roberts room in the hospital to see him dressing himself to leave the hospital,turns out it was by only Roberts volution,his son pleaded with Robert to go back to bed until his Doctors gave him permission to go home.Sadly Robert took a serious chest infection which in his weakened state was unable to shake off.Robert passed away,it was my heartfelt pleasure to be invited by his family to give the eulogy at his furneral service.I said Robert died cancer free,he had become the longest surviving dual lung cancer patient in the UK,having surviving both SCLC and NSCLC for almost 20 years. I joined LUNGevity soon after I completed my LC treatments and have enjoyed writing here,although not as often as I once did.You see Lou,lung cancer treatments have advanced so much since I was dxd in 2008 I am now a bit of a dinosaur to supporting new arrivals to LCSC with regards to treatments,but it does give me some pleasure in being able to support people like yourself with some of my experiences.Robert is my hero,by his spirit he lifted me out of my anxieties about my cancer all these years ago and I hope his life with cancer will inspire you.
  8. Hi Lou,welcome to LCSC,I live in Scotland and had a upper right lobectomy in January 2009,your descriptions of your surgery experience does bring back memories to me.I had a drain port placed in my back post surgery which was removed prior to leaving hospital.I didnt have the benefit of key hole surgery ,which incidentally was pioneered by a surgical team in Scotland.I did have some aches with my scar for some weeks post surgery,pain is too strong a word,this ache disapeared imperceptively over the weeks.In Scotland we dont do post surgery CT scans,just a X-ray and check up every six months for 5 years post surgery.At my last visit 5 years post surgery,my oncologist told me he had every confidence that I was cured,now go away I dont expect to see you again.Now over 10 years later I have a full and active life,I enjoy every minute,now have a grandson someone at one time never thought I would never have met.I have a new partner in my life Liz,we have been together for 5 years,she has two grandchildren,a boy and a girl,all the grandchildren visit regularly with their parents of course,although we are often used as babysitters including the children staying with us overnight.I have bought a holiday home in Albir Spain a couple of years ago,so Liz and I can jet off to the sun whenever to escape the worst of Scotlands weather.We are off shortly to Spain this May/June,granddaughter Alba and parents are coming out with us for a week (Alba means Scotland in Gaelic) Alba is just a lovely person (16months old) the other grandkids are Parker 4 years old and my grandkid Orion 2 and a bit.Yes strange names,seems Scottish parents dont go in for John or Mary anymore.I do hope you forgive my rambling I just wanted to share with you there is life post cancer,I celebrate my 70th birthday this May and have much in life to look forward to.I do wish you a complete recovery from your surgery and can enjoy many years ahead.
  9. Hi JCM,I cannot match Donnas remarkable survivor record.However I certainly want to follow in her footsteps.I am now into my 11th year of survivorship.I live in Scotland and our treatment procedures are slightly different from the USA.For example,my oncologist never mentioned Staging,just concentrated on discussing my multi-disciplinary decided treatment plan.I had neo-adjuvant chemo which consisted of 4 cycles of cisplatin and vinorelbine,this was designed to shrink the tumour in the airway leading to my right upper lung,if successful,I would be a good subject for surgery,well after just two cycles I was referred for a CT scan to discover how effective the chemo was,pleased to say my oncologist said he had never seen such good results and consecquently to follow I had my remaining two cycles.I had Surgery,a upper right lobectomy in January 2009.My surgery was deemed successful.In Scotland we do not follow up with CT scans,instead I had a check up every six months for 5 years,including a X-ray.On my last visit my oncologist said to me,Eric I have checked all your results, there is no evidence of cancer,in fact, I would go as far to say with confidence,you are cured now go away i dont expect to see you ever again,we shook hands and parted as friends.Today i am fit and healthy enjoying life to the full,well actually I have crossed climbing Mount Everest off my bucket list,but I can enjoy an active life otherwise.My sincere wish for you and every lung cancer patient about to go through their treatment every success that Donna and I have shared.
  10. Thought that might cause to problems Lexicat LOL.
  11. I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and 2019.Lang may yer lums reek.
  12. Wishing all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day,with family and friends.
  13. Have a brilliant time,post some pics if you can,I am always interested in seeing countries through others eyes.
  14. One from my childhood, What lies at the bottom of the Ocean and shivers? A nervous wreck.
  15. An elephant and a kangaroo went into the bank to rob it.The elephant told the teller behind the screen, this is a stick up ,put all your cash on the counter.The teller terrified put all the cash on the counter and the elephant pushed his trunk through the gap in the screen and sucked up the money up.He then blew all the money into the kangaroos pouch,they then made their escape.Later the police interviewed the bank teller to ask her to describe what happened.Well she said, an elephant just came into the bank took all the money and escaped with thousands of dollars.The policeman then asked ,would you recognise them again? no, the bank teller replied. Why not? asked the policeman. The teller replied, they had silk stockings over their heads.
