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  1. I woke up thinking of the movie the Exorcist!!!!!!!!!!! I live about 40 miles from the epi center-West Salem, Il and we sure felt it here. Had my 28 yr old daughter run in the room-what is it???????? She then joined hubby, 2 pugs and me in bed for about 15 min! HA! Cindy
  2. I am just getting back after several months. I soooo sory. You were some of the old folks on here and I truely will miss the posts and the humor you all brought to this site Love Cindy
  3. Well it is about time i could get on here. I need updated from all. I have missed so much and I am going to read and catch up. Love and miss everyone, I will write tomorrow and catch you all up. Love and kisses, Cindy
  4. I am one of the ones Connie spoke of I think. I was diag in Feb 2001 and still going. It relapsed in 2003 but made it thru that bout too. Read the profile below. Tell her there some of us! Cindy
  5. Thanks Jamie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Like Katie said there are some of us that do beat the odds. There is always hope!!!! I was diag in Feb 2001 and not to say it has not been all a bed of roses but I am here and this is a great site to remind us there are survivors and also a place to go and vent if we need. Cindy
  7. I have been gone for awhile. I hate to see this, my prayers are with you both. Cindy
  8. Cindy RN

    Happy belated....

    me too Happy Birhtday!
  9. I am so sorry about the s-i-l. You have had your hands tooooooo full for tooooo long. Glad he ate the roast sounds good. Cindy
  10. You have been mouthie since the beginning!!! Congrats Katie. I looked at the site looks good
  11. Learning to give more of myself Alowing God to chart my path Fimding friends here Enjoyng each DAY!! PATIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not being as judemental Money is not everything Learning to allow others to help me when I need it Spending time doing the things that make me happy Spending time doing things to make others happy Wathing the hummingbirds I could go on but the main one is that my Faith in God has grown so much. I am happy here but not afraid to die -it is the next step in this life He gave us.
  12. Give me a snappy-not to rude-remark to say back. Anyone?? Cindy
  13. Camptosar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was on it with the cisplatin in 2001, not long after it had been approved by the fda! Yes I had trouble with the runs so have PLENTY of imodium and lomotil on hand and USE it as a preventitive! I am still here 6 yrs later so I had good results1! Cindy
  14. It is true I was diag in Feb 2001 and had a reoccurance in Feb 2003. Ist course was cisplatin and camptosar, it worked well. In 2003 I had carboplatin and vp-16. I opted out of the pci, I did not feel comfortable with having it done. As of now I am 4 yrs since last chemo-Good luck! Cindy
  15. When I saw it on tv I thought of our friends up there. Please know the whole country is watching and praying for the families effected. Cindy
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