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  1. Carleen, I am so very, very sorry to hear this news. The love you and Keith shared is an inspiration to us all and I pray that you find the strength to get through the days ahead. I pray you find comfort in knowing that Keith is no longer suffering. Please take care of yourself. You are in the hearts, minds, and prayers of so many, many people. Sherri
  2. Thank you all for your prayers for my father. My Dad passed away May 3rd and I have posted in the Grieving section about what happened. Thanks again for your prayers. Sherri
  3. Sadly, my Dad passed away quickly and peacefully on Wednesday, May 3rd. It took me awhile to get back online as I've been with my mother the past 12 days and I didn't have internet access. When I last posted, Mom had called to tell me Dad had come down with the flu the day before. He vomited dark blood and she took him to the emergency and they admitted him. No one led her to believe that he was in serious condition, so she went home around 10pm that night to get some rest. She made phone calls first thing in the morning to her kids to let us know about Dad's flu. She then went to the hospital and they informed her that Dad wasn't good and that she should prepare herself. Dad was on blood thinners due to having a previous leg clot a few weeks earlier. Something gave in his upper GI track and because his blood was so thin, there was nothing they could do to stop the bleed. When my mother called to tell me, I was in a complete state of shock. It was the longest 1 hour 45 minute drive of my life. Dad passed away so quickly that I couldn't make it there in time to say goodbye. My brother, sister, and mother were by his side and they told him to hold on for me and my other brother to get there, but he just couldn't hold on. I cried so hard when I got there and found out I was too late. He died so fast there was no possible way I could have gotten there in time. It was heartbreaking for me not to say goodbye to my father, but I know Dad heard my goodbyes from heaven. I know my Dad knew how much I loved him. I wanted to tell you how Dad died because I had just updated you all on how well he was doing. I don’t want anyone to lose hope…Dad died of a complication of the cancer, not the actual cancer. I do feel thankful that Dad died quickly and peacefully. He wouldn’t have wanted to linger and suffer. We had a beautiful funeral service for Dad that was kept upbeat and more of a celebration of the great life he lived. My sister and I did the tribute and then we played a video of pictures of Dad through his life to the music of Josh Grobin – You Raise me up. I know Dad is in a better place and he is now free from his cancer. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Dad fought the good fight. The LCSC Community has been such a blessing to me during the past 2 years. May you all keep up the hope and keep fighting the good fight. Sherri
  4. OMG...my mom called and things aren't good. They say Dad has a bleed that can't be controlled and his body is shutting down. We have to leave immediately...please pray this will turn around for him. I'm so scared.... Sherri
  5. I just wrote a post about Dad having good scans and recovering well from a blood clot in his leg. I was breathing a sigh of relief...his medications were under control and he was working on getting his energy back and then… Just when things were settling down some, my Mom calls this morning to tell me Dad is back in the hospital. They think he has the flu...he had diarrhea non-stop yesterday and by supper time he started throwing up. Mom said there was black blood. There is an intestinal flu going around so I guess it could be the flu...but where is the blood coming from??!! Dads on Warfarin blood thinners due to a clot...don't know if this is causing him to bleed from something easier?? They checked him in the hospital immediately and I'm waiting to hear from mom again this morning to find out what’s going. Dad was dehydrated by the time they got him in the hospital and they hooked him up to an IV. He was telling mom he felt so bad he didn't think he would make the night. Dad has always been the picture of health..no flu's...nothing. He doesn't know how to deal with being sick. I'm 2 hours away with two small children so I can't just hop in the car and go. I need to wait and find out. I have three other siblings that are close by…I just feel so helpless sometimes. Does anyone know what black blood indicates?? Sherri
  6. Welcome Gloria. My Dad is also Stage IV NSCLC with mets and he just made 2 years after being given 9-12 months. I was so happy when that "timeline" was surpassed so Dad could stop thinking about it and just keep on living! He has had good quality of life the past 2 years. Please let your partner know that she shouldn't follow timelines and there is plenty of reason to hope! Take care, Sherri
  7. Missy, I am so sorry your family is faced with this. I know the feeling of one minute you feel like you can breathe a sigh of relief that things are stable and then without preparation a major disappointment comes along and knocks the wind out of your sails. It's such a tough road and hard decision for your family to have to make. Take care, Sherri
  8. Hi Jamie I'm so sorry to hear the news about your husband. I hope he will get the care he needs now that he has been transferred. I'm sorry for your boys...this has got to be so scary for them. Prayers coming your way. Sherri
  9. SLT


    Congrats on shrinkage - that is great news!!
  10. Thanks for sharing. The Chicken Soup books are great...that's a really nice story.
  11. Your family certainly has had more than its fair share. Sending prayers your family. Sherri
  12. Welcome Beth I'm glad to hear your going to fight. Statistics really are meaningless! My dad is one of many here living beyond expectation. There is always reason to hope. Let us know how things go! Sherri
  13. Thank you all for the really helpful advice with ways to improve how we administer Dad's meds. I really do think it's a control issue with Dad. I guess it's hard for someone who has been able to do everything for themself their whole life to hand over control. Not to mention, when he was diagnosed with the brain met, he was told he couldn't drive - that was bad enough!! ztweb: WBR is whole brain radiation...should have spelled it out atleast once...sorry! Thanks again everyone. Sherri
  14. Welcome Jackie. Sorry about your Dad, but glad to hear he's doing okay. You will receive great support here. My dad is also older and opted for palliative treatment only...and that was 2 years ago! Take care, Sherri
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