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  1. Rich You sure get some interesting stuff. When I was first diagnosed I, like many went on a quest for the best course of action. Sunlight was one of those things I learned of and believe is helpful, as the article talks of. I did not want to drink milk any longer nor did I want to take supplements. I personally believe natural is far above, especially if the needed support is available in other than artificial means. I opted for a well rounded fruits and vegetable diet and spending time in the sun for the needed vitamin D. My Onc wanted to stop my chemo and have me go on Irressa/Trceva in Jan/Feb. I said I wanted to go into the drug holiday in spring, due completely to the sun factor. As corny as it sounds I always felt powered by the sun. Anyway it works for me, besides how can being in the sun hurt you. Bo
  2. I have some advice for Ron, Fes up, it weren’t no American idol contestant he was dreaming about . Come on, straight up Ron. Anonymous
  3. From the moment I was told I had a mass on my lung. I started searching information. I learned I knew very little, most of what I t knew was wrong and most of what the doctors told me was not personalized for my specific case. That impersonalized was confirmed again today. Involvement with every aspect of my disease and health is what gets me by. I got involved in my situation and as best and I could I took control. It works for me. Oh yea and I was scarred ******** tool Bo
  4. Myths & Facts About lung cancer by John C. Ruckdeschel, MD 631-777-3800
  5. Something about your man doing beter that makes it easier to run and deal with the public. Happy to hear Ron is doing better. Bo
  6. I don’t blame you for being hesitant about posting something like this, but I believe it is helpful, so thanks. I’ll bet there are very few who didn’t search out these obscure alternative ways of getting by when they were first diagnosed. There is a fine line between believing completely and using in conjunction with. My son at, 14, took an intense leadership training course and positive mental attitude ( through a ki type energy source) was instrumental in success. He had to believe in himself. Six years later I can still see the effect.
  7. I agree it is very nice of you to share your thoughts, Melanie. One of my fighting principles is to make it as easy on my family as possible, if that leads to surviving or not, it is more about them than I. It becomes a trade of sorts, its all about the give back. Bo
  8. Great information and link. I am a believer in this sunshine thing, and for me this study just notches it up one. Even though the vitamin D is what is talked of, personally I think it’s the delivery method, “the sunâ€
  9. I really like hearing about folks exercising and I think its great that so many do exercise . I agree with all, go at it slow, then the “I don’t feel like it, gets less and lessâ€
  10. I asked an Onc nurse this question and the answer was simply, no they do not become resistant. I believe that was a standard brush off answer. This is and excellent and important question. Resistant could be the operative thing. While on Gemzar my tumor increased 20%, while on Taxol I lost that progression and lost more yet. At this point I’m going off Chemo for a ? and I wouldn’t accept that I had progression or not. Even so, when and if I return I would balk at Gemzar and ask for Taxol, to start with, even given that I do believe all bad things learn protection. Personally if the tumor reduced to a millimeter and the lymphs became pronounced or infected that would be progression. All opinion here. Bo
  11. I want to second this “real” food thing. Diet is definitely worth looking at. With the exception of raspberries, red wine and soy beans the rest is a segment of my daily staple. It works for me. Good luck all, in your fight Bo
  12. You probably already knows this but I was advised that the differing levels of CT scans determine their ability to pick up smaller things. I think? the average CT is comprised of 5mm slices/pictures. They can however take much smaller slices. “we try and do as little damage as possible” which, to me means that a small slice CT would always pick up nodules where as PET might miss if they are not active. This flow of information is great, not to mention the outcome. Bo
  13. Very few times in our lives to we get truly relaxing news. Enjoy Bo
  14. Shirl Some times responding to the questions on the board looks like a person is passing advice that only a doctor should talk about or passing on incorrect information so take this all with a grain of salt. This is all only my Opinion. I had a similar feelings happenings, same area and I am fairly comfortable? saying that when the lymphs are active, (maybe infected?) these symptoms, feelings, coincides with this activity. Scans and such have shown this for me, Activity-- swollen nodes, phlegm blood. Another interesting thing for me was I had none of these symptoms prior to treatment, they all started during treatment and slowed up when treatment was lessened. I’m hoping that this means the chemo is stirring some **** with the bad stuff. Just passing on some thoughts. Bo
  15. Carole, I have never received a satisfactory answer to this coughing up blood question, where it comes from, what it means,,, I will pass on what has been indicated to me and how it has come about for me. I have been told it is likely from the bronchial area, I have been inclined to accept that, as during the 8 month period I was coughing up blood, ( very minimal) and all the while I had a strange feeling in that bronchial area and I accepted that as the lymph things). I have also read where the tumor can erode into the blood vessel and into the airway. Although this is disconcerting it goes with the territory and IMO unless it’s a considerable amount its probably not indicitive of a major issue, but that is just IMO. Within a week after starting Taxol (Nov 1 05) I stopped coughing up blood or phlegm and the strange feeling in the bronchial area went away and has not returned. I just had a treatment yesterday, first in 7 weeks, Taxol/Carbo( One more to go ? !!!!) This am I coughed up some blood. ( minimal) a dry cough. I found it coincidental. Don’t know why though. Good luck in you fight and your search for information, it works. Bo
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