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  1. Hello all -

    I don't know if anyone remembers me or not as it has been a very long time since I have posted even though I do visit on occasion to check in on everyone.

    After an 6.5 year battle interspersed with 3 years of NED and then an amazing response to Iressa which lasted another 3 years, Mom passed away on Aug 10th.

    I miss her so much these days as I just had daughter #3 (the other 2 are 9 & 10)a couple of days before she entered hospice care so needless to say the past couple of months have been pretty emotional but I am getting through it with the help of a supportive husband and counseling.

    I continue to keep everyone associated with this disease in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to pray for a cure.

    Much Love,

    Amy P

  2. My Grandmother never smoked and died from lung cancer while my Grandfather smoked and died from old age.

    My Mom never smoked and is currently battling her 3rd recurrence since being diagnosed 6 years ago while my Dad who smoked heavily for over 30 years is relatively healthy, outside of diabetes, and has never had anything show up on a chest x-ray or had any sort of breathing/lung issues.

    Mom's Dr has never tried to make a connection to genetics or second hand smoke but has rather taken the stance of luck of the draw as I believe someone else stated, everyone's bodies produce cancer cells, some can fight them and some can't.

  3. When my MIL passed away from ovarian cancer my daughters were 5.5 and 4 and we consulted with a family friend who is also a pastor and he told us to be honest with the girls and to let them participate in all aspects of the grieving process, except anger, with us.

    We told them that their Nonna was very very sick and she was not going to get better. We told them that when she did die she would no longer be in pain and she would be back to her normal self and that even if they couldn't see her, that she would still be in their hearts forever.

    That was the most difficult conversation I have ever had to have but it was very beneficial. They were able to say their good-bye's on their terms, when they felt comfortable and for that I am very grateful.

    That was almost 5 years ago and they both still talk about her on a regular basis, they haven't forgotten because we won't let them and because they were able to spend time with my MIL when she was declining, they both were able to relive their favorite memories with their Nonna.

    Best of luck to you and remember that the kids will get through it, it will not be fun but they will be OK.

  4. Hi Mark - this is ACP - I forgot I had a different sign on that I used for my work laptop.

    Anyway, I think what is so amazing about my Mother's response is that she has been on a half dose for 2 of the past 3 years. She went down to the half dose for the some of the same reasons, primarily the GI symptoms. She also seems to suffer from an extreme lack of energy.

    All in all her oncolgosit has been more than pleased with her results. The new symptoms however are very concerning. She has a CT/PET on monday to check out the new symptoms and from a new plan from there if needed. She has always been a quality of life vs. quantity life and she is so tired right now. We have a pact to support her in whatever path she chooses.

    Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  5. My Mom has been on Iressa for almost 2 years and has been stable. As others have stated, Dr's will not prescribe Iressa for new patients. I think it was about this time last year that my Mom and her doc had to fill out paper work proving that she had been on it and that she has benefitted from the treatment. She can also only get it via the mail as the hospital pharmacy no longer stocks it.

    Obviously, I cannot speak to the Tarceva but the drugs in this group, when they work, tend to work very well.

    Best of luck to you!

  6. I am with you Lisa - I would be incensed. How we deal with illness and death in our family is our business and I don't want anyone else talking to my kids about death primarily because I know how to approach the subject with my kids better than anyone else and I also know the language to use so that my kids will understand and it(hopefully) will not be as scary. I don't think it is sheltering, I think it is responsible parenting not to have or want the beejeebers scared out of your kids.

    Katie is right on the money - write the letters and follow up in person if needed. I would be raising cain if I were in your shoes.

    Best of luck to you and hopefully you will be able to get Leah back on track.

    Much Love,


  7. I have been debating on when to post this as neither Mom nor I can remember her dx date, all we remember is that she was dx in late January had her surgery just after Valentine's Day and we only remember that because my daughter had just learned to cut out paper hearts and we filled her room with them.

    Anyway, sometime in last couple of weeks, Mom officially became a 5 year survivor. In March it will be 2 years since her recurrance (sp?)and all in all she is doing pretty darn good. The Iressa still continues to keep her stable and also keep in mind that she has been on a 1/2 dose of Iressa for well over a year. In fact, my Dad's health is now where we are focusing our energies (he is having all sorts of fun things happen).

    I think my luckly stars that I found this website a year and half ago. It was only through this site that I was able to get hope after the beast came back. I pray for you all daily and read a couple of times a day - just because you don't see my name doesn't mean I am not here :) You all are an amazing group of people.

    Much Love to ALL OF YOU!!!!!

    Amy P

  8. This is awful. I can barely type through the tears. Even though I don't post much, I will miss her. She gave me hope for my Mom. She gave me wisdom and life. I will miss her and am sending all my prayers for Mr. Addie and her sons - may they be comforted by the fact that she touched so many lives even if she didn't know it.

    (((((addies team)))))))

  9. I am not supersticious per say but with all of this sports talk, I have to tell you about my hubby - the soccer coach - I won't get into all of them because there are many (I think coaches are probably the most supersticious people around) but his big one is me - if his team qualifies, I am not allowed to go to the state quarterfinals because they have always lost when I am there and won when I am not. He got so much flack about it this year that he almost let me go but at the last minute said no - and they won and even went on to win the state championship so I don't complain too much!

