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    My name is Eleanor
    I have cancer, but it is not who I am.
    I am not a number or the result of a
    lab test.
    My name is Eleanor
    I am a baby at my mothers breast.
    I am a toddler being thrown high in
    the air by my father and giggling.
    I am a young girl playing with my
    dolls and my trucks.
    I am a teenage girl going on my
    first date full of nervous anticipation.
    I am graduating high school and
    trying to figure out what next.
    I am a young woman walking down
    the aisle with the love of my life.
    I am an employee and a homemaker
    I am a new mother.
    I love my family, my friends, roses, cooking
    and reading.
    I love watching sappy old movies and
    going through a box of tissues while
    munching on popcorn.
    I love to dance and sing.
    I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a sister,
    a granddaughter,a niece, an aunt, I am
    a grandmother and a great grandmother.
    I am all of these things and more but what
    I am not is a disease.
    I have cancer and it may destroy my body
    but it cannot touch my spirit or my soul.
    So you see although my body may have cancer it does
    not have me.
    My name is Eleanor.
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