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  1. Hi Ginny! I am very glad to hear from you. Like old times. You actually made my day by responding today. It's like we're in the same club that no one wants to really be in. We do have a lot in common, though we've never met. Yes, if we consider everything we receive as a 'gift', things suddenly become tolerable. I now have a travel partner, a good friend who lost her husband 3 years ago. This has helped a lot too. I was actually following your posts 8 years ago to see how you were handling things. Wishing you the best during the upcoming holidays. For me, family and good friends have b
  2. Hi Katie. I do remember you. It's good to see you still here. I retired from teaching vocal music in 2007 and am now active in community affairs as well as taking classes and workshops at the local college. I also enjoy using the computer, managing a couple of websites and using Facebook. I travel a bit with my travel buddy who, also lost her hubbie three years ago. Wishing you Happy Holidays as the season is approaching. Thanks for working on this site and helping others, as you do. It helped me tremendously back in 2004 when I needed it so badly. Cyndy
  3. Hi there. I'm back after a long span of time. My love passed on 8 years ago next month (December 19). There's been a lot of growth on my part as well as our kids. I can honestly say I am happy and doing well. I call it 'evolution'. I am a great reader of authors such as Mark Nepo, Rob Bell, Richard Rohr, Paul Coutinho and Neil Walsch. I am convinced that these authors were sent to me via Tim somehow. I have had many questions answered through these authors. You can tell in your 'gut' when something is true. I firmly believe there is no such thing as a coincidence. Sending good vibes to al
  4. He is only 47. He's already had chemo and radiation for the lung and an operation and later cyberknife for brain mets. Now his legs hurt and oncologist suspects it may have gone to bones. He'll have a pet scan soon, if it's approved. You're right Ginny. It seems the older I get the more friends I see with this dreaded stuff. I feel like I know you and just hearing from you made me feel good. Thanks. Cyndy
  5. Hello. I am back again. Was here 5 years ago when my hubbie was ill with lung cancer. Now my son-in-law is affected and I'm getting all those old feelings back as I watch my daughter go through this. I am thankful for this site. Cyndy
  6. patut

    Music game.

    Deep River Woman Timmy P 1938 -2004
  7. Tim would have been 70 today. It was a tough day for me even though it's been 3 1/2 years since he passed. My family is all busy with their own lives, which I'm glad for, but that left me home alone tonight. I did manage to make it a special night by lighting a fire in the fireplace and some candles on the mantle. I put on a birthday hat, ate the same candy that he used to like and made time pass by knitting in front of some game shows. Thanks for being here to give me a place to broadcast his birthday. Boy do I miss him. Cyndy
  8. http://www.stressbuster1.com/lady/liberty.html
  9. Great history for you. I'm so glad you're here too. Congratulations! Cyndy
  10. http://www.cartoline.it/pics/_zoom_flas ... 404_01.swf Happy first day of summer- the longest day of the year! Cyndy Timmy P: 1938-2004 We miss you so much.
  11. Is there such a thing as a cuddly kitty? That's what I want to be like.
  12. I keep quiet about my own spiritualism. I am not interested in defending my position to others. Patti I understand what you're saying. There is a lady at my church who has been telling me for three years how she is dying. Not very positive. JB - I'm sure you're a nice guy! How can you not be. Sorry Ann - I really don't take to soap operas. Not my cup of tea right now. Nothing wrong with you enjoying them though. Timmy P [1938-2004]
  13. I have one little crocus. The snow is just leaving us up here in northern NYS. Timmy P 1938-2004
  14. My son replaced my car mirror today that broke off when I drove too close to my car port this winter. My kids are so great!!! Timothy 1938-2004
  15. Click anywhere on the black. http://www.procreo.jp/labo/flower_garden.swf Timothy 1938-2004
  16. Now that my cats are gone I have a few new friends coming to my deck: mostly chicadees, a couple of nuthatches, a small woodpecker,once in a while a finch. Also a friendly chipmunk, a small squirrel and a brown bunny. The only thing is, I expect to have a problem with mice when all the snow goes away. The critters have made a big mess out there. Timothy 1938-2004
  17. I agree with Kasie - they're both cute! Grandma of 12
  18. 63 or 64. Everyone passes me. So be it. Timothy 1938-2004 Happy Easter!
  19. I like this show too. Thanks for reminding me to tune in to it. Cyndy P.S. Happy St.Paddy's day to all! Timothy P Hennessy 1938-2004 A genuine Irishman
  20. I already can often read people's minds and I often feel that I'm invisible. Strange, huh? Timmy P 1938-2004
  21. Chocolate Chip Mint Light Ice Cream. In fact I'm going to have some right now. Yum!
  22. One never knows, do one! That is so great.
  23. 15 just in the house. How can a single person have so many clocks. I haven't even brought all of them up to date yet.
  24. Not me, but my daughter found a doll from the 60's like she had once owned. She paid $5.00 for it and sold it on Ebay for over $200. One never knows, do one! Timmy P 1938-2004 I just used one of his favorite expressions above.
  25. Love my morning coffee! I keep reheating it in the microwave - takes me a few hours to get through one cup. Then that's it for the day unless I have an important meeting at night that I need to be awake for. Timothy P 1938-2004
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