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  1. Today is Pats birthday in heaven. She would have been 62 years old today if cancer had not taken her life on 18 June 2010. Still miss her everyday.

  2. Tonight 6 years ago I left Pat and came home to freshen up. Just after midnight recieved the terrible news that she had passed away. Although the pain is still there it has become easier. I still think about her everyday and miss her so much. Love you forever

  3. ronvrens

    4 long Years

    Thanks for the comments. Today is Pats birthday. Would have been 59. Taken too soon. Miss her lots.
  4. ronvrens

    4 long Years

    Four years ago I was with Pat in the hospital. We knew things were not going well but Pat still smiled at everyone. I said goodbye at about half past ten and went home for some rest. Just after midnight I received the news of her passing. My world ended that night. I have since picked up the pieces and carried on. I think one of the things that has kept me going is being sent out of South Africa and I am now working in Ghana. The longing is still there. When I go home to South Africa and my home is empty the loneliness hits hard. I know I remember the good times we had and know she is waiting for me. Miss her so much Thanks to everyone for always being there for me Ronnie
  5. Hi Leslie I am glad that you are doing a wildlife photo trip to South Africa. Its a very beautiful country with lots of nature reserves and game parks that can be visited. Dont expect wild animals to be walking around the local neighbourhood as those times are long gone. The Kruger National Park is one of the favourites and given a few days you will probably see most of the more common animals. I love to look for the less interesting and watch their antics. There are also many bird species to see. Word of warning if you are going there remember its a malaria area and you must take precautions. At preseny I am working in Ghana which is part of West Africa. I am working in the capital city Accra where we are building a shopping mall. Not too much wildlife here but inland in the jungle areas there are still a few animals. Let me know how your trip goes Ronnie
  6. Hi Cindy. Thanks for the prompt action. Yes I see it has updated. My best wishes to everyone. Ronnie
  7. Hi Katie Just a quick question. Do you still update the Light a Candle. I have posted and do not see my posts. Thanks Ronnie
  8. Hello Donna My deepest sympathies go out to you. There are no words i can say that can ease the pain. Be strong Ronnie
  9. ronvrens

    Birthday Today

    Its Pats birthday today. Would have been 58 years young. She always remembered everyones birthday and each one was special. Had a call from Daughter Michelle this morning. She is also feeling down, said she wished she could just phone and say Happy Birthday. Thats the same kind of feeling I get most days when I long just to be able to share something with her. Cancer took that away from me. I know she is up in heaven watching down on her family she so loved. Happy Birthday Pat.
  10. ronvrens

    Another year.

    Its now 3 lonely years since Pat so suddenly left without a last goodbye. Her cancer ravaged body could take no more and the Lord said enough and took her to heaven to be with him pain and sickness free. Time has eased the rough edges of the wound but it has not gone away. Think about her everydayand a tear still falls when i look at some of the photos. Being alone most of the time here in Ghana doesnt always make things easier. All the other chaps are just work friends and nit easy to confide in them when things are hurting. I know I havent posted for some time. its not that I dont care for the loving group of people here but working hours are long and theres not much off time. I will try and keep everyone posted on the doings of the past months Love you all and thanks for always being there. Ronnie From the jungles of Ghana
  11. Well who would have guessed that I would survive the year here in deepest darkest Africa. With everything being so different from what I am used to at home in South Africa. Last year this time I was still wandering around bewildered at the difference. Few tarred highways and those roads that are tarred are full of potholes. Small villages along every road with the local merchants trying to make a living which ever way they can offering goods and services. The most uncontrolled traffic I have ever seen but surprising few accidents. Weather is hot and humid. Last year the heavens opened up every day with falls of around 50 mm being common. I started out at Akyem site and then moved to Ahafo for a few months. Now back at Akyem. Our company WBHO construction is part of the contract building a new gold mine complex for the American company Newmont. We will be finishing our present contract in April next year but this could be extended. I get to go home every 10 weeks for 14 days of hectic bussiness and socialising. Sometimes its good returning to Ghana for a rest. Thats just a little account of the past 12 months Thanks once again for your thoughts and well wishes. To all those still fighting this terrible disease I wish you strength. Ronnie
  12. ronvrens

    Pats Birthday

    7th July 1955. The day Pat was born. Taken so suddenly by lung cancer at the age of only 55. Its the second birthday without her and it still hurts deep inside as she was a very sentimental person when it came to birthdays and anniversaries. Pat have a beautiful birthday up in heaven watching over me.
  13. Hello All. So sorry to hear and see that the 4th July celebrations did not go so well for some what with the fires and storms with no power. Just a bit of news from my side of the world for the last few months. I expected to be in Ghana for Christmas but the company surprised us all and sent us home. Had a wonderful time with the family and then it was back to the jungle. Just before the Christmas break I was sent to another site also in Ghana to supervise the safety for an important contract at an already established mine. Wasnt very happy there as I clashed with the management from day one about their lack ofbasic safety standards. This went on the full 5 months I was there until I asked to return to the first site where I now find myself. A lot of changes have taken place some for the better and some not so. For the last few days been suffering from some sort of vertigo problem, layabrinthtitis that has found me spending a night in a local hospital. Not the sort of place you want to spend the night, no blankets or pillows. These were brought by workmates. On medication but it takes a while to work and as I have to drive and be alert its not easy so I have been confined to barracks for another few days. On Saturday its Pats birthday. Feel sad as I always y=used to "forget it" and surprise her later in the day. My next visit home is 10 August, just in time to celebrate the two wonderful daughters Michelle and Brendas birthdays. Will post again Ronnie
  14. ronvrens

    Two years on

    Thanks Randy. i havent forgotten any of you and everyone is constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
  15. ronvrens

    Two years on

    Tomorrow 2 years ago Pat suddenly left without any last goodbyes, a last kiss like we always had before we parted. She could just take no more and stepped into the peace and calm of heaven where she was suddenly pain free. Its been a difficult time in many ways without her but I always try and remember the good times we had and enjoyed as a family. The say time heals. Yes the raw wound is gone but there remains the scarring that will always be with me. My lady friend Erica has helped me through many dark moments and I appreciate her caring and understanding. The children have also been a pillar of strength and support. Thank you to everyone who still thinks about me. i dont have many opportunities to correspond as our communications are not always reliable here in Ghana. Ronnie
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