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  1. Wendy,

    I, too have gone through some rough times as a caregiver. Make sure your husband gets a physical. What I thought was stress, turned out to be a health problem, that was easily corrected with a pill (low thyroid). I also hired a caregiver for myself! A mom from the neighborhood helps with such things as the laundry, grocery shopping, and errands. It has made all the difference in the world.

  2. Ry,

    I just got back in town and am really sorry to read about John. Please continue to keep us posted and know you are in our prayers. Bob had lots of stomach problems with Tarceva but really was not on it long enough to determine if that was the true problem since he developed another metasis near his ribs.

  3. Thanks everyone!!

    Yes, that was daughter posting. She is a synchronized figure skater and we have been spending lots and lots of time is places too cold for me. Their team got second on the East Coast so it's off to nationals next week in Lowell, Mass. BRRRRRRRR!!!! It's really hard to leave Bob during this time but another mom in the neighborhood takes compleletely over when I am gone and has been a real saint.

    I am hoping Bob slows down working full time soon....since I think he needs the energy to fight back!

  4. I have not posted in a while, but have been keeping up with everyone. Life has been very hectic. My husband continues to work full time as I do and my daughter is at the height of competition season which means I am usually out of town on weekends. There has been more mets recentlyand he is ready for the next round of battle!

  5. Thank you so much for this news!! It is very comforting. My husband's mets are very tiny too. Yes, he is having whole brain radiation due to the tiny size and spread of the mets. I did not know that Iressa is used for mets. We continue to stay optomistic!

  6. Hi Everyone,

    I have not signed on for a long time. I had some serious health problems which are now under control. My husband was doing extremely well. But, he had a seizure on Tuesday and was diagnosed with brain mets. He is undergoing radiation and will soon begin Iressa. Anyone, experience this? There is no sign of visible cancer in other parts of his body.

  7. Thanks so much for posting this. This genetic make up coupled with how the body's immune system handles irregular cells really appears to be the connection. The newer drugs that are emmerging, the smart bombs, make so much sense to me and perhaps, these drugs working with the genetic make up, could be the key. The results with drugs such as Iressa vary so much, could it be simply the genetic make up?

  8. Shellie,

    I am very glad you posted. It is difficult enough to go this but to not have your brother's support is unspeakable. Do not question yourself and make sure you take care of yourself. Tell your doctor what you are going through. You may need a little something to help you get a good night's rest. My prayers are with you.

  9. Joni,

    It is hard to keep upbeat when your husband is having such a hard time right now. Like others, I have been up and down and the downs are really low when they strike. I often think it would be easier if it was me too, in that, it is much harder to see your loved one feeling so sick. My husband's fluid retention has not been as bad as your husband's but right now, he is in bed, and the fluid retention is making it difficult for him to move. He has gone through this before and for him, it usually means more bed rest and lots of gatorade. Please keep us posted on the results. I am here for you......

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