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  1. Tests in recent days have confirmed small cell lung cancer on lower lobe - right lung, and two small spots in lymph nodes at esophagus entry point to right lung. The plan now includes Chemo (Three days - every 21 days - four treatments) for the lung, and Radiation (5 days a week - 7 weeks) for the nodes by the esophagus. Doctor still says I have a 90% chance of recovery. Thank all who have posted - I am less than overjoyed to have to be here, but knowing there are so many others in this fight is helpful. Good luck ... Best of luck, to you all. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. dave.
  2. Dave Eveler - Goshen, Indiana - Small Cell lung cancer.
  3. Hello - I was recently diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. I am currently undergoing tests to determine if it has spread. The GOOD NEWS (I hope) is the fact that I broke some ribs two weeks ago, had left ribs X-Rayed, and a very alert radiologist noticed a spot on my right lung. My doctor has told me that the fact that the cancer was detected so early means I may have a good chance of becoming a lung cancer survivor. I wish to thank my brother-in law, Herb Karlip, for informing me of this website. He said he has a good friend friend Kasey who would be on the site. That gave me a feeling of some sort of personal connection to others who have this or a similar situation. I have had a lot of tests done in the last few days and I need to have a PET/CT scan done on Monday. I will then talk with the doctors on Tuesday to see what the plan will be. Thank LUNGevity for being here. It helps to connect with others who share this situation. dave.
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