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  1. Dr. West,

    As long as we are on this subject....

    I have had several thoracenteses to take off fluid from my right lung. All of the cytos came back WNL. I had a pleruodesis on my right lung (my lc was right-sided)The surgeon said that I had a chylothorax. Is this common with lc?

    Also, was wondering why I now have fluid collecting on my left lung? There have been mild to moderate amounts of fluid showing. Is this a chylothorax too do you think? Why would fluid start to appear on my left lung? (there have been varying amounts according to the CT scans this past year, so I suspect no lc cells are to blame.)

    And good job Welthy describing the thoracentesis. It hurts hardly at all. It's more creepy than anything. I like to get some fentanyl and versid (versed?) before... it takes most of the creepiness out of it.

    Cindi o'h

  2. I am cruising here in Minnesota. 38 months without a recurrence @ stage lllB.

    Training for the 2010 Winter Olympics in the couch luge. Got a first place ribbon in the mail from J.C. as well as a gold trophy. (Thanks, J.C. for your confidence in me.)

    Looking for some good competition.

    Cindi o'h

  3. Sahweeeet, Becky! Leave it to you to put a comprehensive understandable personal spin on it!

    For me, surviving means that I am still ticking. There have been plenty of moments where it really felt precarious. I was feeling so poorly that at times, I didn't think that I would see the sunrise the next morning. And then I did! Every sunrise is a victory!

    My "friends" planted a whole bushel of tulips in the month of my diagnosis. I felt that it was somewhat patronizing. I felt as if I may not see the Spring to see them bloom. I felt as if they didn't think so either, but they were going to plant them to make me think that I would! They did bloom. That was two Springs ago!! Wow!

    Then, last Fall, TeeTaa (Katha) planted some tulips for me in her garden in Georgia... for me(miss Cindi), that is, and another woman who had lost her young life to lc. A few weeks ago, she sent pictures of a garden full of red tulips and purple faced pansies! By the way, Katha wishes everyone good health and love and is a busy woman with the girls and kitchen remodeling that went on and on for months. Also, Caleb, her nephew who lost his eye to a bb, tried twice for an transplant that failed so he will have a glass eye.

    Which brings me to mention a huge joy. The joy I have found in freindship with many of the members of this board that extends beyond this board. I will be feeling like crap, and sometimes not be presentable to the world, but I can yuck it up from my bed with my laptop and connect with real people who are going through some of the same dilemas that challenge me. I don't feel so alone or isolated. Thanks to Katie and Rick for providing this site. And thanks to all of you who make me smile and laugh out loud... Frank and John!

    Gotta love the newcommers. They hold a special place in my heart. I remember when I was scared shotless (I got that one from bunny today)! I remember the terror that ran through me. It didn't take long though to muster some courage. I think that finding that this is a disease that truly can be beat back by seeing examples of others who are doing it can be a huge boost to a someone who is in the early minutes, hours, days, or months of diagnosis.

    So. It gives me pleasure to offer hope to others who are facing the same challenges. And hope is what keeps me going.

    All for now.

    Thanks, Leslie!

    Cindi o'h

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