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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, Since my other discussion thread was getting quite long and it's been 1 year since my mom started Keytruda, I decided to start a new thread here, where it might be better seen by those who are looking for information on immunotherapy. So, the 1 year update on my mom....she survived and lived to talk about it!!! She got her CT results yesterday and it was all good news....area around the cancer is stable and may look better (inflammation-wise). We have not been able to see the mass on the back of her trachea since October (2 months after beginning chemo + Keytruda). It st
  2. Tom Galli

    What of Hope*

    And, what of hope? What is the essence of it? Words inspire me. They lift my spirit and excite my soul. Especially two simple words: faith and hope. These words have a natural order. Indeed one must have faith before hope is possible. So the question becomes, what is faith? Faith is belief, conviction, an unshakable confidence, that something unseen, untouchable, or unknowable exists. I have faith my chemotherapy treatments will arrest my cancer. I cannot see them working, nor can I touch the chemicals. I cannot know they are working but my belief is strong, r
  3. Sometimes, HOPE is a kitten. Okay, okay, sure, I know, that sounds a little weird. And a little bit like a desperate attempt to pass a poetry exam. Let me explain… Hope is strong and confident. Hope can be fickle. Hope can be hard to corral, name, and predict. Hope can be ephemeral, and hope is also everlasting. Hope can be full of contradictions. Hope can take many forms, directions, shapes, and sizes. You’ve heard the expression “herding cats?” Hope is one thing that cannot be herded. It is inspired, it cannot be forced, and it is felt differently by differ
  4. I posted here back in Feb, overwhelmed by juggling my husband's chemo, bills, family, fear and not knowing what would happen next. The oncologist had used the word"unique" about my husband's cancer journey several times, most recently this afternoon when he told us that yesterday's PET scan found no cancer. It has been six months and one week since he was diagnosed. Four months since his lobectomy and three months of chemo. But he is clean and clear today and we are embracing the future. I truly did not believe we would get here so please, please, have hope, have faith.
  5. Hello, my friends! I HOPE, wherever you are, that you are having a beautiful Spring! I HOPE, whatever you are up against, that you are finding support and peace in your endeavors. I HOPE, however you need, that you are finding the time to create room for yourself in your busy schedule. I HOPE, above all, that you and yours are doing well. Thanks to #LUNGevity, May is officially “Lung Cancer HOPE Month.” This particular awareness campaign places a much-needed focus on all there is to be HOPEful about in the #lungcancer world. To that end, we will be talking frequently t
  6. I discovered I have stage 4 SCLC about 3 months ago, Dec of 2016. I was told without treatment I would have approx. 2 to 4 months to live. With treatment I could live up to a year and if really lucky I could live as much as 2 years. This devastated me! I have always had a strong faith in the Lord and so does most all of my family and many of my friends. However when it has come to my cancer I seem to want to rely on facts and not faith. I have gone through depression, which some of you here on this site have helped me with greatly, but now I realize I have had trouble believing in some
  7. Susan Cornett


    We've all experienced that sucker punch to the gut when we, or a loved one, are diagnosed. But several physicians have told me and others on this forum that a positive attitude is so important in this fight. There are so many wonderful survivors on this forum that gave me, and continue to give me, hope. I read this today and think it applies to all of us on this forum: Don't die before you are dead. So, I move on with life and have decided not to die before I'm dead. Cancer be damned - I'm going to Hawaii in 4 months.
  8. This book is a must read!! I finished "Scanziety: A Retrospection of a Lung Cancer Survivor" over the weekend. I highly recommend this book for patients, caregivers and friends of patients. I don't think that most people understand what our bodies go through during treatment, and Tom certainly had a tough time. I think the book also helps people understand that, while cancer patients do have a cloud of uncertainty that will follow us the rest of our days, we should live each of those days to the fullest. I enjoyed this book and I enjoy Tom's comments and support in this forum. His succe
  9. I am going to be setting up a booth to bring awareness and raise funds for Lung Cancer at local fairs and festivals. My booth will provide information, bandies and a donation bucket. I have acquired a small list of venues to set up my booth but would like to hear from everyone on any ideas they may have on any other settings to get our message out. I live in Mobile, AL. Thank you for any suggestions.
  10. Hot off the presses, there are still a limited amount of travel grants available (paid for accommodations) for LUNGevity's 6th annual HOPE Summit in DC! Please help us *share* the word. Here is the link to register:www.LUNGevity.org/DCHope
  11. I'm Christine this is the beginning of our journey with Dad, who called me distraught after being seen for what he assumed was bronchitis. He was informed by the on call Doctor that he had lung cancer and had a six month prognosis. I was heartbroken for him and infuriated with the unprofessional and callousness of this statement for a few reasons. Firstly there was no biopsy this information was based on evaluations of X-ray images and a CT scan. Secondly, I have a very close friend that is battling NSCLC Stage IV. She is responding to treatment and I have informed myself about this dise
  12. We are only weeks away from the LUNGevity Columbus, Ohio HOPE Summit! You will not want to miss this amazing opportunity. Please share this! www.lungevity.org/columbushope (The summit is free, however registration is required.)
  13. We are only weeks away from the LUNGevity Columbus, Ohio HOPE Summit! You will not want to miss this amazing opportunity. Please share this! www.lungevity.org/columbushope (The summit is free, however registration is required.)
  14. HOPE is knowing that other people have survived lung cancer. What or who gives you HOPE?
  15. The Pacific Northwest is home to a vibrant community of lung cancer survivors and advocates and is proud to host a Regional HOPE Summit. This summit provides an opportunity to meet peers and experts, and enjoy the beautiful area. Regional HOPE Summit Northwest (Portland OR) registration is open! Join us Sept 12 in Portland for this great event! www.lungevity.org/northwesthope
  16. Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I just wanted to let you know that there are ONLY 50 seats available for the FREE research lab tour on Friday during the Tennessee HOPE Summit. Please register today to save your seat, they are going so FAST! If you want more details please send me a private message. www.lungevity.org.nasvillehope
  17. MAY 1-3, 2015 Our National HOPE Summit takes place the first week of May, Lung Cancer HOPE Month. The goal of the weekend is to provide a summit for survivors with educational sessions covering topics like research, immunotherapy, ask the oncologist, pulmonary rehabilitation, communicating with your caregivers, managing your medical team, living with lung cancer, nutrition, writing and blogging, becoming an empowered advocate, and sharing lung cancer survivor stories. This 2½ days of celebrating lung cancer survivorship is an experience you won't want to miss. http://lungevity.donordrive.c
  18. TAMPA HOPE SUMMIT A survivorship conference for anyone who has ever been diagnosed with lung cancer Saturday, March 7, 2015 While lung cancer survivors are encouraged and invited to attend, caregivers and medical professionals wanting to learn more about lung cancer survivorship are also welcome to register to attend. All conference sessions will be geared toward those who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. LOCATIONMoffitt Cancer Center Vincent A. Stabile Research Building, Ted and Marty Couch Auditorium 12902 Magnolia Drive Tampa, FL 33612 REGISTER NOW OR Attend by webinar! Re
  19. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/connecting-people-hope-katie-brown?trk=prof-post I recently read a quote from a cancer survivor about online support. “”When I stumble, there are so many virtual hands to catch me.” This is the same sentiment that has been expressed about LUNGevity’s Lung Cancer Support Community and our groups on Facebook. People impacted by lung cancer can come online and be embraced by others who have walked the same journey and who understand what they may be going thru. There is power in the written word and from receiving support from a group of people. Building a commu
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