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  1. Ry if anyone can help me, I have come to know it’s you. My treatment is becoming more aggressive. I am exhausted but that is because I am fighting. I am urgently, fervently asking for an official hall pass at least until early 2005. I am under care provided by an outstanding cancer center, Iam being given help in every aspect of this disease. Only one problem– I need to be selfish and allowed to rest. This is an absolute necessity. I love you guys and all your support. I said before and I say firmly: Just because I do not respond to Pms, e-mail, phone calls,letters---—many.many,many-----does NOT mean I’m sick. It means I am working with professional to get better and taking their advice I appreciate all you have done for me. Right now I am invoking Hall Pass. I won’t post, Email, write letters, answer phone, visit lchelp through this time. My email is being blocked at the server level so I won’t even see it. Okay after 20 years with law enforcement in investigations, I do overdue things!!!. I love you all, will keep you in my prayer. Okay, Ry, hall pass please. THANKS Ry could you sticky this post or something to be sure people remember? I'm leaving it to you. Cat
  2. sending in pallitative care possible rental hospital bed arranging trandportation daughter desperately wants to be here but could jeapordize shaky job if cat's daughter ever finds this place please welcome her with love she deserves and needs it i'm not giving up just wanted you to know they gently hinted to get my sister awaw frm me asap same thinh mother was told i'm still fighting just resting for a while cat
  3. Jane, donot worry I probably would not had been able to take the call. The radiation and medicine had mean whooped.I hope you had a great trip. I did slapt the beast in the face: I bought2calendars for 2005; one I'm traveling to Ireland and the other one, an daily motivational one. So there, beast, put that in your pipe and smoke it. Cat
  4. "the harderI work, the more I live." George Bernard Shaw. Go Heather!
  5. don't worry. I fall down. I get up. bruised but willing to go the distance.
  6. I found the answer - head gear thingy.
  7. char, https://s00dace.ssa.gov/pro/isba3/irib.cgi?WFORM=A
  8. I don't understand either. I think how can people be cruel to someone who is dying or in great pain or grieving. I meditate daily. It takes about an hour. I use guided meditation. First you prepare. You give thanks for your blessings -- -- small things -- -- the sunrise, a pet sitting in your lap. Pain not as great. Your kids are alive, whatever brings a smile to your face -- -- even a memory from the past. Then you forgive those who have hurt you in the recent past. You forgive yourself for anything you may feel was a transgression against others or yourself. you are then reminded that everyone is doing the best that they can from their level of consciousness. sometimes I look around and I see people like Shelley who states she does not believe in God and yet in her, I see a person with a high level of consciousness. I see it in you, Joni, and I see it in more then a dozen others here. I wish I could explain it better. it just seems that some people have souls that are very deep and they can reach further into themselves and find more kindness, more heart , more empathy. may be some people have had more practice. just some random thoughts. Take care, Cat
  9. fantastic article! congratulations and thanks cat
  10. I realize this is not your work area, but I am asking it anyway exclamation point where--Gamma knife cancer neurosurgery, can they do the procedure without using MRI? have a steel clip from a ruptured aneurysm, 1975, - metal used forbids me from M. R. I.'s. I have been told I should not even go into a room with an M. R. I. hve you seen or heard of them doing this type of surgery, Gamma knife neurosurgery with other options? Thank you. Cat
  11. I am sorry. I don't know enough to help. I willl pray. Is it always Christmas at your house?! I wouldn't want to leave their either. Cat
  12. it would be good in if you could tune out the many intrusive voices and tune in to your own spirit. -- -- you'd do need to get out and do something for yourself -- -- I wish I had more in to say. I only have this opinion. Cat
  13. good to hear! Try Aquaphor for dry skin.you can get it in a pharmacy -- otc CAT
  14. prayers for you and your dad -- -- for all of you. Surgery seems the best in going for cure. Cat
  15. antiquing! I love that! I also love the idea of going new places in collecting thenew memories and having fun and have your day fully lived. praying for you, Cat
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