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  1. 'm sorry to have to meet you in this situation.:)Although I am the person that had cancer last year - I can certainly understand your problems as caregiver to your mother. It sounds like some of the people you turn to are helpful and others are not.:)

    I know there are many caregivers who read this site and can speak to hospice not coming in while active "curative" treatment is being rendered - should your mom decide to stop treatment then you will be able to call them and have a little support during that time.:)

    It sounds like you are doing the right things as far as caring for her. My mom has several breathing issues and usually when you go to an ER and tell them you can't breathe they try and triage you in first. If the wait looks too bad -:( go home and call and ambulance - patients they bring in generally get taken to the care area immediately.:)

    So here's hoping that the radiation is successful in fighting the tumor and your mom can continue to fight the beast.:)

  2. Did you have a biopsy and do know the type of lung cancer? How big are those nodules now? Sorry - we get pretty close quickly around here.:)

    It sounds like you have been waiting and watching for a long time. That means whatever you've got there is especially slow growing. I think that is a good thing.:) Also, great that they can remove them surgically. I hope that you are successful in curing this with surgery only. If you end up requiring follow up treatment, we've got someone here who has been on just about anything you might be prescribed and can hopefully answer your questions or quiet your concerns.:)

    Surgery - well, what we tend to tell everyone is to prep your home (including someone to do your bidding for at least a few days after you return!) This is a good time to accept help. The second thing - and perhaps the most important? Stay ahead of the post-surgery constipation! Between hospital time, inactivity, and pain meds, constipation can be torture.:)

    Other than that - with a dx only 3 days old - well, it's remarkable you have found this place of support and understanding.:) Please let us know the plan and what we can do for you.:)


  3. I had carboplatin, taxol and avastin. I got increasing fatigued and nausea by the 4th, 5th, and 6th infusions. They gave me good meds but it didn't quite do it for the nausea. I had a script for phenergan but wish I'd had zofran. I asked for it with this chemo treatment and it's the bomb. No experience with radiation. Good luck and keep us posted.

    Judy in KW

    Cytology report on fluid removed from lung after pleural effusion and pneumonia Sep 07 showed adenocarcinoma cells. Dx IIIb NSCLC Oct '07 at MDACC, Orlando. Fol 6 rounds Taxol/Carboplatin/Avastin and 2 Avastin, CT/PET 4/1/08 pleural thickening gone and no active cancer cells. 11/3/08 STILL NVED. CT/PET/MRI 5/4/09 Cancer back, still in the pleura and chest wall, small amt of fluid, all in left lung.

    5/11/09 Start on Alimta every three weeks.

    7/13/10 Had Alimta on road in Corning NY.

    8/24/09 Scans show some improvement. Continue on Alimta.

    9/14/09 Chemo on road in Mt Holly NJ.

    10/6/09 Started regular Alimta infusions in Key West.

    11/3/09 CT and PET scans showed significant improvement. Some issues already resolved.

    2/3/2010 No evidence of residual or recurrent disease. NED! Stay on Alimta.

    5/6/10 Am considering myself still NED until/unless proven otherwise in July. Rabid radiologist thinks he sees something suggestive of similar to some abdominal cancer. No light up on the PET. Am hoping for the best. Stay on Alimta and scan in 9 wks instead of 3 mos.

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