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  1. Sounds good Deb; hope u have many more days like that one...(and Ill try too.) heheh

    Wish my old monitor would croak, tired of looking at it. Think Ill drill a hole in the side and let the smoke out..then ill know its bad... :idea:

  2. Hi and welcome; see ur getting lot of good advice here...understand its nervous time for you, but all you can do is pursue the course of tests and diagnosis at a good cancer center,etc., and take it one day at a time. Try not to be too upset till u get a definitive diagnosis, at least. This can take some time, so theres no avoiding the wait. I spent a lot of time reading and posting here in the group to calm me down when I was in the same boat. Hope it all comes out for the best for you...take care..Rich B.

  3. HI and welcome; sorry to hear of your dad's diagnosis, but u have found a place for great info and support. I think there are several members who know good diets for this disease, Im sure theyll be along to offer them to you before long.

    Take care and hang tough, both of u...one day at a time. Rich B.

  4. Yep, take it easy and take the pain meds u need...and dont forget a small pillow to hold against incision when coughing, helps limit the pain some. Also, I slept in the recliner chair for months, to avoid rolling over on sore side of chest, etc...k...good luck, keep us posted...Rich B.

  5. Hi and welcome; There used to be a gal here named Terri (forget last name) who had had several RFA treatments for lung tumors , and swore by it. Havent seen her post for long time now, but u might do a search for RFA posts, using search function in upper right corner. Should be some of that old chatter still there, I would think.

    Meantime, Ill look for an email she sent me once, try to pass it on to u, or post it here. Very informative. Ok..take care..Oh, heres that email:

    My first RFA was in Mississippi by Dr. Patrick Sewell, the second was done in NJ by Dr. Joshua Brodkin. The tumor done the first time is still DEAD after almost 4 yrs. I can give you the locations that I know of for RFA & I consider it a best kept secret in cancer treatments. Most Dr.'s will not tell you about it or agree that it works, but talk to anyone who has had it & you will not find anyone that does not swear by it. It is done by an Interventional Radiologist & they are not out trying to sell themselves to patients, you have to seek them out.

    I think the least invasive way to treat cancer is the best way, I have never taken chemo. I find the results lousy for LC & decided early on to treat it one tumor at a time. Dead tumors can not kill you & RFA makes a tumor dead.

    Remember you did not get cancer overnight, so if it takes a few weeks to make decisions take the time. Do not let a Dr. talk you into anything that does not "feel" right.


    End of email; remember, everyone is not a candidate for this...I had a tumor attached to a major pulmonary artery, so only option was removal of entire lung. Rich B.

  6. Well, lessee...most everyone has PET scans, or other scans. Can only suggest you do a search (upper right corner of page) for PET SCAN, or MY STORY forum might have some stories bout it.

    I do know that everything that lights up on a PET is not life threatening, or even cancer, tho many are also. So take it one day at a time...get dr. report of scan with their opinion before assuming anything bad or good..k? take care...Rich B.

  7. Hi; I use inhalers for pretty severe SOB...lost one lung to this godawful disease. It hits me with even brief physical exertion and its a bit scary how it takes so long to regain my wind.

    Inhalers definitely help with this problem, and docs are usually quite willing to prescribe them...albuterol, atrovent, etc. Worth trying it, should help if used couple times a day, etc. And good to have it around for those days when u wake up all congested and have a hard time breathing, etc.

    Ok, take care and good luck...Rich B.

  8. Welcome; sorry to hear of the diagnosis, its always a schock to get it...the prediction of 'months' may or may not be accurate, so just take it one day at a time. Post and read here and you will learn a lot and get lots of great support. Take care and good luck...keep us posted...Rich B.

  9. Yea; steroids mess up our emotional state...I had sleeplessness, anxiety attacks. ER doc gave me Lorazepam...cheap, and really knocks me out, calmed down and slept good. Might ask doc if its anxiety...gotta get somethin that works...needs her sleep. Like all these drugs, it has some addiction potential, but didnt give me any big probs. Take care...Rich B.

  10. Yep...I wrote a similar post not long ago...had been quiet for quite awhile. But, no problem...folks here know some have to take a break at times...gets to a point you dont wanna think about it for awhile, sometimes. Did for me, anyway.

    Just glad were both back! Take care...Rich B.

  11. Probly others here will be along to better address your concerns; but I do know you can only take it one day at a time...and can only act on the information you have to date. Try not to feel u have to solve it all right now, ur only one person, learning along with everyone else. You can only do what you do normally, be yourself and get thru the bumpy going best u can. Take care...Rich B.

  12. Hi and welcome; Sorry to hear of the diagnosis, but Youve found a great place for info and support. Lot of folks will be along to help, Im sure.

    2nd opinions are always good, if there is any doubt, confusion, or if ur uncomfortable with present docs diagnosis, etc. I trusted that my hospital got it right, but I would have gone for a 2nd if I had any doubt. Depends on how the patient feels about the situation, I guess.

    Cant speak from experience, but I hear good things here about Can. centers of America...folks seem to be positive about them.

    Keep checking here, and reading these boards for lots more info, and Im sure more replies will come shortly.

    Good luck and keep us posted so we can better help...Rich B.

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