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  1. Im so sorry Katie Your mother is beautiful and you resemble her so very much.
  2. Don, I am 2 months late and I apologize for that. But I wanted to express my deepest sympathy. Kelly
  3. osirus226

    Sept. 6

    Dear Katie, Im certain that your dad knows of your beautiful daughter. He is still watching over you as he has been for all his life and I bet he is so proud. I hate the beginning of September for both of us. Its so hard. I, like you, just wish it was just another day. I just hope as the years pass that it will get easier to visit your dad's grave and think of all the good times you had while he was still on this earth. Kelly
  4. I will always remember Dean as he and I share a birthday. Dean will also be remembered by the wonderful perspective he had on life. I feel so honored to have been able to read the beautiful things Dean had to say. You truly will be missed. Kelly
  5. Today, my mom would have had her 50th birthday :'( I know that we would have had something nice for her and I would have loved to take her to a very fancy restaurant overlooking the city. Nice things like that were very few and far between during her lifetime. I just hope in heaven she is being rewarded greatly for all the love she gave while on this earth. The year mark was Sept 3rd. I spent the weekend in Canada. Some of me wanted to be here in Pittsburgh and some of me wanted to be as far away as possible. Today I visited her grave, something I dont do very often because when I c
  6. Thank you for adding my mom and thank you for sharing. Put together very nicely, and I sure do miss everyone
  7. osirus226

    Injection #3

    The craziest thing I ever did worked out quite well. I met a guy online a few years ago and we always talked about meeting. Well, he was living in Ontario, Canada and I of course, in Pittsburgh. In May of 2002, I said heck with it I'm going - packed up some clothes and took a greyhound to his parents house (I was just 19 my mom thought I was nuts and he was 21 still living at home) Well I didnt think of how we would be living and I didnt realize he still lived at home. But I went anyway and his parents ended up accepting me into their family and I lived there for about a year. Now we are
  8. Dianne, Yours is great - I think I'll use it!! One thing that I've noticed. Quite a few people here who have lc or whose loved one has lc also were exposed to some other known cancer causing substance/area. I know the same is true for my mom too. If they start doing more research on finding a cure for lung cancer and possibly finding ALL the causes instead of just linking them all to smoking we will start making some real progress. lets face it probably every one of us has been exposed to some form of second hand smoke whether we wanted to be exposed or not... One of my favorite websites
  9. for the "Oh, Did he/she smoke?" I've been trying to come up with one for the people who keep asking. Thanks
  10. So Im not the only one who wanted to spit fire after I read this. I can't believe someone greenlighted that. I was trying to find how to leave feedback or write to the obviously uneducated (as far as lc goes) author. Does anyone know how to write back? Now all these people are all of a sudden are talking about lung cancer but they are doing it the wrong way. Just contributing to the stigma over and over... When will it end.
  11. Peggy, I am so shocked to hear this news. I am so sorry. Kelly
  12. I am really shocked and sad to hear this news. My prayers are with Karen, Becky, and especially sweet Faith. I too, hope it was peaceful. David will be missed by many. Thank you for letting us know, Beth. Kelly
  13. osirus226

    My Mom

    Fay, I have not been to the year mark yet for my mom but I know it will be a hard day. My thoughts are with you and many hugs to you too. Kelly
  14. Thank you to all of you who posted. Your being here makes me feel human and lets me know that I'm not the only one on this wretched path. I am sorry that it took me so long to post this. I am still trying to decide whether or not going to a group would help me. I would really like my sister to go with me but I am not sure that she is the kind of person who opens up to others, especially in a group format. Anyway, I just wanted to post a thank you to all of you. Kelly
  15. osirus226

    1 Year today

    I know this is really really late, but I just want to express my sympathy for the loss of your father. Our parents have a special place in our hearts and when we lose them there is nothing that can replace that big gap that is left. 1 year seems like forever but at the same time seems like just yesterday. It really isnt just another day. Kelly
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