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  1. I'm very sorry about your loss.....Prayers to all of you. Kathi
  2. I will be in Baltimore the entire summer and would hop on a train to NYC in a heartbeat! So count me in! Kathi
  3. I used to be soooo angry about this with my FIL--smoked until the end (who was also battling LC at the same time as my dad). The anger was making me bitter. I finally let go when I found a quote from one of the members of this board; "Love the addict, hate the addiction". Kathi
  4. Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a long time. I moved in January and then have been busy with school. I see that we have a lot of new members; happy to see that people are finding this site but sad to know that there is a need still. It broke my heart to see that we have lost some very special people, but it is of great comfort to know that many of our survivors are still kickin' cancers butt! Glad to be back. **Thanks Pat for thinking of me. Kathi
  5. Carleen, My dad had a lot of problems with his teeth but I believe it was due to radiation. The radiation pretty much completely destroyed his teeth. I'm not sure about chemo. I'm praying that Keith qualifies from the Swiss study. Kathi
  6. Yikes! 8th graders? Well even if you did not intentionally shoot them the "finger", I'm sure they have deserved it in the past or you could be just paying it in advance Hope it heals quickly...I'd be lost without it's use! Kathi
  7. Okay, I am interpreting "bad" as in stupid or completely moronic, naughty or socially incorrect. So I would say the movie "Strange Brew" which falls into all three categories. This movie can only be watched when completely wasted, so for me...once every couple of years. The next movie would be "Bad Santa" which is horrible and offensive but I secretly laugh at. Being the only liberal on the military base that I live on, I showed it on Christmas Eve to a bunch of Conservative friends....the shock factor was worth it! I also love "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"....completely stupid but always end up watching the whole thing if I am flipping through the channels and it is on. Kathi
  8. I'll be sending prayers to Chuck for a successful surgery............ Kathi
  9. Praying for clean scans.... Kathi
  10. Oh Val, I know what you mean. This year I did not get the pleasure that I normally feel when I put up my tree. Christmas was truly something that Pop's was nuts about. My brother e-mailed me some photos of him and mom with their tree in the background. They told me it was a small tree, but when I saw the tree they had I cried. It was one of those tiny trees about 12 inches tall. Pop's is rolling over now!! They both promised me that they would put up one of Pop's 3 large trees next year. My mom figured that if she had a tiny tree she wouldn't see it and therefore would not cry every time she passed by it. It is so hard..... Kathi
  11. Lillian, Sending you strength........ Kathi
  12. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad..... Kathi
  13. So sorry for the loss of your brother....... Kathi
  14. I agree that the cost of medication is insane, but as a researcher myself, the costs associated with research and development of a medication is extremely expensive. It can take several decades to get a drug into the market. The funding often doesn't come from the government so it has to come from somewhere. I totally agree that the price difference between the pharmaceutical companies and many local pharmacies are outrageous! Too bad the U.S. does not have a government run pharmacy where the drug prices are the same at every pharmacy. Then again, our governments track record is pretty lousy. Kathi
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