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  1. Thank you both for the welcome! Dad is 70 and a previous smoker who quite about 10-12 yrs ago maybe longer. The Dx is NSC squamous cell, right now I cant think of the exact terminolgy but I know it is the exact kind my mom had. It is in both lungs with liver mets. He will start chemo Tuesday which I do not know the drugs (yet) and will do a MRI in 3 months. My largest concern at the moment is his place of treatment which is the VA hospital in Dallas. If anyone knows anything about them or has been t here PLEASE let me hear from you! I just can't seem to think that this is place to be
  2. According to the forum my last log in was December 14, 2006, so it has been almsot 4 years now since I lost my Mom to LC, and now my father has been dx with the same. We just got the information yesterday,Stage 4 NSCLC. both lungs, liver and possibly shoulder mets. He will start chemo in 3 weeks and go from there. I was my moms sole caregiver and was with her every step of the way, this road with my Dad may be a different story has he is marreid and has a caregiver, but they are both totally lost and clueless so I will do my best to help where they will let me. I guess first I am curiou
  3. Its been almost 2 years I guess since i have posted. I have spent the most of this morning first trying to locate LCSC, and finally found you guys thru Lungevity. After reading theough a few posts and getting over the shock and sadness of those who are no longer with us I decided to go ahead and post and reintroduce myself. I lost my Mom in October of 2006, although she had lung cancer, it was in remission and not what finally got her, but since no autopsy was done, I will never know for sure, but I think her heart finally just got tired. I am so very thnakful her cancer never came back and s
  4. Can you run them to the doctor for a check? Just to make sure they are not contagious or anything, maybe get them some meds if needed? I am sure it will all work out and all will be finem but understand your concern. Have a great trip. Kim
  5. I have always had colors and bright cute things for my 3 kids. Last year I decided it was time to change.I only had 1 chld left at home and we both wanted a different theme. We bought a new tree that was prelit with clear lights and added 2 strands of blue to it and all the decorations are clear.silver and blue. It is beautful, almost elegant. I wanted to changed my clear outdoor icicle(sp) lights to blue ones, but just didnt have the desire to even put the outdoor lights up this year. Maybe I will catch them on sale after Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone!!
  6. Hi Sharyn You most certainly have my prayers. I can understand your anger at your hubby but I can see where he is coming from as well. He doesnt want to worry you which is normal, but he doesnt realize how much he needs you to be by his side. Your faith in God will carry you through these next days and please know you are in my thoughts. Love Kim
  7. kimmek

    The Blame Game

    Well a week has passed, and I am still a smoker although I have dramatically cut back. I have found that if I keep my cigarettes in another room that I will not get up and go get them and the thought passes. Especially sitting here and working I cannot just get off the phone/computer and run in my room to get them. So when I get ready for my 4 hours of work I bring me 4 cigarettes to my desk. I have made my 3 packs of cigarettes I bought last Thursday last until today, Ihave 3 left as of right now. I am happy with my progress, and plan to continue with the one an hour another week, as I really
  8. kimmek

    The Blame Game

    Well...SO far so, I wont say good, but acceptable. I think there have been a few times I smoked more than one an hour, and actually a few more times that I didnt smoke one at all during the hour. My biggest problem lies in that fact that I am now working from home sitting here at the computer for 4 hours straight. I am happy nonetheless with my progress. Another difficult spot for me is in the car. My daughter forbids me to smoke on the drive to school as she doesnt want to smell like smoke and I dont blame her, so I am trying to completely eliminate the car smoking, not just when she is with
  9. kimmek

    The Blame Game

    Well I got off to a roaring start. Woke up as usual about 430am and began my day as normal, and not a hour and half later I am sitting here and remember I was going to taper my smoking starting this morning. How could I have forgotten something that I was so excited to start? UGG, I am not going to use this as an excuse to not do it, but starting right now at 6am I am going to go with one smoke an hour. So, yes I am going to light one now and get it in under the mark, I have 4 minutes...Good luck to you Bill Kim PS..Its kinda funny when I see people talking about Bill and Kim, as Bill is my
  10. kimmek

    The Blame Game

    Bill Thanks for the writing advise and it certainly gave me a new perspective. Maybe one day that too will present itself to me as the time to write. I am all ready to begin tomorow but as I said before the 9am thing is going to be my downfall, and knowing that upfront I am either going to change my start time to earlier in the morning, or even just to smoke a cigarette an hour is less than I am smoking now. I smoke about a pack and half a day, which is down about a pack over say 2 years ago. I need to set a goal that is attainable, so that I will feel as I have accompished something. You kn
  11. kimmek

    The Blame Game

    ABSOLUTLY!!!! I honestly think I am at the point that I could give this a valid try. I have always done better at things when I had to be accountable for my actions. I think your plan sounds right up my alley. I have thought many times in recent weeks to just throw em out the window. My mom said that worked beautifully when I was a child and my parents tossed my bottle and pacifier out the window going down the road. Actually I think the story went, the bottle was thrown out the window, but the pacifer went down the toilet. But in my little mind I knew they were gone. I think my mind is a bi
  12. kimmek

    The Blame Game

    Hi Bill I do not know you, and actully your post is one of the first I have read after a long absence from this board. I felt compelled to respond first because even after watching my Mom suffer thru lung cancer and Copd I still stepped outside and smoked a cigarette while caring for her. Knowing that it was breaking her heart that her child could one day end up just as she was. It wasnt enough to make me quit. My youngest child despises smoking, always has, just last week she send me a text message telling me all she wants for Christmas is for me to quit smoking. You have to know a bit abou
  13. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for eveyone's kind words. You have made me cry tears of happiness. I put on the "I'm Ok" clothes everyday and try to smile and be happy, but sometimes you need to let the tears flow and that has been vey difficult for me, but not when reading all your wonderful posts. Thank you. Its hard to remember I am not alone, that people do care, and I thank you for showing me that. School has absolutley been my savior. I will continue for as long as I can, I know I want to go into nursing but there seems to be so much more I want as well, I know I want to work wi
  14. To all the WONDERFUL people at LCHELP. I have been away far far too long, but knew when I came back I would just be overwhelmed with the news I was sure to find, so I just stayed away. First on August 8th my son died of an accidental overdose. He had been in the Behavioral Health hospital here in Tyler for depression and suicidal thoughts. He was dismissed from there one day at 2pm being told by the doctor to go home and "deal with it". We first went to my mom's to see her and I am guessing while there he took some of her Oxycontin and along with the Xanax the dr had perscribed him he took th
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