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  1. Good to hear from you, so pleased that you're too busy living life to be here often. You are missed! Geri.
  2. Happy birthday to my favorite bus driver. Geri
  3. Congratulations! Fancy that store being out of 10 year survivor cards, not much forethought there but your husband sure made up for it. Bless his heart for making your 'anniversary' so special. I hope you made the most of this special day. Geri
  4. Geri

    Connie B

    Thank you Connie for all the times you've supported me through my health trials, you've always known what to say to help me. I wish you a peaceful journey my friend, you will be missed beyond explanation. Geri
  5. Geri

    Who Wudda Thought????

    Rochelle you're a freaking genius! The hell with the beer, it's been one of those days so I'll just take that very large bottle (new one too!) of Bailey's from our fridge and I'll do a BYOB and meet you there. Are you joining us Kasey? I'll share my Bailey's as long as I can drink from the bottle with a very long straw and everyone else has a very small glass!! Is this happening soon..........I have a walk meeting to go to tonight! Now for a shameless plug - Boston Lung Cancer Walk, November 6th, Castle Island, South Boston. Thank you Kasey for allowing me to plug our walk. I love you
  6. Geri

    Who Wudda Thought????

    Well, I'll be durned.......it's that woman who took us to Intercourse, PA !! Richard has tried to make the grilled lettuce wedge salad he enjoyed so much but it just tastes like semi burned lettuce! We'll have to go there again and take more notice of his plate next time. So good to hear from you, six years - wow Congratulations my friend, here's to many more. Geri
  7. Can you see my smile? Wonderful news, keep on doing whatever you're doing to keep NED as your house guest Geri
  8. Geri

    3,153,600 minutes

    Stay strong my friend, you're an inspiration to us all.! Geri
  9. Geri

    Where are we?

    You're in good company Muriel, I'm all at sea too! Snowflake was still driving last time I pushed through the crowd and got to the front of the bus (if you'll save my seat I'll go check again). Have we picked Eric up yet? If so the water could well be the Atlantic, sheesh it could be the Indian Ocean for all we know........water's water isn't it. Okay Snowy, let us know where we are please - we don't really care we're just curious about a time for meeting Ned. How's the gas gauge? Do we need to pass the hat round?
  10. As long as Becky wears something in adition to her Sketcher's Shape Ups count me in. I'll even wear my shape ups..........and Becky a belt or something equally scanty does not count as covering up So is it a detour to Michigan? Could be that the return trip from Scotland went via Michigan en route to Hawaii, then Eric could really be exposed (not by you Becky ) to the American culture. Let me know if i have to pack walking clothes in my booze box. Geri
  11. That's okay Eric, I'm ENGLISH!! If memory and history serve me right the English were arrogant enough to think that the whole world should speak like us, eat like us and of course let's not forget that they should cover their bodies and practice our religion! Now I've been away from 'home' (Bristol) for 40 years and have no such biases.............the Canadians and Americans I know alreaady speak like us, eat very much like us and certainly cover their bodies to practice a religion very much the same as ours. Bring your haggis along, my nephew tells me it's delicious, and I'll share my egg
  12. If you're lucky Becky will detour - and that's one hellava detour - as long as you bring only three things.............each case of wine or booze count as one item (a case of twelve willc do) and please don't forget some food (no haggis) some of us have been on this bus long time and supplies are running low. Clean underwear and socks are greatly appreciated! Geri
  13. I'm feelng flush today............the first tankful is on me. Now we'll pass the hat. I guess there's one good thing about the delay - the price of gas went down mostly, for me, the delay meant that I could go on the bus on my own. I've learnt to take care of my heart business myself. Time to get some sleep. Geri
  14. Well I'll be darned...........you're back! Big girl panties, green side of the grass and all. I haven't left the bus yet, when do we get to Hawaii? Becky are you dragging your feet about the ocean crossing? I'll catch up more later - dinners ready. Geri
  15. Nausea started almost immediately, if your Mom starts to feel any she needs to start the drugs and stay on them - easier to keep it under control than get it under control! I lived on ginger cookies and very frequent small meals. Lots of liquids, water, ginger ale..........anything you can get her to drink, especially during and after infusions. Good luck Geri
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