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  1. Busy this week. Please see up Caring Bridge site for updates: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/helensmith3 or reach me on Facebbook: Helen Ziber Smith
  2. Wow what a day!!! But good news...Yes I have lung cancer but it's better than I thought. I received a final diagnosis (after bronch and PET) today based on the testing done of limited small cell lung cancer. My cancer involves the originally seen tumor and lymph node plus 2 more lymph nodes right about the current tumor. IT HAS NOT spread to other parts of my body. The plan is to treat it aggresively with chemothraphy and radiation. I will recieve chemo 3 days a week, every 3 weeks for 12 weeks. This involves 2 different drugs. On Day 1 Cisplation and Etoposide on Day 1,2 and 3. I will re
  3. I just got the results from the bronchoscopy. It's small cell lung cancer. This afternoon I have the PET Scan. I'm scared to death now that it has spread.
  4. Judy, I will see the oncologist on Feb. 28th for the final staging and course of treatment.
  5. Yesterday spent with initial apt. with oncologist and pulmonary doctor. First local, second 35 miles (one way) away. The good thing is local hospital has a new cancer center opened in the last year. It's affiliated with major hospital. I was impressed with the facility and the staff. Also spent yesterday and this morning informing all my family and close friends. I'm the oldest of 7 (one brother deceased) and I have a sister and brother here in town. In fact my brother lives with me. Then have another sister and brother less that 100 miles away. And another brother in California. My daughter
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. I did find a nice list of questions to ask on one of the discussions here. Have it printed out and in my note book. At least I did learn previously to take notes and always ask questions. I have an apt. with an onc tomorrow morning. Till then still waiting in the unknown zone.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Helen, a 65 yr old retired lady living in north central Wisconsin. It's been a scary 24 hours. I went to the doctor yesterday thinking I had pneumonia and came home with a diagnosis of lung cancer. There's a lot I don't know yet. I'm waiting on a call from my doctor this morning to meet again, discuss a biopsy and the future. I'm not new to cancer. I'm a 30+ year survivor of Hodgkin's and an ovarian cyst that had a low grade contained cancer. I went through a few surgeries and over a year of chemo for the Hodgkins. On the light side I love dogs, gardening, my grandkids and b
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