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  1. My wonderful friend completed her treatment in Feb. for cancer and the other day we were talking about her visit to the dentist. They asked her for her health history, you know, as anything changed in the past year with your heath...."no" she tells them, the cancer had totally slipped her mind. She had a great laugh when she realized that on the way home.

    This uneasiness will slide away, probably little by little. and you'll hop back on the ride! Don't worry about it darling - take Heathers advice and focus on what you CAN do, eating healthy, study, reach out to others, love that baby!!! Don't let cancer rob you of anything else - your in control of it now!! Enjoy for all of us who are still in the fight!

    Congratulations - we are overjoyed for you and your beautiful baby!

  2. Karen,

    Hi, it's Joni-I've been spreading the news about your husband's remission through our family, like you are our family. We all are overjoyed for you! Dave is our "see, it will happen just like him" guy! It's wonderful for us to have him as an example - he and Robert were just diagnosed 1 year a part so it's great we can look for "benchmarks" and see where we are headed. I didn't want to bother you with PM, I thought maybe you'd like to just roll around and enjoy this world again and maybe wanted a break from all the cancer talk - but thanks for the encouraging words for the rest of us who are still in the middle of the fight.

  3. Hello friends,

    My husband has SCLC (limited) and is half way through his chemo ( 28 days of radiation completed 4/23). The past few days he has experienced a sharp, sharp pain in his right shoulder. This limits how he can sit and lay down. He has to sleep in a recliner, not able to completely lay down. He has a bone scan, chest x-ray, bloodwork, along with other tests scheduled for today and then we meet with the dr on 5/24. Does this pain sound familiar? Thanks.

  4. Hi, my name is Alex. My dad has cancer too. I am sorry that your dad has cancer. Your dad looks cool, he kinda looks like my dad. I don't know what to say, I'm only 8 (my mom is typing for me). When I found out my dad had cancer I felt scared. It is weird to see my dad bald but he still looks cool. I was worried about my dad when he first got cancer. My dad is tired and sits in his chair alot. I can't wait until my dad gets better. I hope your dad gets better too. We watch tv together to make us feel better and we also watch movies together. I just think that my dad has a common cold and that he shaved his head to look cool (remember, his mom is just typing what he says!!) I miss getting to go fishing with my dad.

    Alex would like to know what state you live in....we live in Kansas!!! Do you have pets? You can play them if you have nothing else to do. r

  5. Larry,

    Hi - sorry to hear about your wife. My husband is mid-way through his chemo for SCLC. I just ran in there and asked him about whether or not he gets cold sometimes and he said yes. I actually didn't remember so I thought I'd double check. I know he gets sweaty, even if he's just sitting down. Yes, yes, yes to the being tired part. He's "miserable" those days of chemo from the "consumption" of so much fluid into his body and then about Sunday/Monday (day 6/7) he is absolutely so wiped out he can barely open his eyes. He just finished his 3rd round and that was pretty hard on him. He's 41 and pretty strong so I can only imagine it would be harder for someone older (that isn't suppose to sound insulting, and I hope it doesn't, I certainly don't mean it that way).

    I tell you he suffers from nausea a lot! They told us - don't just suffer wtih nausea, there are so many meds out there for that but Robert - taking Zofran - isn't getting complete relief.

    Take care of yourself!

  6. Gosh, is Kansas infected or what? We are too from Kansas - Wichita to be exact. I'd be interested to know who your doc is.

    My husband has SCLC in limited form. Yes, I heard them talk about staging but I have chose to stick to "limited", sounds better....My husbands is limited to the mediastium (spelling) and a few surround lymph nodes or "noids" as my dad calls them - ok, family joke.

    In re the oncology nurses - we had wonderful nurses at St. Francis - I mean, we were so lucky to have them when my husband was admitted.

    My husbadn too, stopped smoking 4 years ago.

    Good luck, e-mail me privately if needed re: doctor. So far so good with ours - I wish we could have him live with us during this period and you never get to see them enough but he seems aggressive and on the ball and kind, what more could you ask for.

  7. Hello Addie -

    Ok, this sounds a little like what my husband had...I just have to concur with everyone else and say do not wait to go to the doctor. From my little understanding SCLC is fast growing. My husband started radiation the day of his biopsy - great pulmonary doctor - I'd use his name but I don't know if we can....anyway he referred us on to an oncologist after he started the radiation. Just push honey until you get in. I can't see why in any way they would make you wait.

