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  1. Great balls afire, Don! Prostrate. Pretty funny. Cindi o'h
  2. others have sworn by the antibiotics in the minocycline family after trying for months/years every other thing for the rash. (oh, spicy pepperoni, I just remembered that you are going to be going to Mexico soon... if you do get on the antibiotics, check with the dermatologist about sunshine ... I think it is contraindicated big time) Cindi o'h
  3. I take Lexapro. It is the best working drug that I have ever had to control anxiety that comes with diagnosis and helps keep your thinking a wee more straightened out. (not so much ruminating) It doesn't make you happy. It just staves off depression. physiatrist{fizz-I-a-TRIST} VS. psychiatrist {SI-KI-A-TRIST} Niececola mentioned physiatrist....that is a doctor that is in charge of physical medicine...rehabiltative medicine...neurology/muscles/bones etc...? A psychiatrist...that is a doctor who deals with mental or mind issues, right? Two different specialties, but a physiatrist has had more training than the average GP in dealing also with depression since that comes with major loss of functions. Just don't know exactly what Denise meant by physiatrist. I have used physiatrists to help with my recovery for physical therapy, occupational therapy, spine therapy for after my car accident and then after I was diagnosed with lc. They are a wonderful asset and not very well known in this country by the general pop. about this specialty. Anyway... Love Lexapro. That and a hit of ativan every now and then is a wonderful thing. Cindi o'h
  4. Chicago???? I LOVE Chicago! (right, Muriel???) Great food, great vibe, great hotels, great sights! Oprah! Cindi o'h
  5. Frank worked hard to keep all of us laughing and in good spirits because he cared. Next opportunity I get to have a chocolate donut and next opportunity for a budlite will both be in honor of Frank. Don't know if I am as brave as he was to do them both at the same time though.... Very sad that there will be no more jokes and words of encouragement from Frank. Blessings to all his family and friends. I will miss his essence. Cindi o'h
  6. ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN...Right now. This very minute. For Frank and all of his friends and family. He is such a special man to all of us here. Thank you, Pattie. Cindi o'h
  7. Thanks, Pattie, You are a good sister to Frank and good to us to help us keep on on our very own one and only FRANK LAMB. He is such a good buddy to all of us. Glad your pain is under control, Frank. You have my thoughts and prayers for every second of every minute to be valuable and sweet. lovingly and fondly, cindi o'h
  8. So glad for both of you that this is over and that Joel came out with at least one shoe on. Congrats and looking forward to hearing about some shrinkage to happen. Cindi o'h
  9. With sadness, Frank, I read your post. Dangit. You are one in a million. I second and third the others accolades of you and your character. Hope you get the body parts to work better in your favor and I look forward to your updates, as always. Cindi o'h
  10. dear Tracey. You put on paper the thoughts I have had regarding my own illness and my own survival fears. It is difficult to remain/stay forever positive and hopeful. There are days when no matter what I can't seem to shake the demons either. They creep in and give me the "what fors"... (dang buggers!!) I hate it when I get those bluezee feelings too and no matter what they won't go away even with a good shout at them. I can only hope for another day, another day even sometimes and know that once again there will be sunshine because for some reason it does always reappear (just not when I command it, darnit).. Anyway. I do so appreciate you putting on paper the thoughts I have also. I am just not so good at voicing them as you, though. I appreciate your vulnerability and assure you that you are not alone with those days of fears and questions. It comes with our territory. Bless you, Tracey, You, and your family. Cindi o'h
  11. Katie, So very sorry for your loss.... Cindi o'h
  12. Drink lots of water. I used skin cream called Aquafor. A dab on a clean q-tip for each nostril. No double dipping. The epithelial cells are the fastest deviding and the mucosa will be the first to be affected from chemo. Stay well. Hang in there. I liked the saline rinses too. Makes hanabuttah, right, Ned? Cindi o'h
  13. Does Sabrina want a boy or girl? How about Sue? This will be #5 for her? Congrats, MissyK Cindi o'h
  14. Avoid the "empty calories" If you think it's bad for you, it probably is. Vit. A,C, and E are the healing vitamins.
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