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    Ned was a true inspiration to us all. I was so saddened to hear this new. Rest in peace my friend. Sandi
  2. Judy, the maintenance is the Alimta alone. And yes I agree that kind of shrinkage is awesome, I could not have asked for better.
  3. Did 4 rounds of the Alimta/Carbo and had CT Scan on Friday to check progress. Got results yesterday and have had 70% shrinkage over all so I am absolutely thrilled as is my family and doctor. Started the maintenance therapy yesterday and can continue that as long as shrinkage continues or remain stable. If i show grow there are other treatments that we will discuss if and/or when it occurs.
  4. Thanks Katie for the welcome, I am sure it is hard to keep up with everyone on here which is sad that there are so many. I am doing well, just had my fourth round of chemo Tuesday and am feeling puny but that is to be expected. Get to have another PET and CT scan on the 28th to check progression.
  5. Hi Eric haven't seen any posts from you for a while so just wanted to check to see that everything is ok. I hope you are doing well.
  6. Hi all I am looking for a buddy in the Nashville Tn area that is going thru what I am.
  7. As some of the others on Altima/Carbo I do not seem to be losing my hair in clumps, it is thinning a lot especially when I shampoo is all over my hands but not in clumps.
  8. Quote Modify Remove -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, Last week I had a ct scan to check progress, was not supposed to know anything until tomorrow but they called me last week as did not want to make me wait. I have had shrinkage after 2 treatments!! The biggest lymph node behind my sterum went from 26mm to 18mm, the two in my liver went from 24mm to 17mm and 13mm to 9mm. They were hoping for stable but got shrinkage. So I get to stay on the Altima/Carbo as it along with my faith is working
  9. Hi Corrina, I just joined recently myself and this forum has been a world of help and support. Like they said more info is needed but everyone here is a great supply of information and a world of emotional support.
  10. Yes I am in the trial that is testing the Altima/Carbo vs Taxol/Carbo and I got the Altima. I am getting 4 rounds every 21 days like you said and then continue on the Altima. And yes am being test for EGFR, ALK or K-RAS mutations to see if Tarceva is a good second line for me. I didnt have any real problems with the first round, nausea was handled, had problems using the bathroom but this round will be taking a stool softener starting today to prepare for that, next round is tomorrow. My labs did drop so energy level dropped but that was expected. All in all think I did pretty well. Still have my hair, doctors have said I will lose it so expecting that anytime. But hey I can handle that too.
  11. Tony I am just as determined as you are to beat this and the meds and my faith I will. I see lots of people here still around to talk to us and that gives me faith everyday.
  12. Hi all wanted to update, haven't been on for a few days. Had first treatment on Nov 8th, Nausea has been handled very well with the meds, appetite has been ok, managing to eat ok as long as I take my meds, coffee not great but I can certainly live without that. I think it was Thursday when I finally really came off the steroids and slept very well, think I even took a couple of naps. I work from home at night on the computer and phone and do consulting on an as needed basis so thankfully that is easily managed. Energy level is down but i expected that, biggest issue has been not being able to go to the bathroom, finally got past that yesterday, so I have certainly learned to take a stool softnerer next round. Go back to dr this afternoon to check labs. Hope all of you are doing well!!
  13. Wow Eric, I had not read your story until just now, saw it after reading Tony's post. You are certainly an inspiration, as is everyone here, but for your doctor to have actually said that to you and yet you are prevailing is an inspiration to us all. So glad to be on this forum and see all of you, I am also on cancergrace and I can't think of any better places to get support right now.
  14. Hi Tony, like you I am newly dx, I went from finding a knot in my neck on Sept 23 to being dx with lung cancer on Oct 14. Like you say it knocks you totally off your feet at first and then once you get over it you bounce back and say wait a minute you are not taking me down and that is where I am at now. The worst part for me was the waiting for all the tests to see if it had spread, I have had the cts the brain cts and the pet scan. It is in my left lobe, 2 lymph nodes paratracheal and 2 small spots in liver. So I now have a treatment plan in place and am starting Monday, I am going to fight all the way. I saw that someone on here recommended cancergrace.org, to you, they also did for me and it is a wonderful site, everyone is so helpful. Good luck and glad to hear you are getting a fighting spirit now.
  15. Hi all ok just learned I will be getting the Alimta/Carbo on a 21 day schedule. Man they took so much blood when I went in I wasn't sure they were gonna leave me any, lol. I also have to take another med that they are calling in for me the day before, the day of and the day after chemo.
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