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  1. Thank you for Randy and Judy in MI, well, I feel ok now, will go the the site which Randy tell me here after knowing my staging and treatment plan. I probably can update my info on Feb 9, after I meet my surgeon. Thank you for you all who are caring about me at this difficult time. Have a nice day Maggie
  2. Thank you for you all who reply to me here. Yes, I am so anxious to know what I can do to work with my docotors. Waiting make me stressful. I think I probably can get to know some informations on Feb 9 when I meet my surgeon in TEGH. I am really lucky that I have no other symptoms, but coughing. And, my surgeon is a really nice doctor with many experiences. Well, I just suffer some emotional problems and posting here and get responds make me feel happy and comfortble. I will continue update my informations here, Thanks again to Bruce, Judy and Eric.
  3. Hello, everybody, I am really happy that I can find here. You guys look so nice, and I suppose that I really need to get some spirit lift now. I just find that I have lung cancer (Jan 11), it is probably a NSCLC. And, I need have more tests to get to know my stage before sit down talk my probably treatments with my surgeon. Here is my scheduled test: Jan 27, Bronchoscopy and Mediatinoscopy. Jan 30, PET Scan I have done a chest x-ray in November, 2011, a Bronchoscopy in December, 2011, a CT scan on Jan 6, 2012. I am really scary now, I am only 39, have 3 small children. Well, I hope that they can find a way to cure my disease. Thank you for seeing my post. Maggie from Toronto
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