  16. Hi Colleen,Welcome to LCSC,sorry to read about your Dx,this October I will celebrate my 10th anniversary in surviving Lung Cancer.A tumour was found in the airway leading to my upper right lung in Oct 2008,this had the effect of collapsing the lung and led to my having neo-adjuvant chemotherapy aimed at reducing the size of the tumour which if successful would allow me to have a upper right lobectomy.Well the chemo worked a treat and I had my lobectomy in Jan 2009.Prior to the commencement of my treatments I had all sorts of anxieties about the effect the treatments would have on me,would the chemo make me ill,will my hair fall out,will the proposed surgery be extremely painful and leave me a breathless invalid,what if it dos'nt work and my cancer came back?,These and a few other worries filled my brain,which I have now quite forgotten.Following my surgery I made a full recovery and returned to work.Since my surgery I have not received any further treatments other than the 6 monthly check ups for five years.The last one my Doc told me all my tests were clear,no sign of any cancer remains within my body.Further he went on to say he had every confidence in telling me I was cured ,now go away,I dont expect to see you again.We shook hands and parted as friends.I also have to say for all my anxieties about my treatments I sailed through the lot with ease.I wish you to share my success with your treatments.
  17. Hi Juliett, Welcome to LCSC, Your post takes me back to Oct 2008,when I received my LC dx.As Tom remarked I was overwhelmed by that dx,took me quite a while to come to terms with it.I am taken aback by your comment it will take a few weeks before your next meeting with your Doc?.I live in Scotland,perhaps we do things differently here? since my visit to the Doc to receive my dx was immediately followed up with an introduction to my newly appointed oncologist.All my tests which included a CT scan,Brontoscopy and PET started two days later.My treatments decided by my multi-disciplinary medical team,included neo-adjuvant chemo,this was designed to shrink the tumour in the airway leading to my upper right lung,which if successful would allow me to have surgery to remove the tumour.Well the chemo did its job and I had a upper right lobectomy in January 2009.The surgery was a complete success and I have no further treatments since other than my 5 years of six monthly check ups.At my last check my Doc reported back to me that my test results were clear,no evidence of cancer in my body,adding he had every confidence to tell me I was cured,now go away,I dont expect to see you again.We shook hands and parted as friends.I wish you every success in the road you will travel as your tests are progressed and any following treatments are undertaken.I have to say my fertile imagination ran amock as my treatment plan was described to me by my oncologist,so many things entered my head,will the chemo make me ill? will the surgery be unbearably painful and leave me a breathless invalid?will my cancer return?.These and other anxieties were also in my head,now since long forgotten.I really sailed through all my treatments with little discomfort,my only discomfort was a bout of diarrhoea during my cycles of chemo,which I could have avoided if I had remembered the advice given to me to drink plenty of fluids during the chemo. Best Wishes,looking forward to your next post.
  18. Hi Susan,Welcome to LCSC,sorry to hear of your dx,this Oct will be my tenth anniversary of my dx of Lung Cancer.My particular type of cancer is NSCLC (squamous),staging is not something that was discussed with me by my oncologist,perhaps its a Scottish trait?we dont obcess about staging here.Reading up on Staging I can guess I was probably 2A? since I had local spread to my lympth nodes.My treatment included neo-adjuvant chemotherapy,4 cycles of cistplatin and vinorelbine,followed up by a upper right lobectomy in January 2009.Since then I have had no further treatments.In Scotland we have 6 monthly check ups for five years.Unlike the USA we dont include CT scans for our check ups just a X-ray and general health check.On my last check up,my Doc the very one who told me I had lung cancer 5 years previous said to me "Eric,I have checked over all your test results and I can tell you there is no sign of any cancer in your body,I would go as far to say with confidence,you are cured,now go away,I dont expect see you ever again.We shook hands and parted as friends.Today I am enjoying life to the full I like to say Lung Cancer certainly rained on my parade but every cloud has a silver lining,becoming a advocate for lung cancer here in the UK has allowed me to meet some wonderful people in my travels speaking at various lung cancer events,also I have appeared in newspaper articles and been on local and national radio a few times,I have even appeared in the Scottish Parliament or Assembly as it is known,talking to SMPs about lack of funding for lung cancer.A few years ago when I retired I decided to go on a tour of the USA on Amtrak,the tour lasted seven weeks through the assistance of Katie here, I kept a daily diary of my journey in facebook and also posted my photographs too.You can catch up with my journey in my website Travelling Eric.I have also attended two LUNGegvity Hope Summits in Washington DC that allowed me to meet up with survivors I had been sharing posts with here in LCSC for some years,what a thrill for me that was me to actually meet up.Hope Summit also allowed me to meet up with new friends too,I can recommend attendance to a Hope Summit to you. Susan, My wish for you is you share in my success with your treatments and that you have many many years to enjoy a full healthy and happy life. As we say in Scotland "Lang may yer lum reek". Best Wishes, Eric.