    Good luck to you.

  8. I can only speak for how my husband and I have wanted to be treated - we have odd senses of humor - dry, sarcastic and we laugh at everything.

    I keep thinking about this and I just think we have to treat the person the same, the situation they're in differently. Talk to them about normal things but don't feel like you have to avoid the cancer. If you bring it up and he changes the subject, there's your clue! Talk about something else....I know I do that with my friends - I don't mind talking about it, I just don't want to talk about it all the time. I like to hear about their lives and their children. One thing I can tell you that does drive me crazy though is when people complain to me about what I determine to be "small stuff", that someone else puts too much emphasis on. That's probably just my petty personality but you're asking right?

    If your uncle is a Christian, don't be afraid to pray with him. Some people are uncomfortable with that but if you're not, do it.

    Each person is differently, just let your love for him guide you on what to say and do - I know you'll be fine...you know why? You cared enough to ask for advice.

    I am a "care-giver" to my husband who has SCLC, he is 41. I see peoople being uncomfortable around him and I see his friends who have chosen not to call - try and be yourself and not show pity - just concern.

  9. I guess I would have to say, have them get a 3rd opinion. My husband has SCLC - every new drug and testing done seems to be for NSCLC so it would seem like to me you more options now....I'm no doctor though.

    Also, one good thing in all of this is they were treating cancer - my husband was treated for heartburn and a thryroid problem before they figured it out! Not complaining about it though - this beast presented itself quite strangely -

    Good luck.

  10. Abby,

    Thanks for sharing your pain with us. I know that sounds stupid to say thanks but sometimes we do need to remember we're lucky to still be in the fight. When my husband was first diagnosed, my first thought was he was just going to die right then and there. Then I realized we had a chance to fight this. I am grateful for each day - whether he's up and around or sleeping off his chemo.

    I don't have words of wisdom on dealing with your husbands death, I just don't. I am not equipped. Please know however that we share your pain because we experience it on some level ourselves.

    I've had to turn over a lot of my pain regarding my husband's dx to God. I pray multiple times each day and that brings me comfort.

  11. My husband just completed his 3rd 3-day round of chemo. His first two rounds of chemo were "piggy backed" with radiation. Last 3 day round was pretty hard but this round is a little better. I think each experience after each round is different for some.

    I have one piece of advice though - if the doctor gives you meds for nausea - take them as soon as possible even though he's not feeling lik e he needs them. WE made that mistake last round. Jumping ahead of the symptoms is the key sometimes!

    Good luck - remember this is just for now, not forever. You'll BOTH get through it!

  12. I'm truly sorry for you and your children. It's not enough that you've had to fight a horrible battle but then to lose your husband anyway, it's hard for me to make sense of that. I can just pray that your daughter will understand that although he isn't there for the graduation itself he was there for everyday leading up to it and for that let her be thankful, which in turn will hopefully lead to God's peace in her heart.

    God Bless your family.

  13. My husband was diagnosed 3/17/04 with SCLC. His sister, although 3 hours away has been his biggest boost - seriously! I can see it in his face when he sees her and he gets stronger when he talks to her. My only guess is you are that for your brother as well. Stay strong and God Bless

  14. Thank you all so much for your replies and advice. It's great getting advice from people who know what you're talking about and feeling. I am going to follow your advice and push for the doctor to check him out. I hope and pray that they were right and all is well with this lump.

    I can't believe you all responded so quickly. What a blessing. Thank you, thank you.

  15. I know this cancer is growing inside my husbands body, not mine, but I feel like the dr and his nurse aren't "getting it". My husband was dx 3/17/04. SCLC limited. He's been scanned, etc and has undergone 28 days of radiation and 3 3-day rounds of chemo. I found a lump on his back and called the nurse. Another nurse checked him out and said it was nothing. I wanted the doc to see him and "feel" it. Geez, I'm thinking if a nurse can "feel" a lump and determine it's nothing, we can do away with all sorts of CT scans. Help - I'm not sure how to push this. We had to go back, go back, go back to the doctor over a period of time (short) and they had passed us off to a specialist over 2 weeks away. I pushed to get an x-ray and they found the cancer. Seriously, waiting the two weeks just to see a specialist (not even the right kind, mind you) could have likely ended him up with Extensive SCLC. I don't want to alienate the nurse/doc though. Advice please. My husband is young (41) and I just can't deal with this somedays.

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