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  1. Dec 23rd I had a cat scan of my lungs! great news the 4 tumors have shrunk 1/3 in size! so have the 2 blood clots! Been feeling just great. We Are leaving tomorrow going South to find alot warmer weather! We are going to be gone 2 months Good Luck to all of you in 2004 Estelle
  2. DON & Lucie Very Happy about your very good News Hope you & your family hav a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Estelle
  3. WE had verry nice trip to Grand Old Opery. We seen alot of People we knew! The Drs. took me off steriods when I got back. Had a little hard time comming off them. But doing ok now. after we spend Christmas with our family couple days later we are goin south for the winter.Don't know where just goin til it's warm! Hate cold! & snow! I am having a cat scan the 23rd Hope I will get a ggood report I hope the arrissa is working! Like I think it is!
  4. Hi Everybody, I am doing much better! I let you know I still around and can think much better. Had 10 radiation treatments on my brain and now starting to think good again. I was good enough to go shopping and out to lunch today with my sister Elaine & my neice Sharry. Sharry came from San Antoniono to visit me for 3 weeks.
  5. I am home from the hospital. The MRI showed mets to the brain. I am now going under radiation every day for 10 times. No more headaches and no more vomiting. My daughter and her children spent the week end with me. Had a family picture taken. It was GREAT! I am feeling a lot better and they say I will keep improving. I am very fortunate to have to wonderful caregivers who love me very much! (((((( hugs ))))))) Estelle Love Estelle
  6. Norme I am glad you keep comming back too! That is what this board is all about To give one another strenght & courage! To Bad about Buddy I will pray for him! & you norm! ((((((hugs))))))))) Estelle
  7. Dave! It is Good news! I went 2 months before it started growning again & had to start chemo. A rest does the body good! Gets it built up for when start chemo again. Have a fun couple of months!!! I did! (((((hugs)))))))) Estelle
  8. Great NEWS!!!!! (((((hugs))))))) Be Praying for the both of you! Estelle
  9. Kelly I got blood clots in right leg in Feb. I was on oxygen 24/7 at the time so don't remember shortness of breath. But had to give myself shots twice a day for 14 days. Besides taking warfrin. once the warfrin kicked in stop taking shots. I am still on warfrin! but it is better than blod clots!!! (((((hugs))))))) Estelle
  10. ginnyd That was a great surprise your family gave you!!!!! You will enjoy the cruise also!!!!! Earl will have good scans also so you can go!!!! ((((Hugs)))))) Estelle
  11. tanya So Sorry to hear about your Dad! He was so Young! But very brave from what you said!! But he is at peasce now!! and won't suffer no more! (((((Hugs)))))) Estelle
  12. Hi Cindy Weddings are nice! So Glad u got to enjoy it!!! ((((((hugs))))) Estelle
  13. shorty So sorry to hear of your lost of your Dad! But one consolation is that he is at peace finilay! You were a very caring daughter! ((((((hugs))))) Estelle
  14. lilyjohn That is very nice truibit. Yes I agree you should publish it!!! (((hugs ))))) Estelle
  15. Katie What a nice truibute to your Dad!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! ((((((HUGS)))))))) Estelle
  16. Estelleanna


    Katie Soooo Sorry to hear about your loss of your DAD! It really sadden me!!! You were such a good daughter!! & he loved you for it!!! But know that he is in Gods hands now and is at peace!!! (((((((hugs)))))))) Estelle
  17. candy Glad Hugh got his treatment right away!! Even thouth Chemo makes us feel fatigue & ect. It sure makes the cancer syptom's dissapear like cough & ect. I know it did me! It also makes a person feel better knowing they are fighting the horrible deaseae ((((HUGS)))))) Estelle
  18. Estelleanna


    Sandy GREAT NEWS!!!!! So GLAD TO HEAR IT!!! (((((hugs))))) Estelle
  19. Al Very Beautful! & moving!!! ((((HUGS)))))) Estelle
  20. Well finialy got my chemo treatment! My Ocu wasn't sure he wanted to give it to me so soon after the pancereas infection. But after lot of blood work & xrays he finialy gave the go ahead!!! I will be getting 6 rounds 3 weeks apart of Taxotere. I am finding the side affects very mild so far! On the way to smooth out the bubmpy road! (((((hugs)))))) Estelle
  21. Estelleanna

    A small update

    Jay good to see that u are on once again!!!!! Been thinking of you!!!!!! We all wonder about u! & think of you! please keep posting ever so often! Nice about the girlfriend! not so nice about the headaches! Hope you get help for them! (((((((hugs))))))) Estelle
  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY (((((((HUGS)))))))) Estelle
  23. Judy'sdaughter I never had a operation so can't give u any input about the home comming But wanted u to know I am thinking of you & your mom!!! sending (((((((hugs)))))) to you both Estelle
  24. Hi berisa Glad to meet you & your Dad! hope to see you 2 often! ((((hugs))))) Estelle
  25. Hi Ray Like your picture!!!! I don't know answer to your questions as I never had radiation. but just wanted to say hi & glad u are doing so good!!!! (((hugs))))) Estelle
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