  19. Hard to pick my favourite song by Cliff Richard,there are so many to choose from,however,having been a fan from 1960,after hearing him on Sunday Night at the London Palladium,a very popular TV in the UK then.Cliff made a few films with the Shadows such as Summer Holiday,Wonderful Life,Finders Keepers and The Young Ones (1961),this clip is Cliff singing the Title song from the film.Cliff has had no1 hits in the UK and around the world in every decade since the 50s.
  20. Hi Steff,I went along to see Bruce at Hampden Park,which is Scotlands National Football Stadium in Glasgow.What I found so enjoyable about Bruce Springstein,when he came on stage he stayed there for over 3 hours without leaving it for a wee tea break.He also pulled a young female fan from the audience to come onto the stage with him,gave her a guitar and played the next number with him,I was so impressed by his generosity with fans.
  21. I really enjoy going to concerts.I have been a Cliff Richard and the Shadows fan from the early 60s,seen him several times in Glasgow.He and the Shadows broke up years ago but Cliff at now 78 years old is still touring and as popular as ever.These last two years I have failed in getting tickets for his Glasgow Concerts,they sell out minutes after they go on sale.I did complain about Ticketmaster type companies selling Cliff tickets valued between £65 and £75 for between £300 -£500 its a real rip off and I refuse to buy them.I am also a big fan of Andre Rieu and his orchestra,I have seen him in Glasgows Hydro Theatre twice,last year Liz and I actually went to his annual concerts in his hometown Masstrict in Holland,we met up with friends,shared a meal with them then off to the concert ,it can only be described by myself the most perfect day,great weather, company,food and drink,not forgetting Andre and his orchestra,it will live long in my memory.I have also seen many of the USAs best Artists in Glasgow,Bruce Springstein,Beach Boys,Bread,Neil Diamond etc.I do love to sing myself and have appeared on stage in many musical productions in my local theatre,eg, Fiddler On The Roof,Call Me Madam,Hello Dolly,Cabaret etc.I also enjoy at nights out with friends and getting up for the Karaoke spot,I reckon I do a mean Neil Diamond. and Cliff of course,as my friends might add I am a legend in my own mind LOL.
  22. Congratulations Steff,wishing you both long and super lives together filled with happiness.
  23. Hi Kimi, I live in Scotland and in my experience staging of lung cancer is not something my oncologist included in any discussions we had throughout the duration of my treatments.I assume my experience is typical in Scotland of all lung cancer patients,that we dont obsess over staging,lets focus instead on the treatment plan devised by our mutli-disciplinary medical team as the tailor made route for your best outcome.I have however surmised from reading up on lung cancer that my staging would have been 2A ?.I was dxd in Oct 2008 with a tumour that blocked the airway into my upper right lung causing it to deflate.My dx was squamous NSCLC.I received neo-adjuvant chemo consisting of cisplatin and vinorobine,which if successful would shrink my tumour to allow for surgery.The chemo was indeed successful and I had my surgery, a upper right lobectomy in Jan 2009.I have since receive no further treatments,I did have six monthly check ups for the next five years.Unlike the USA follow up check ups do not include CT scans but simply a x-ray and a chest examination .In my last check up 5 years down the line my doc (the very one who pronounced my cancer 5 years previous) said to me,quote "Eric,I am happy to report to you following all test returns,there is no evidence of any cancer in your body,I would go as far to say with confidence,you are cured,now go away,I do not expect to see you again in the future.We shook hands and parted as friends.I wish you Kimi the very best in sharing my outcome.
  24. Hi Tom , Thanks for taking the time to look out the decking infro,I never knew there were so many types.Liz had a text from the joiner that the composite type for the patio would be £2,350, in timber £1000 less.What he didnt make clear was that just for materials or did that price include the labour cost too.We await his reply.Thanks again.
  25. Welcome to LCSC katsbiz,congratulations on 7 years survivorship,this October I will celebrate 10 years of surviving lung cancer,looking forward to at least another 10 years after that.Best Wishes.
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