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  1. I have aspergillus fumigatus fungus in my lungs along with inoperable, adenocarcinoma. Due to a low FEV1 (17%) I'm not candidate for surgery or radiation. Recently my oncologist said I could start Iressa. Problem is that I'm taking Voriconazole for a fungal infection (aspergillus fumigatus) in my lungs, and I am concerned about taking these two medications together. Secondly, I don't know which condition needs treatment the mosrt? Which is worse to have, slow growing adenocarcinoma or invasive aspergillus fumigatus? Thank you for your help in answering any part or all of this complicated question.
  2. New member, Deidre, 48, adenocarcinoma, unresectible, stage 1A, looking for treatment options - haven't found any yet.
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