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  1. Hi Katie,

    About 2 years ago my Mom developed a nasty dry cough. She could not finish a sentence without coughing. Her primary doctor thought that it may be caused by her blood pressure medicine. We asked my Mom's cardiologist to change her medication and the coughing stopped like magic. Your Mom's cough may be a side effect of one of her medications if she is taking any. Just thought I'd chime in.

    Anyway, I hope your Mom starts feeling better soon.


  2. Hi Andrea,

    My Mom had ARDS after her open heart surgery. She was in ICU for more than 6 weeks. She was on the vent for almost 2 weeks and then on trachea the rest of her stay in ICU. Her lung just would not expand at that time and the doctors were baffled and could not find out why. After extensive respiratory therapy she was weaned out of the breathing machine. I think having her family around giving her lots of TLC and encouragement helped a lot. And of course prayers. Her insurance co. wanted her out of the ICU and into an Acute Care facility after 3 weeks in ICU. We refused and her doctors respected our wishes and fought the insurance co. to keep her in ICU.

    I am praying that your Mom recovers. I am praying for you too, that you have the strength to be your Mom's advocate.


  3. Hello,

    Thanks so much for your support! I know I can count on you guys to lift my spirits and ease my worries.

    My husband is going to have CT scan of the chest on Friday. I'll probably have updates by middle of next week.

    Once again thanks for all the support and prayers and God bless.


  4. Hi all,

    I guess it is my turn to ask a few questions.

    My husband has been having problems in his throat area for about a couple of years now. Recently, his ENT said that the symptoms are those of a throat being damaged ny acid reflux. He ordered a chest x-ray anyway because my husband also has wheezing and on and off cough. The result of the x-ray is as follows:

    FINDINGS: The cardiomediastinal size and silhouette and pulmonary vasculature are normal. There is a slightly unusual, 3 cm in diameter, oblique, mass-like density projecting in the right middle lobe on the lateral view, which may lie posterior to the right hilum on the frontal projection. Bones and soft tissues are normal.

    IMPRESSION: Unusual, almost mass-like density in the region of the right middle lobe. This could represent an unusual contour of normal anatomy or prominent pericardial fat pad. A limited CT scan through this region is recomended for further evaluation, however.

    When we saw the doctor last Friday he brushed off the x-ray and said that most likely it is nothing at all. He said that the chance of it turning into something serious is less than 5%.

    Still this is quite unnerving to me especially having gone through 3 cancer situations in my family and at a time like this, what with two young kids (10, 4), and a new one on the way due in December.

    My husband is trying to get a CT scan scheduled by next week.

    My question is what could be the possible diagnosis (or a list of diagnosis) of that 'mass-like density' in his lung be?

    Thanks for taking the chance to read my post.


  5. Hello,

    I think a dog will do wonders for your Mom like what our dog did to my Mom. My Mom lives with us and as she was alone in the house most of the day (hubby and I work, kids go to school), we decided to buy a dog for her. We got a papillon from a breeder. He was 8 weeks old when we got him but we easily potty trained him. My Mom helped too and this dog has become the love of her life. She never had a dog before but now I could not imagine my Mom without Tippy (our dog).

    Go for it! I bet your Mom and Dad will eventually love the dog. Try reading up on Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It seems like this dog is rated as the best companion and lap dog for senior sitizen.


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