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  1. jean44

    The Lioness

    Andrea, So sorry to read of your Mom's passing. I know how much she meant to you and your babies. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs and love to you, Jean
  2. Love it! (just my opinion) Thanks for your efforts. Jean
  3. Thom and I appreciated the assistance we had transporting Thom back and forth to his treatment appointments so I could continue to work. I carried our health insurance through my employer and had to work enough to at least pay the premiums. We really needed help with that and was fortunate that my sister and brother-in-law could help us with that need. Jean
  4. jean44

    7 years ago

    God has a plan for us all and thankfully, he knows Casey is needed here for now. Congrats Casey! Love and hugs, Jean
  5. jean44

    can not wait!

    What a sweet tribute Randy. I am sure it would make Patti happy to know that you are honoring her. Looking forward to seeing it! Jean
  6. jean44

    No one knows

    Ronnie, I understand the "lonliness" and how you feel. Thom has been gone 2 yrs. and I still miss him everyday and probably always will. I admire the fact that you have found comfort in a new friend and are able to move on. I am "stuck" in a place where guilt resides and I don't know how to move past that. Good luck and Happy Holidays to you and Erica. I hope you find peace and are able to enjoy the holidays together. Jean
  7. jean44

    Our 'Geri'

    I am so sad to read this update on Geri. I like many of you enjoyed her always upbeat posts. Sweet Kacey, you have been through so much and so many losses, I am sorry that you have lost your friend Geri as well. It is obvious from your kind words that you really cared for her. Sincere sympathy to Geri's family and friends. Jean
  8. jean44

    About our friend

    Judy, I am so sorry that you lost someone that you loved and cared about, no matter how you lost them. It's a sad situation. I am glad she had you for a friend. Hugs to you, Jean
  9. jean44

    5 years

    Nick, I get "it". My Dad passed away 8 yrs. ago Oct. 14th. I think of him everyday and miss him everyday. It sure has left a void in my life NOT having him here. When I lost him I wondered how I could go on without him. I was most definately a Daddy's girl. I didn't think my heart would ever heal. Then, 6 yrs. later I lost Thom. Now, I KNOW my heart will never heal. Cancer sucks......plain and simple. Thinking of you, Jean
  10. Thank you dear Lily for your sweet words. I know you understand. I am so thankful for the memories that Thom and I made together however, I am having a really tough time rememebering and being happy and not remembering and being sad. I am sad when I think of Thom because I can't seem to look forward without him here with me. I think that's the biggest issue I have is moving forward because I can't seem to put my past behind me. I know that to move forward I can still have those memories but, I have to accept the fact that Thom can no longer be a part of it and I have to let that part of him (the physical part of him NOT being here) go. I just am so tired of being sad. I WANT to be happy. I know that I am the only one that can make that happen but, I just can't let go yet. Thanks so much for all of your responses. Hugs to you all, Jean
  11. Thanks Nick, no it NEVER goes away. I guess it will happen when it happens Randy but, I am just really sad, lonely, heartbroke and just want to be happy. Thanks Randy. I keep praying for better days.
  12. Thanks ladies for your love, hugs, support and words of encouragement. I appreciate your replies. I really miss Thom and everything that we should have had/could have had together. You're right Ginny. Thom would want me to be happy. I am just having a hard time figuring out how to do that. Thanks again, Jean
  13. Three years ago today (Sept. 26, 2008), Thom was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. I had lost my Dad to the same diagnosis 5 yrs. earlier so I KNEW what the future would hold. 316 days later he was gone. I HATE these damn anniversary dates and can't seem to get them out of my mind. Bottom line, I MISS HIM MORE EVERYDAY. How in the world do you find happiness again after such a loss? Cancer sucks. Jean
  14. jean44

    Our Anniversary

    Thank you Lily and Judy. I appreciate your kind words and for you thinking of me. This grief "thing" sure is tough. Jean
  15. jean44


    Thanks so much Sue. It's comforting to know that someone else understands just how great a loss I (and you) have suffered. While I do have family and friends in my life, it's just not the same without him. I am just waiting for the day when I wake up and things are somehow "different" and I can look forward to enjoying the day. Most days now when I wake up, the first thing I think of is Thom is not here with me to share in whatever the day may bring. Hugs right back to you Sue and I hope for better days for the both of us. Love, Jean
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