    Today is also my Daddy's birthday - also born on Friday the 13th - Happy 76th Big Guy!!!!

  10. If you get one make sure it is the ozone guard. Sharper Image just started carrying them (although they are rather expensive) after a report was issued on how bad the original versions were for those of us with asthma and allergies. Here is a link, if you scroll about half way down to the bottom it gives a tremendous amount of information regarding the ozone issue. For what it's worth, my allergist did not recommend getting one and 3 of 4 people in my family suffer from moderate to severe allergies and 2 of us have asthma.

    I hope this helps. http://www.consumersearch.com/www/house ... r-reviews/

    Much Love,


  11. Jack was going to be married to Jill, so his father sat him down for a little chat.

    Jack, let me tell you something.

    On my wedding night in our honeymoon suite,

    I took off my pants, handed them to your mother, and said, 'Here try these on.'

    So she did and said, 'These are too big. I can't wear them.'

    So I replied 'Exactly. I wear the pants in this family and I always will.'

    Ever since that night we have never had any problems."

    Jack thinks that might be good advice.

    So on his honeymoon, Jack takes off his pants and says to Jill, "Here, try these on."

    She does and says, "These are too large; they don't fit me."

    So Jack says, "Exactly. I wear the pants in this family and I always will, and I don't want you to ever forget that."

    Jill takes off her pants, hands them to Jack, and says, "Here, you try on mine".

    He does and says, "I can't get into your pants."

    Jill says, "Exactly. And if you don't change your smart-*ss attitude, you never will.

  12. Last summer I applied to a management program at work and I had to write and essay about my greatest accomplishment outside of work. I chose to write about what I learned through not only my Mom's journey but also my Mother-in-law's. I had many people read the essay because I wanted it to be perfect and I also had fears of getting pity but it proved to be the opposite - it was very catheric for me and it opened up some good discussion with some upper level management.

    Good luck to you! I hope you get into the school of choice!

    Much Love,

    Amy P

  13. Lori -

    My Mom is also being treated at KU Med - who is Lou's onc? If it is Dr. Taylor, you are in wonderful hands - she is their LC expert. If you do end up going the thoracic surgery route, I will dig up the name of Mom's - again very wonderful. KU is a great place to be treated (hard for me to say as I am a big MU fan).

    I grew up in the SW MO area - PM if you would like more information. I hope you have a safe trip!

    Much Love,

    Amy P

  14. I ain't much for shopping,

    Or for goin' into town

    Except at cattle-shipping time,

    I ain't too easily found.

    But the day came when I had to go -

    I left the kids with Ma.

    But 'fore I left, she asked me,

    "Would you pick me up a bra?"

    So without thinkin' I said, "Sure,"

    How tough could that job be?

    An' I bent down and kissed her

    An' said, "I'll be back by three."

    Well, I done the things I needed,

    But I started to regret

    Ever offering to buy that thing -

    I worked me up a sweat

    I walked into the ladies shop

    My hat pulled over my eyes,

    I didn't want to take a chance

    On bein' recognized.

    I walked up to the sales clerk -

    I didn't hem or haw -

    I told that lady right straight out,

    "I'm here to buy a bra."

    From behind I heard some snickers,

    So I turned around to see

    Every woman in that store

    Was a'gawkin' right at me!

    "What kind would you be looking for?"

    Well, I just scratched my head.

    I'd only seen one kind before,

    "Thought bras was bras," I said.

    She gave me a disgusted look,

    "Well sir, that's where you're wrong.

    Follow me," I heard her say,

    Like a dog, I tagged along.

    She took me down this alley

    Where bras was on display.

    I thought my jaw would hit the floor

    When I saw that lingerie.

    They had all these different styles

    That I'd never seen before

    I thought I'd go plumb crazy

    'fore I left that women's store.

    They had bras you wear for eighteen hours

    And bras that cross your heart.

    There was bras that lift and separate,

    And that was just the start.

    They had bras that made you feel

    Like you ain't wearing one at all,

    And bras that you can train in

    When you start off when you're small.

    Well, I finally made my mind up -

    Picked a black and lacy one -

    I told the lady, "Bag it up,"

    And figured I was done.

    But then she asked me for the size

    I didn't hesitate

    I knew that measurement by heart,

    "A six-and-seven-eighths."

    "Six and seven eighths you say?

    That really isn't right."

    "Oh, yes ma'am! I'm real positive -

    I measured them last night!"

    I thought that she'd go into shock,

    Musta took her by surprise

    When I told her that my wife's bust

    Was the same as my hat size.

    "That's what I used to measure with,

    I figured it was fair,

    But if I'm wrong, I'm sorry ma'am."

    This drew another stare.

    By now a crowd had gathered

    And they all was crackin' up

    When the lady asked to see my hat,

    To measure for the cup.

    When she finally had it figured,

    I gave the gal her pay.

    Then I turned to leave the store,

    Tipped my hat and said, "Good day."

    My wife had heard the story

    'fore I ever made it home.

    She'd talked to fifteen women

    Who called her on the phone.

    She was still a-laughin'

    But by then I didn't care.

    Now she don't ask and I don't shop

    For women's underwear.

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