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  1. MommaL

    Calf Pain?

    Still keep the doctor in touch.....my husband had the blood clots. Also, quinine will help with the cramps...
  2. Hi Charlie! Instead of hiccups, my husband will have a few hiccups, then gasps, and then some nausea. Have you also tried ginger ale and coke? That seems to help with him.
  3. Hi Poggie, I am in complete agreement with Karen. My husband completed whole brain radiation in November and experienced the same symtoms. Expect fatigue down the road and a few memory and word problems. Hang in there!!
  4. Charlie, This is so encouraging. My husband goes for his second treatment tomorrow. So my fingers are crossed that this works as well on others as it does for you!
  5. MommaL

    Clear wristbands

    Great news!! Keep us posted.
  6. Charlie, I hope my husband feels the effects of his second treatment of Alimta is well as you have. This is great news, keep this news coming!!
  7. Wendy, I, too have gone through some rough times as a caregiver. Make sure your husband gets a physical. What I thought was stress, turned out to be a health problem, that was easily corrected with a pill (low thyroid). I also hired a caregiver for myself! A mom from the neighborhood helps with such things as the laundry, grocery shopping, and errands. It has made all the difference in the world.
  8. Karen, What a wonderful post. I am sure David knows this but it is so wonderful to see in writing. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  9. Thanks for the update and pray that taxol works for you. My husband started Alimta this week and we are waiting ......to see......
  10. MommaL


    What wonderful news!!!!!
  11. Ry, I just got back in town and am really sorry to read about John. Please continue to keep us posted and know you are in our prayers. Bob had lots of stomach problems with Tarceva but really was not on it long enough to determine if that was the true problem since he developed another metasis near his ribs.
  12. MommaL


    TAnn, WOW!! I just read your news....keep this good news coming!! I am soooo happy for you!
  13. Thanks everyone!! Yes, that was daughter posting. She is a synchronized figure skater and we have been spending lots and lots of time is places too cold for me. Their team got second on the East Coast so it's off to nationals next week in Lowell, Mass. BRRRRRRRR!!!! It's really hard to leave Bob during this time but another mom in the neighborhood takes compleletely over when I am gone and has been a real saint. I am hoping Bob slows down working full time soon....since I think he needs the energy to fight back!
  14. I have not posted in a while, but have been keeping up with everyone. Life has been very hectic. My husband continues to work full time as I do and my daughter is at the height of competition season which means I am usually out of town on weekends. There has been more mets recentlyand he is ready for the next round of battle!
  15. Thank you so much for this news!! It is very comforting. My husband's mets are very tiny too. Yes, he is having whole brain radiation due to the tiny size and spread of the mets. I did not know that Iressa is used for mets. We continue to stay optomistic!
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