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  1. Suzie Q

    His pain is over

    Please accept my deepest sympathies for your loss. Karen
  2. Suzie Q

    my new birthday

    Dang, Geri! How about no more "events" for a while? Boring is good. Glad you are back! Karen
  3. 100 hugs to Connor from all of us!
  4. Suzie Q

    Who am I now?

    You have recieved good advice, and the only thing I can add is DO NOT STOP YOUR MEDS ON YOUR OWN! When you think you may be ready, talk it over with your doctor. You have just experienced what can happen when you discontinue them suddenly. Some of the meds have to be reduced in strength over time, so please, let your doctor handle this. Best of luck finding work. It's a tough job market out there.
  5. Does Kevin Costner still own a casino in South Dakota? I want to try my luck at the Blackjack tables! I'm getting hungry, too. Buffalo burgers being grilled on the Blue bus roof! Holler if you want cheese on yours. Kasey, get Fred loaded up in the wagon and bring his medical staff along. They need a vacation, too; might as well take a "working vacation!" I hear Katie will be waiting for us at LAX. If the wagon thing doesn't work out, hop on a plane, and we'll pick you up therel
  6. Dawn, give me a holler when we are in Arizona. It should be warm enough, and I'm going up on the roof to catch some rays. Sunscreen, anyone? Karen
  7. I'm getting tired and need my beauty sleep. Do these seats fully recline, or are we overnighting it in Orlando? Karen
  8. I'm glad to be on the bus! Michigan was so cold, and I am sooo looking forward to sipping maitais on the Hawaiian beach! Karen
  9. I'm here! I have white merlot to share and I whipped up a batch of chocolate-oatmeal no bake cookies (called cow pies in some parts)! Karen
  10. Rats! I think I'm too late! Becky, if you are still in MI, can you pick me up at I-196 and 131? I'll be the one with Coke and Malibu Rum! Karen
  11. Wow, Mitchell, YOU ROCK! Are you still off the tobacco? Much applause to you and your cancer-kickin' mom! So very nice to hear from you. Karen
  12. So sad he's gone...he was our Superman.
  13. Please accept my deepest condolences. You two shared something special, and even death cannot take that away.
  14. Suzie Q

    I need

    Lily, You sure have done your part to make your community a more social place, but these people are not worth your efforts. Their friendship is so shallow and they are so self-righteous that they are miserable in their tiny lives that they resort to belittling others to elevate themselves. Grow up, people! You might be well served in finding another group to socialize with. Do you attend a church? They often have social functions, and there is opportunity to find like-minded individuals there. Do you play cards? Euchre and bridge clubs are another source of networking. Do you knit? I could go on, but you get the idea. You need to keep shopping for the group you fit into. Older women feel very threatened by younger, single women. They think every single woman is after their man! Let them have their insecurities, and YOU go out and have a good time with YOUR man! You have every right to celebrate this relationship and not feel that it is tawdry. You are not seeing a married man, right? But do keep your eyes open, and make sure that the sister doesn't continue to control her brother's life. He needs to have enough of a backbone to tell her to back off. If he doesn't, more problems will lie ahead. For now, in the words of Bonnie Raitt, "Lets give them somethin' to talk about!" Karen
  15. ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))
  16. I lost my parents in '06, within 13 weeks of one another. Dad died with melanoma, mom with lung ca. While I did not have a newborn to care for, I did have a lot of family crises to deal with that prevented me from grieving. I was on autopilot for a few months, then the delayed grieving set in. You can't force it. You will go through different stages at different times than anyone else. Just know that we welcome you here to vent, chat or whatever, any time! Deepest sympathies, Karen
  17. My guess as to why he tries to keep you up at night is because he is scared, and if you are there monitoring him (awake), then nothing bad will happen. At least, this might be his line of thinking. Ask him about it. Reassure him of the monitors and two-way radios again, and stress the need for you to sleep. Lack of sleep can cause psychosis, you know! I'm sure he does not want a psychotic wife taking care of him! Get your rest, dear. And do not cave in to any guilt trip he may try to send you on. Karen
  18. The headaches and high blood pressure appeared in my mom with Avastin therapy. Is your mom still on Avastin?
  19. "You're going to put someone's eye out with that!"
  20. Suzie Q

    Another June 17

    Many hugs, Pat. Many hugs. Karen
  21. Suzie Q


    I am just so, so sad to hear of your loss. ~Karen
  22. I missed the first half of this week's episode!
  23. Avastin can cause headaches. My mom was hospitalized to get the pain under control and the Avastin was stopped as she also had an increase in blood pressure ( though which came first; the high BP or the headache is anyone's guess). Do call your doctor and discuss your symptoms! Karen
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