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Found 15 results

  1. Hello fellow survivors and caregivers. I have a difficult decision to make and would appreciate your feedback. Can I avoid more Chemo? Advice appreciated, details below... This summer I was diagnosed with NSCLC lung cancer (Stage 3B), and I've since been through chemo, radiation and successful surgery to remove my upper left lobe. My oncologist initially said he would be okay with just doing observation (CT scans every 3 months) as a next step rather than adjuvant chemo after my surgery. He said the Tumor Board was split on their opinion of doing more chemo vs observation, and I
  2. As I shared with the group a short time back, after a year of NED (no evidence of disease), I was diagnosed with a local, limited recurrence of Small Cell Lung Cancer (I.e in the same location as original disease with no regional or distant Mets) I received 4 , 3 day cycles of concurrent Chemo (Carboplatin & Etoposide) and Immune Therapy (Tecentriq - day 1 of each cycle only) with three weeks between each cycle. Findings from post treatment PETCT on May 1, found complete regression/response to treatment, no new or old nodules and no remaining areas of suspect FDG uptake. One of
  3. Good morning - I just posted to the new member site My name is jenn. My mom has newly diagnosed iiia lung ca. No symptoms. Otherwise healthyexcept some hypertension. She starts cisplatin / gemzar today. 1st cycle / 1st treatment with hopes of shrinking for surgery. About me: 35 y/o daughter ... currently 6 months pregnant, working full time, raising a toddler with my hubby an hour away from her 😥 I read forum about joining her for her long treatments (no one wants prego at the infusion center), my OB really doesn't want me doing 1hr each way. I'm just so torn. How can I help he
  4. Anyone have experience dealing with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer, KRAS mutation and low PDL-1 expressor? My husband had surgery just over a year ago where a tumour was removed in lower and middle right lung. He now has 10+ micro nodules in his left lung. I realize this is a long shot. I’m new to this forum. thanks.
  5. Keytruda Vs. Chemo & Radiation... I can't decide! This is for my mom - age 74 with numerous health issues just diagnosed in December with Primary Lung Adenocarcinoma, though the stage is not confirmed - they're guessing stage 4. She has a general oncologist locally, and a lung oncologist's second opinion with the best credentials at MD Anderson, but frankly, we're unhappy with both oncologists, but it's a toss up between which treatment regimen is best to try at least first - these are the facts: Her current health issues: Mild-moderate COPD with a bit of wheezing (though sh
  6. Hi guys, My dad was diagnosed with NSCLC(Squamous cell) on October.In my state where we live (Kosovo), is really difficult to find a PET scan machine.So in this way, we didn't want to lose time.Doctors said that our best option is to do an MRI to check if there the cancer has spread to other parts.Thank God, the result showed that the cancer is only in left lung and the size of tumor is 33mm.The tumor is near big blood vessels and is difficult to do a pneumonectomy.In this case the doctor suggested my father to start a neoadjuvant chemotherapy with 3 cycle (Carboplatin + Paclitaxel
  7. Here is the weekly clip report: OncLive “Dr. Larner on Integrating Radiation Therapy With Immune Checkpoint Blockade in NSCLC” https://www.onclive.com/onclive-tv/dr-larner-on-integrating-radiation-therapy-with-immune-checkpoint-blockade-in-nsclc Diagnostic Imaging “Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening Program Findings Similar to National Trial” http://www.diagnosticimaging.com/di-executive/low-dose-ct-lung-cancer-screening-program-findings-similar-national-trial Targeted Oncology “Immunotherapy and Chemotherapy Combos Are the New Standard of Care for NSCLC, Says Konduri” h
  8. Hi all, I've been a member for a few months but haven't done a "full" post about my mom as I felt I would jinx the possibility of good news (desperate times call for desperate measures!) I want to write this post to share my mom's journey and possibly relieve someone else's anxiety, while gaining hope and info from all of you. So, here's her story: Overall health: 63 years old, obese, diabetes controlled with diet, sleep apnea, rheumatoid arthritis November 2015 - initial lung cancer diagnosis - NSCLC, stage IIIA. She had shortness of breath which lead to the discovery of a fe
  9. Hello, this is my first post. My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, non-small cell, adenocarcinoma the end of July. They found 10-13 lesions in the brain, one area on the adrenal gland , one on the spine , and possibly a small area on the liver. My dad had 2 weeks of radiation on the brain immediately. Before treatment, he got very unsteady and had a drop foot. After radiation, he got most of his coordination back. He had palliative radiation to the place on his spine for pain. Last Monday, my dad's oncologist put my dad on 2 chemo drugs (not sure the names at this time) and ketruda
  10. I've endured a total of 18 Taxol Carboplatin infusions in my treatment history. I'm told that is unusual for a change in recipe is often called for when turmors reoccur or return. The first 6 really don't count. They were understrength adjunct treatments administered once-per-week while I had conventional radiation. The last 12 were a nightmare. A recent conversation with one about to undergo chemo for the first time primed a recollection. His doctor asked him if he wanted a port. Mine did also and I declined. That was a mistake. I got to thinking about other lessons learned that migh
  11. Hi Everyone! I had a pretty treatment specific question. My Mom's first line of treatment was Carboplatin and Alimta which she handled VERY well and had a great response to as a chemotherapy drug. As her cancer has recently returned, she's just started her second line treatment which is Carboplatin/Abraxane/Avastin. She only received the Carboplatin and Abraxane during her treatment yesterday as they found some blood in her urine so they didn't want to deliver the Avastin without first culturing that to see what was going on. Does anyone have an experience with this cou
  12. My spouse was diagnosed almost exactly a month ago. Went in for ER visit believing it was a kidney stone causing pain in pelvic area. Through extensive tests and second opinions, it came back as stage 4 non small cell lung cancer (2.6 cm mass) with bone mets to the right pelvic bone (2.7 cm mass). shes currently finishing round 1 of chemo- alimta and carboplatin. The next round will add avastin. Four rounds total followed by radiation. As hopeful as I try to be, she is very doom and gloom. The dr talked at the last visit of when she is remission, and I take that as a sign that the team of
  13. Chances are you pay attention to new treatment developments. I was aimlessly scrolling through a social media app when I happened on a dramatic interview. Everything was staged to look legit. The interviewer looked like a TV reporter, the background scene looked like a doctor’s office, and the set up question “doctor, let me talk about cancer a little bit” got my attention. The camera changes views to the doctor as the reporter says, “what are some of the things you’ve seen in terms of your patients?” Then we see the doctor. He looks like a doctor, well dressed with a confident assur
  14. I'm a three and a half year survivor of Stage 2 Adenocarcinoma. I wanted to pay forward some of the great support and advice I received from others when I was first diagnosed and wrote a book about getting diagnosed, having my left upper lung removed, going through chemotherapy, losing my hair, and all the various points along the way. I included some terminology since I had no idea how to speak cancer as well as some resources - most of which I learned about after I was done and was researching for the book. Kirkus did a review of the book, (The Cancer Card, Dealing with a Diagnosis) and
  15. Hello everyone! The Pan Foundation is accepting applications for a Patient Assistance Program for people who are experiencing chemotherapy-induced side effects. For more information, or to apply, click this link http://www.panfoundation.org/index.php/en/patients/assistance-programs/chemotherapy-induced-nausea-and-vomiting Lauren H. LUNGevity Foundation https://www.lungevity.org/support-survivorship
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